Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Day On The Rhapsody of the Seas (Part 2)

This is a continuation from Part 1. If you haven't read Part 1 yet, then click here.

Okay so after I strapped on my gear and after the instructor warned me not to let go of the wall for the love of my nuts, I started climbing.

The first few steps were easy, but as it got higher and higher, the stones began to get a little further apart and a lot smaller to hold.

But it wasn't too bad... and it felt good.

Made me feel all... powerful... climbing a wall that is.

Soon enough I reached the very top of the wall and rang the bell on top.

Everybody below clapped out loud and cheered!

Which was then I had the stupid idea of looking down at who was cheering at me.
It was only after I looked down did I realize how high up I was.

You know you're pretty high up when the people below you are only as big as your thumb.

I looked down... and yelped a
I wanted to go down quick... so I yelled down to my instructor below

She shouted back from below
"Okay... let go of the wall now and slide down your harness".

I thought I heard her wrong for a minute...
"What?!?! I thought you told me NOT to let go of the wall for the love of my nuts!?"

Her reply was soft in the distant below
"Don't worry... you'll be okay... I'll reel you down slowly. Now let go".

I let go off the wall and slided all the way down the cable to the floor. The fall kinda felt like one of those roller coaster drops where you leave your stomach behind but eventually I touched the ground.

I decided I had enough exercising for the day so I went back to my room, took a shower and headed to the cyber cafe there to use a bit of the internet and check back at work.
I spent a bit of time online (or however much I could afford), then I took a walk around the inside of the ship... giving me some time to take this picture of one of the areas.

Soon enough, it was near sunset and when aboard the cruise, I never miss a sunset.

I headed straight for the side of the ship.

And watched the sun slowly set while leaning on the railing.
Always a beautiful sight.

Soon the time came for dinner.

Now the dinners on the cruise were one of the best dinners you can ever imagine.

On some of the nights they actually have formal dinners where everyone is to dress up and head to a really classy restaurant there they call Eldelweiss or something.

So I put on my suit.

And headed straight for the beautiful two-floor restaurant on the ship.

It almost looked like one of those dining areas that we see in Titanic... only better.

There are chandeliers everywhere, waiters dressed in vests or suits and to top it off, a pianist playing the most wonderful tunes on the Grand Piano there.

The menu, just like the restaurant looked beautiful and had dishes inside that were so fantastic I am yet to find a restaurant in Malaysia with such good fine dining food.
On some days there is Atlantic Cod, some days we have steak like this.

and on other days we had Lamb.

The desert of course is even more unbelievably lip smacking... like this Banana Souffle I had... so delicious I grew wings and flew to Heaven and back after having my first bite.

Now after the wonderful long dinner we have over wine... we adjourn to a performance of the night that they have in the huge theater they house on board.
Some nights there are dancing shows... some nights musicals and one night even a really talented Magician that performs in Las Vegas showed up.

After the performance... the clock nears 11 o'clock which is when everyone heads over to the disco on board that overlooks the swimming pool.

At first we had to start the night dancing to music like "Uptown Girl" which to me was... wtf???

But soon enough, the Black Eyed Peas, Akon and Kanye West's came on and we had a fantastic time.

By the time we're all done dancing and head back to our room, housekeeping had made its evening round to clean up the room and make up the bed.

On the bed they always leave us a little surprise.

They supply us with new bath towels every day, but delivered in the form of some creatively crafted animal.
That night it was the swan that they put together.

So that's how a day on board the Rhapsody of the Seas was for me.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing about it.


Nicholas said...

Boss, there's a girl behind u in this pic :o

oh yeah, I'm first :D

Sharon said...

hi tim,
can i know what cruise is it and how much it cost? would looove to try it out one day ;)

chocolat-latte' said...

I miss cruise.. i had so much fun too..


Boss Stewie said...

nicholas: haha yeah i know

sharon: it costs USD1,000 per head for 5 days. It was all worth it and if you ask me pretty reasonable considering the good food we had on board.

choc: hahaha well it was nice but I'm glad I'm back on land.. internet!

The Author said...

seems really nice!!! i thought it was really boring at first.. no handphone, no computer... but it looks really cooool... wow, i feel like i wanna go.. is so sweet... i like the rock climbing... is it really tough?????

Super Gentleman said...

omg omg omg... i wanna go on a cruise too... its too awesome lahh... haih... if only i was rich like boss... LoL... btw hus d gal bhind u?? hehehhee....

Mel Zhang said...

swan eh? the first i tot tat one is a snake :)

Nicole said...

.... i ... hate... jiu...

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Tim.
Thanks for all the good read and laughter in 2007.

kimfei said...

i am late to read ur part 1 when u post actually i read both in are really having fun time on the i wish i can be thing i wanna ask,you really yell "What?!?! I thought you told me NOT to let go of the wall for the love of my nuts!?"??IF you did...i gonna give u a big applouse...hehe

Unknown said...

I've been to Aquarius before but this one is alot more nicer and bigger. The lobby looks marvellous. And look at the restaurant and theatre!! I really hope that I'll have a chance to take nex time.. Hehe.

Merry X'mas to all!

TheBeerCrusader said...

Oh gosh...

Such a nice trip ..

Wished Nuffnang gives blogger a ten-day cruise in the Mediterranean as a gift for Christmas ~~

Cheng Chun said...

Would you recommend us to go for cruises? :P

Jess said...

so much gfun~!!! me envy envy~!!

Michelle said...

"like this Banana Souffle I had... so delicious I grew wings and flew to Heaven and back after having my first bite."

wahhh got so kua cheong a not ar tim???

Boss Stewie said...

Jan: well the rock climbing.. it depends ler.. some parts of the wall are harder than others.. for me it was okay.. not too bad..

Super: pls lar! I am not rich ler…!!! The girl behind me? Shh

Melisa: haha no it’s a swam

Nico: eh!!! Dun lar u went to Japan!

Elsie: thank you for reading all the rubbish I have to write :P Merry Xmas

Kimfei: hahaha!!! No lar.. I dun dare just let go like that.. must slowly let go only

Jimmy: hehehe one day u’ll have a chance I’m sure.. the cruise is not too expensive

Gila: hahaha maybe one day

Cheng chun: uhmm not bad ler.. but go with gf ok!

Jess: heheh :P

Michelle: hahahaha I really did fly !!!

Horny Ang Moh said...

Tq bossy for the informative post! Ok if got money will give it a try! Marry x-mas & happy new year!

Jackson said...


*so jealous*

awesome way to spend Christmas though :P

Dianne said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

KY said...

now please show us how to fold that towel!

SaeWei said...

So you didnt fall after all... Hahaha..

Swan ka? It looks like a duck to me -__-"

Boss Stewie said...

hor ny: hehe no worries hor ny.. it's actually not that expensive.

diana: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Diana!

ky: hahaha i haf no clue

spinzer: Merry xmas dude! lol!

saewei: hehehe yes it was a swan indeed.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Merry Christmas boss! Got any free yum cha time?

p/s: the drop feels good doesnt it? i love it!

Christine Wong said... nice! You're making me so jealous for every posts about the cruises..the restaurant..the food..omg...

and well, you sure look great in your suit!