Saturday, December 08, 2007

My Ex is Getting Married

One of my Ex's is getting married.

That's right.

You heard that right.

How weird is that... a girl that you've been with for over 2 years in the past and whom you once loved and was heartbroken over is getting married.

She didn't want to tell me though, eventhough we talked a lot online lately.
Instead, she told one of my friends knowing that that friend would definitely come and tell me about it.

I can't blame her though and I hope she never tells me.

I mean how odd is that. It's odd inviting your ex to your wedding and even odder if you're going for your ex's wedding.

Ex-girlfriend: Tim I'm getting married.

Tim: Oh when.....??

Ex-girlfriend: This January.

Tim: Oh Where?

Ex-girlfriend: Oh in this really nice church in Penang but our wedding dinner is going to be at Eastern & Oriental Hotel and all my friends are coming.Tim: Oh.. right.... good for you...

Ex-girlfriend: Uhmm yeah...

Tim: So... uhmm... good stuff.

Ex-girlfriend: Yeah.. uhmm.. hey I would invite you but I know you're really busy.

Tim: No no no it's okay.. it's okay... you don't have to.. I uhmm.. have to take my dog to the vet on that day too.

Ex-girlfriend: Oh I didn't know you have a dog?

Tim: Yeah.. I just got one lately.

Ex-girlfriend: Oh?? What's his name?

Tim: His name? Uhhh.. uhhmmm.. his name is... Puff

Ex-girlfriend: Ohhh cool.. what kind of dog is he?

Tim: Uhmm.. he's a.... dragon dog.

Ex-grlfriend: I never knew there was such a breed.

Tim: Yeah.. uhmm.. me neither.

The awkwardness of not inviting and not wanting to be invited to a wedding of your ex.

Well you gotta give my ex some credit though.

I mean you know how when you go through a painful break-up, it's almost like the beginning of a life-long contest to show each other how much better off you are without the other.

Well she's beaten me silly in this one.

She's getting married! And I'm without a girlfriend in sight and almost certainly going to lose that year-end bet I had with my friends to have a girlfriend by New Year's.

But you know what the funny thing is. The funny thing is how people are so pessimistic about girls getting married relatively early.

I told one of my friends.

Tim: Eh.. you know **** is getting married?

Friend: UH OH!!! Got "Bun in the Oven" hor!!!

Tim: "Bun in the Oven"?


Tim: No lar! Cannot be lar... she's on the pill.

Friend: HOW YOU KNOW?!

Tim: I was her ex lar

Friend: Well maybe she forgot to eat leh?

You can't NOT forget to eat your pill. It's like a habit.

: Well maybe her boyfriend swapped her pills with Sugus without her even knowing.

Tim: ...

See how pessimistic people are these days?

If a couple gets married when they're young... why can't it be because they're IN LOVE...... not because one of them has a bun in the oven HUH?!

Ishh... what has the world come to..

I bet in the Red Indian days when Young Dagger goes to the Chief and says
The Chief will say

The Chief does not say


Nicole said...

The feeling must have stinged.

Alex said...

Wow, it's an odd time for you to update. It really must have been pretty HARD. Oh well.

Mike Lai said...

Hey Boss Tim, glad to meet u today. Mike Lai here btw. Dunno but just had a feeling i might meet u today. I know it's damn gay but what the heck! I had a great time, hope u did too. Might go tomorrow night again. Haha, enjoy while i can b4 i go back. Best wishes in all ur undertakings. Till we meet again take care!

pinksterz said...

aiseh kesian boss!

i tot so many girls going after you wan? haha. you are too choosy issit?

and good luck with the bet thingy :P

eyries said...

eh... chill la. don't sound too broken hearted or despo. u might attract the wrong crowd here.

i think she thought that telling you might actually bring the impression that she's mocking you. take it positively, don't let it fall too hard on u. chill k?


JacJac said...

one big word


Cassie said...

hey mr tim =D

well,dun be too down-hearted!you would find your someone special one day! be optimistic yea =)

Boss Stewie said...

hahahahaha eh... i'm not exactly down or heart broken ler.. but you're all sooooo sweeetttt.. if i'm ever really heart broken i'll write it on my blog so you guys can come manja me okay?


Sasi a.k.a Saz said...

Omg Manja... :P

But about Ex-es and reattachments... thats a NONO !! :) just my 3cents

Boss Stewie said...

sasi: hahaha! yes yesss...

