Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wynn in Macau

On my last night at Macau, I moved out of the Venetian and stayed at the Wynn.

The Wynn is slightly more expensive than the Venetian only because the Venetian is running on a promotion but on the outside the Wynn didn't look as impressive as the Venetian so I didn't keep my hopes up.
The good news though, is that the Wynn had more rooms available, so the staff there managed to give us an upgrade to a bit of a suite.

When you walk into the suite, this is exactly how it looks like.
There's a living room with a plasma screen TV by the windows.

Once you walk in and look behind you, you'll see the front door right in front of you.

To your left is a small toilet.
And to the right.. believe it or not... is a freaking massage room.

I jumped on the massage bed as soon as I saw it and took a picture.
Not a nice looking picture, but still a picture :P

And yes I know my glasses aren't supposed to be on but hey, I wasn't really having a massage.

Can't afford to have someone over just to give me a nice massage.

Anyway, back to the living room.

The cool thing about the living room apart from the view of the hotel swimming pool down below,
is the presence of a small bar on one corner

and a small dining table at another corner.

The bar comes fully equipped with booze, a coffee machine, even a teapot and tea!

Now get this.

When you stand in the middle of the living room, you'll see mirrors on the ceiling.

Bwahahahah how cool is that!
Perfect for the ideal living room shag.

The bedroom itself hasn't got anything particularly fancy
but the bathroom... ho ho ho!

Now it's quite common for a lot of hotel toilets to have phones right?

But how many bathrooms have... TVs in them for you to watch news while taking a bath?

Not like we ever use it ... but still!!!

It's not whether you use it or not... but it's the luxury of having the OPTION of using it!

Bwahahah hahaha hahaha

The other smaller things I learned to like about the room are simple things like how the hotel phone is cordless.

How there is a little gadget alarm clock thing.

And how there's this little stereo set.

But there is one thing though that I don't like about Wynn.

They charge for internet access!

HK$ 160 for 24 hours!

Apart from that I quite like our room at Wynn.

And I will miss those red couches in the living room.


I love red couches... I had a few in one of my flats when I was living in London.

They make me feel... all yuppie and all.

Now before any of you thinks that my father owns Genting or something... let me tell you that we kinda got that room for free ok? We didn't pay for it. I'm not loaded.. I wish I were... but oh well...


JacJac said...

boss... are you back to reality or still livin da vida loca in Macau?


and if Wynn is slightly more expensive than the Venetian...
*long pause*
you ARE still loaded...
(ignoring the disclaimer)

The Despirited said...

Oh wow...i wish i could stay in hotels like that :D Yeah i agree with you about the red couches. I have a red Osim massage chair, guess it works the same coz it makes me feel happy and cheerful :P

Boss Stewie said...

jac: hah... well don't forget that i got a promotional rate for the venetian..

veronicle: i lup my red couches :P hehehe

FeR said...

that was quick! i only got to see your blog earlier and now got update...makes it seem like "wah! update super the fast!"


Wynn...what a name. Does it stand for something?

One friend is called Wyn (short for Selwyn) and another Winne. The hotel owner's name is Wynn?


The disclaimer futher proves "rich gets richer" theory, right or not boss stewie? *hahaha* :P

Wilson J Q Quah said...

i miss your red couch boss wahaha

CS and wine and the red couch, excellent combi

Wilson J Q Quah said...

btw fer, if i'm not mistaken the owner is steve wynn another las vegas tycoon.

Boss Stewie said...

fer: hehehe wynn is named after the owner Steve Wynn... he owns a few hotels in Las Vegas including the old one Mirage.

boss: yah yah.. my boss is right

FeR said...


*peeks out from coconut shell*

Boss Stewie said...

fer: what's that mean wor?

Kimberly Low said...

looks more like a presidential suite (then again how would i know?)..you're disgustinG!

Nicole said...

not loaded... How I wish I am as 'UNLOADED' as you are. Yup.

TheBeerCrusader said...


Your dad didn't own Genting but you own Nuffnang !!


Boss Stewie said...

kimberly: why? it's free!

nicole: aww cummon!

gila: wah u think Nuffnang makes millions ar?

kimfei said...

wow...i like the living room so much...looks just like my dream house though..

Boss Stewie said...

kimfei: hehehe ur dream house sure bigger wan ler

carmenata said...

can i errr, murder you and boss ming and take over nuffnang? bwahahahahahaha.

*bubble bursts and falls back to reality*

oh well. lol.

Leon said...

You should have just called these last two blog posts: "Welcome to my Crib" (for the last few days)

Cheng Chun said...

Aren't you living the life style. Damn cunnnnnn. Don't you wish you can live like that forever. :P

Unknown said...


Evil Chica said...

iyeeeee...timmmmyyyyyy...not fair la...we all are working hard and saving $$$$ for that kinda vacation, and bugger! you get to stay there for free!!!! what did you do for that? getting pimped meh? lol......(sulking in corner)

Horny Ang Moh said...

U r soooo lucky! Wah big bathroom can do a lot of 'activities' there! Got TV somemore so can watch & do also! Wah u r sooooo 'unloarded'!!! Cumon post up ur 'activities'! He! He! Have a nice day bossy!

Belle said...

u.....uuuuu...u u..
big fat rich boi! hmmmpf!

big fat rich uncle!

Boss Stewie said...

beautifully: eh no point.. nuffnang nothing wan ... hehehe

leon: lol... kenot cheat wan ler that wann.. hehehe

cheng: yah i wish!

william: what tipu?

ricci: hehe i was just lucky ler

hor ny: hahaha no activites there ler .. unfortunately :(

belle: *SNIFF* yes it's true.. i'm a fat bum

Par said...

Rich freak... naaa jk..
What a life you have, enjoying the nice things :P

David said...

TIm, How did your dad get that room free?

Me want one also T.T

Or well..

Evil Chica said...

wat lucky? ur luck nvr runs out one la...jeles...damn jeles....de bathroom sum more...aiyo...u knw wat, i save tat bathroom image n got it printed out, paste it on my office cubicle.keep dreaming tat am enjoying luxurious bubble bath...

p/s: its ricci's chica NOT ricci...

Patricia said...

u r so lucky.. =p