Friday, December 28, 2007

Attending a Class at Taylor's College

Last week I found myself in Subang Jaya attending classes at Taylor’s Business School.

Taylor’s is running a campaign on Nuffnang which involved a few bloggers actually attending the classes they had there and blogging about it.

I thought it would be fun so I tagged along.

The minute I stepped into the Business School, I was greeted by a very nice lady named Christine and ushered to a lecture hall where some other students were there about to take the tour on how it feels like to be a Taylor’s student for the day.

By the time I set foot in the room, every student there was taking turns introducing themselves to the class. I was shy and low-key so I hid my head down.

We were briefed by these two nice ladies here on what life in Taylor’s tertiary education would be like and how today was the opportunity to wear the shoes of a typical Taylor’s student.

That’s like a whole going back to school experience for me and I thought it would be a little fun. So after our introduction, we were all ushered out of the room to the next building.

The campus was so full of life and packed with students that we even had to squeeze with other students in the elevator.But we all got out safe and sound and to the room where our first class was about to be.

Celebrity blogger Jolene and I camwhored a little bit before going in first.

Then she got me to camwhore on my own.

Now you can imagine the faces of the students looking at us wondering what on Earth a guy in working clothes and a little girl were doing taking pictures outside a classroom. Like never attend class before.
Anyway soon enough to the teacher came into the class.

As she walked in, the class monitor shouted

And everybody in the class (including Jolene and I) stood up.

The class monitor then subsequently shouted

and the class echoed in return

And the cikgu looked at us and said
and we did it again almost like singing a song

Then the cikgu said

And we all shouted

Then the cikgu said
“Bagus, duduk”.
And we all sat down like good boys and girls.

Hahahahahahaha… okok that never happened... I completely made it up.

Hahhahaa I was attending a class in College.. NOT school.

The teacher just walked in and started her class right away.

Now I graduated from UCL, one of the Top 25 Ranked Universities in The World (at least according to Newsweek), and if there was one thing I have come to expect about classes during my academic career was… they were slow, dull and kinda boring.

We just went there to take whatever notes we can.

So I got together my “class face”.

My “class face” is a face that I’ve learned to make after many years of studenthood to look like I am really really paying attention when I’m actually sleeping inside.

Check it out!
Like real leh?

There the teacher can be saying
“When the interest rate of the country as controlled by the Central Bank goes down, foreign investors will find it less worth while to keep their money in the country and we will effectively have an exchange rate depreciation.”

All I’m hearing inside my head is


To my surprise this time however, the law class I was attending was far from boring. It was actually really really interactive with a lot of debates going on between the student and teacher and even students against themselves.

I couldn’t believe me eyes and ears.I looked around for the usual sleepy head in the class.

In every class there is always a student so bored out of his mind, he falls asleep at his desk but I couldn’t find one.

Everyone was so attentive listening to TORT…. The kind of stuff my lawyer friends used to tell me put them to sleep.I stayed as long as I could in the class until I received a phone call from one of my clients that demanded me to go back to the office and get some work out for them.

I went up to the nice lecturer, told her I had to leave and thanked her so much for letting me sit in. She smiled at me and waved goodbye.

I left Taylor’s that day feeling disappointed… disappointed because classes at college or university were never as fun for me as the one I just had… and the worst part is… I’m no more a student ☹ sniff

Maybe I should go back to college one day.


TheBeerCrusader said...

Yipee !! I'm 1st !!

Well Boss, life's like that..

Don't look back at your student age liao , Boss !!

Look in front !!

Advertisement !!! LOL ~

Unknown said...


ooo, urs so oriental one ar? mine goes "la la la la la la la la la, pop goes the weasel"

Unknown said...

and you know back in school when the class is 'visited' by the HeadMaster or asst. HM and they sit at the back of the class?

who dare sleep? same thing here la, boss stewie in the class taking photos to be posted here, drink 5 cups of nescafe and get super diuretic also dun wan to fall asleep ar..

KY said...

oOo, very the interesting, I actually work at the PJ campus

JenKin Yat said...


actually it's "Totemo Dai Suki", Do Rae Mon..which literally means "very love Doraemon".. :P

Patricia said...

Sometime I miss my college life too.. lots of happy moment to be remembered.. =D

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

Hahaha that was sooo farney. So how do u like going back to college eh?

Your Doreamon soooo cutteee
Ang ang ang..

But I'm so thankful for Monash here. They made us argue and interact with one another and the lecturers were like super fun!

I wanna go back to studying!! :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah i used to study there back in those days..n that was years...ago...
good to c got new lecture hall ar..

kimfei said...

me as an interns for now..already start to miss my uni live...i surely will appreciate my last trimester when i back to uni..haha

Cutie said...

Hey law class was fun, to me... Hehe... But certain classes are like sleeping pills, you can go to bed the moment the lectures begin. And you know what, you are lucky to be attending Torts... one of the better nad much more interesting subjects. Anyway, now it makes me recalling back about my student life. Sad....

Weird Dan said...

=.=" you can think of doraemons when u wanted not to pay attention. Priceless!!!

Danny said...

You know what strikes me as odd...

You never mentioned if a student came up to you or Jolene and asked, if you were Timothy or Boss Stewie get the picture.

Hence, proving my case that you are nothing buy a low-down humble blogger. :P

Anyway, it really reminded me of the good old days in Melbourne too.

Christine Wong said...

omg..that lady has same name as!!!

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hallo bossy! For me 'nice' teacher sure no sleep wan even attending geography class! Have a nice day & happy new year!

ahbeng_style said...

Was Mr Kimmie's A Levels Econs class that boring? Well Maybe? :P

XiangMei said...

I dunno why u take that guy pic for what?u like that guy is it?OOooh!Dangerous loh!!!Run!!!!