Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Timothy Tiah EXPOSED

On weekdays, I dress like the working class do.

Typical work shirt and sometimes with a TIE.
Nothing too fancy.. just presentable...Now on weekdays fine... I dress up a little more.

On weekends however... especially Sundays... sometimes I get fed up of having to dress up.

But someone thought it would be funny to take this picture of me pumping petrol for my car on a Sunday.


(They throw people in jail for wearing work clothes on Sundays)


It's not like I was going to Zouk all dressed like that...


And hey I like those blue shorts... sexy no meh?


andrew said...

damn cute ah boss! :D
okay lah a bit sexy hahahah
i go out like that everyday lah..
cannot meh wear shorts and shirt?! :|
which governing body in their right mind don't let us dress like that huh?! >:(

andrew said...

oh shit i dont believe it!
not bad if i do say so myself *cough cough*
boss legs quite fair and sexy *wiggles eyebrows* hee hee

KiNGlOU!S said...

i wear boxer + t-shirt everywhr!
even 4 classes(im an uni student)
clubbin, but not 2 chuch on sunday!

KiNGlOU!S said...


Hasbullah Pit said...

Macam "Model iklan Primax 3"


TenthOfMarch said...

Shoes and shorts don't mix. I'm getting JPJ to check your tinted windows. I don't think they are legal. LOL.

Jason Lioh said...

Very ah pek-ish! :D

Kimberly Low said...

is that a pair of moccasins you're spotted with? ZOMG GET RID OF THOSE!! my eyes..MY EYES..

David said...

lol, who cares about normal day cloth. Its not like you are living under big spotlight where people will go omg-j00-wearz-shorts-n-tshirt on you anyways. Haha, erk, inside the shorts still got one more layer right?

MaN|acZ said...

working clothes so hot sometimes.
Just feel like wearing t-shirt to work..


iwan c.m.n. said...

heeehee... seeing this reminds me of my friend who went to midvalley wearing shirt, sarong and the japanese slippers.

Boss Stewie said...

andrew: hahaha!! can wear shorts... but depends what kind of shorts lor.. the one i wearing really like fish monger hehe

louis: sure kenot church lar... haha.. sure kena marah by pastor

sebol: lol.. but i was pumping Shell Super :P

tenth: eh eh!! it's not tinted.. just got v-kool only

jason: hahaha yes yes.. goes very well with my shoes huh

kimberly: lol kim!!! lol

david: uhmm actually i think maybe i was going commando that day... Sunday is also underwearless day

maniacz: yah yah... perhaps if you worked in jamaica you'd have that luxury wtihout feeling bad every day

iwan: japanese slippers? lol.. sooo seksi

Innocent^^Guy said...

Nothing bout the shorts..but shorts and shoes...Eeewww...haha

chocolat-latte' said...

im sure it's very sexy..

just wear boxers la.. they look nice..



Adino said...

Nice car! Looks like you famous already la, got paparazzi already.

electronicfly said...

macam my pasar malam clothes...hehe

A world that i've seen said...

can't see ur hairs on ur sexy fair leg...muahaha...*kidding*

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha who complain ur blue shorts...u da boss wat..try wearing shorts to work also lar..

Cely said...

t-shirt and blue shorts is ok. but then... why is it with leather shoe...? hehe, looks not match :p

Belle said...

really sexy..turning me on..
i mean the shorts

Dc said...

ehhh is this the shell on jalan raja chulan?

and boss tai kor, shorts with slippers la, not with leather shoes, look very uncle like that

ShaolinTiger said...

Man that's a bad look.

You modelling your fashion sense after the local uncle char kway teow seller or what?

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hemmmmm!! That pair of fair & hairless leg......I am very sure if u wear high heel & took a photo of u leg ( u leg only arrr ) nobody will know further up the leg u will also find one bananan!!!Have a nice day Bossy!!!

Wilson J Q Quah said...

wah my boss so sexy.....
damn turn onzzz

NOT!!! niama...... I'm not GAYZZZ

TNS said...

boss, kenot use hp will refueling