Monday, December 03, 2007


Last weekend I was at The Curve.

I love The Curve.

I don't know why but I just do.

It's not exactly a great place for shopping or anything but I love just going there to walk around or hang out.

So every weekend, I will find a reason to go to The Curve.

What's not to like about The Curve.

If you don't like the indoor shopping, then go on The Streets for their weekend street market.

If you don't like shopping period, then go over to Cineleisure for a movie!One thing caught my attention while at The Curve last weekend though.

After walking around, I felt the urge to go to the little boys' room so I headed to the toilet I know right behind Big Apple Donuts.

The urinals were all full so I went into one of the cubicles, something I really don't enjoy doing.

Going into cubicles in public toilets in Malaysia is a terrifying experience.

You'll never know how much literally shit you're going to see (literally). Somehow some people are of the impression that they don't have to flush the toilet after doing their business because their shit flushes themselves.

I picked one at random and was lucky this time. The toilet was fairly empty. No doodie in sight.
Then as I got closer, something caught my attention.

Around the rims of the toilet seat was ... PISS.That really pissed me off.

Now I can understand why some guys can be a little lazy to lift up the toilet seat before they pee. Fair enough... I can understand that.



Yeah I know to do that and a lot of other things but ALSO SO THAT YOU CAN POINT AND SHOOT... it's THAT SIMPLE!

But lets say you really can't be bothered to aim before you shoot... or you do aim but you're a lousy shot... then pull up some toilet paper and wipe off your mess!


No wonder we have toilets just for the dudes and toilets just for ladies.
Imagine if guys and girls shared a unisex toilet.
Every girl who walks in to a cubicle is going to see your mess.

And not just that.

They're all going to be thinking to themselves that "Hey... I'm going to have to sit on that thing".

I know not all guys are like that. Many guys like me have the courtesy to aim properly or at worst case clean up their own mess, but if you ever have any friends who you love to decorate the cubicle with their fluids, please smack them hard on the head and teach them some toilet manners.

I ran out of the toilet as soon as I finished my business to get some fresh air.

And went inside the mall to cleanse my eyes of the terrible things I've seen in that toilet.

Ahhh... people skating on fake ice.

What a refreshing sight.


[fong88] said...

This is malaysian ppl..

Eve said...

it's not just malaysian. It's guys! Everywhere is the same. I feel like smacking alot of ppl! Toilet seat is not very heavy u know..

Cheng Chun said...

Aihhhhhh. Giving men a bad reputation. Though I had to admit boss you took guts to take pictures in the toilet. I think I would have fainted by then.

iamthewitch said...

Hmm I really think it's not that appropriate to show toilet bowls with pee in a blog... Grossed me out! Hehehe

li ann said...

i tell you, even in the ladies, you can see chrysanthemum tea stains on the seat.

makes one wonders how did it get there O.o

Zendreus said...

Haha, sooooo true. Some people don't have the energy to lift the seat up, aim properly, realize that they should SHOOT not SPRAY and even clean up the mess they make.

Toilet etiquette, something alot of us are completely oblivious about it seems. XD

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

damn disgusting la..u can tahan the smell and take picture of the piss ar?

FeR said... time to take picture summore. champion.

so the office is not based in penang but in kl (since u wrote to say you're here in kl every weekend)? i just found out where is food loft in my last trip to sua ku. to think i frequent the mall when i'm there for my monthly trip. :P

oliviasy said...

kenot aim properly, then dick is useless jor... sick ppl we hv... tsk~

Unknown said...

Sometimes the kukubird gets a little mischievous and becomes a sprinkler instead of a hose. Therefore it pollutes the sit no matter how hard you try to adjust and aim. So i think that all guys should lift the sit when they pee. But what i don't understand is why girls get all pissed off when the sit is left up. Guys pulled it up, girls pull it down. Guys and girls both do a little task each. Isn't that fair enough ? I mean it's not guy's fault that their peepee feels like being a sprinkler at times. No flaming please. Just curious :)

P.s: would anyone believe me if i said i was a girl ? haha

Genova said...

boss. maybe that dude did not mis-aim. he did that on purpose for the next dude to appreciate his art. lol

Nicole said...

u. stand. in. the. toilet. to. take. photo.??

suanie said...

mch u just put me off my lunch

Leon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fuz-buh said...

piss and tell! hahaha

Tine said...

I've seen this in ladies' loos too. Makes me wonder how they hell they pee. Sit down, pee, stand up, instead of using a tissue, shake shake shake, and then go?

Tsk tsk tsk.

kimfei said...

aiks...typical style...i got luckkier than you,i went to that toilet also during last sunday and it is just clean enough..hehe

Mun said...

In real world, it is hard to have Ally-McBeal type of washroom which the man and the woman sharing it.

My old office used to have that, but after that some time, we decided to go for the conventional washroom because of overwhelming request from the female.


I believe Tim's post has illustrated it pretty well.

Gin said...

uhm relax ~ not only guys. sometimes female washrooms are disgusting too. u know? not only doodies? sometimes even strawberry jams.


eyries said...

hey... you know what you see in girls' toilets??? FOOTPRINTS! YES! on the freaking toilet seats wtf!

please la. at least u guys are given the ability to shoot. imagine girls. those who dont care just pee and... we have to step on it to go to toilet wtf.. ok. im disgusting u.

and yes. strawberry jam.


oh yeah.. i prefer the curve too. i feel that 1U is just to crowded and unrefreshing after a busy week.

Boss Stewie said...

ahhhh... great to know that everyone feels the same way i do :P

andrew said...

nicole has a point
boss goes toilet to take photo! hehe :D

Unknown said...

Yucks! Gross! Damn disgusting! Habit isn't that easy to be changed. *sigh*

Lee Shean said...

I used to have a guy housemate that pissed all over the toilet bowl, and also the floor..and it's only 2 days after washing the toilet..and imagine having to walk into the toilet bare feet..and stepping all over the pee!! Thank God i moved out!

Cely said...

I will never sit if i m going to public toilet...

Just dun ask me how i Pee!

slacker said...

eh... i can't belive u took the trouble to take pictures of piss.... haha

jlshyang said...

It's not just a guy thing. It's a typical Malaysian and Asian level of civic consciousness.

I'm sure you would agree with me, boss. I rarely had such problems in the UK.

Suet Li said...

boss i remember how you always lifted up the seat so when i went in i wouldn't see pee stains *big wet eyes
all men should learn from you.

cheh fake ice! here got real ice!! jakun wtf

princessladyjane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
princessladyjane said...

i guess looking at pees stains better than period stains k!! Some girls r just disgusting enough not to clean up their red mess after they use the toilet... and sometimes i dont understand y the red thing can drip everywhere!! That is wayyyyy more disgusting than pee stains k... somemmore some girls dont even bother to wrap their used pads and leave it expose for people like me to see their red stains!! UGGHHH!! and those red thingy stinks k when left exposed like that!!

So i honestly think its the other way round why men and women dont share toilets... Imagine men seeing those things exposed!!

princessladyjane said...

haahaha..yeah, i dont sit when i use public toilets... and to cely: i know how u pee... like me i guess... LOL...

Hui Yi said...

Hey boss, even u go into toilet also want to take picture????somemore take with those disgusting pictureS? OMG

MrChrispy said...

hey boss!

May I know how can I get to The Curve from Singapore?

It looks like a really fun place to visit!