ZB said...

boss... ladies are crawling over you la. stop complaining!

slacker said...

dude, i know exactly how you feel.. my ex got married too ..couple of years back... so she was then around your age too i guess.

it's one of those odd feelings.. and yes.. the 1st thing ppl will remarks is.. 'did she get knocked up??'

Weird Dan said...

LOL!!! what a way to express it out.
By the way, I believe marrying young doesn't mean *opps*

SaeWei said...

Yeah.. your fren is very oldfashion can~~ Marrying young means "yao jor" plak..cissss.. so good sure got ladies line up all over the place to khau you geh.. dun be so choosy lar :P..

Cin cai pick one to win the bet first mah.. hahaha

Daren said...

Oh god,
I feel sad for you boss.
Dont cry

Anonymous said...

people are so stereotypical lah these days.
my bf wanted to marry at 21, and my parents thought he was mad before suggesting his "real" motive of settling down together.
*cough cough*
apparently, we cannot settle down early just because "we love each other a lot".
what about our grandparents???
did our grandmas had a bun in her oven then?
wtf man!

Boss Stewie said...

mike: dude... if u goign tonight call me! bwahahah i might go too

liyes: nobody's crawling around me ler

slacker: haihh nehmind.. we both can go sip tea together

daniel: good! you're a good man then :P

sae: eh i got no ladies lining up ler.. pls ler

daren: hahaha thank u :P

sammy: actually i never asked my grandma that question... don't know if i should... would prob get a slap

YT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

its ok boss its ok... oh well still got many girls in the world. and you still young...betya you can find a girl by new year =)

MuFFy said...

yikes! .. that must've been really tough news.. !


TNS said...

huh, u still contact ur ex?

i guess ur ex told boss lepton

meiphing said...

lol most old ppl marry at a young age anyway. hehe

meiphing said...

lol most old ppl marry at a young age anyway. hehe

Anonymous said...

i agree wif phing.
hahaha, don't upset your grandma!

Michelle said...

oh well.. just go tim.. nothing to be ashame of.. your "one" will come.. not sure when only. hehe..

"swapped her pills with Sugus "
- this is really funny.. ur fren real comedian.

Mike Lai said...

Hey Tim, u and nicole are damn cute. I can't help but laugh when i saw ur chatter boxes. Guess what? Gin and i went to Scarlet after u guys left. Kinda impromptu, hehe. Well keep in touch!

Orange Armada Inc. said...

awwww that's sad~~~

Milky cavana said...

Errmm...old people marry young because they dont have condom and pill those days...all they have is chewing gum wrapper that was thought to work anyways :)

Suet Li said...

chewing gum wrapper???? what do you mean!

boss: =(

ZB said...

haha... you shorten my name ar? "liyes"

Wholesale Fashion Accessories said...

To Timothy,

If you still talking and thinking about all your exes stuffs everywhere u are, even talk in blog, even share those stories with whoever, One thing i can bet is, you will hardly get a new gf!

Those are already past things, don't keep the topic hanging beside your mouth everyday, everywhre and anytime.

I mean, if u are so eagerly wanted to have a new gf by this year end, what for you still blogging about all your exes? No girls will want to listen to all that! I bet no girls will dare to come closer to u if u keep on telling stories of your ex in your real life!

I sincerely hope that u could start a new life with a new gf that u love!

Forget those exes! Urrrrgggg.

Horny Ang Moh said...

'one of my ex'......See I know 'hot' guy like u have plenty of gf wan! Forgot to eat pill!! Normal lah! Just ask all ur lady readers! Why even guy forget to wear 'safety bag'! I did several time & have nightmare for a few weeks! BTW really no gf kar??? I am sure u have plenty of ladies lining up for u to choose! Have a nice day Bossy!

Cheng Chun said...

Be a wedding crasher laaaaaaa. Hahaha. Just kidding. Well, I'm sure you aren't as bitter eh. But if you are happy for here, I don't think there shouldn't be a problem. :)

I'm sure you will find the Mrs soon enough.

suanie said...

you are a small boi. small bois should not have sex.

Belle said...

em...i think its pointless to prove how life is better off witout someone.Should live life good + max so that you will not regret in the future, not for the sake of someone else.
i mean atleast me la..i don live my life for ppl to judge.You should be happy..whether or not u are taken.I mean look at you!!handsome, successful and fat LOL!!

i agree horny.SURE GOT ALOT OF GIRLS LINE UP! u choosy only xD

sourlemon said...


blue swan? <_<

isn't it sad? It used to be a surprise when a girl is not a virgin, now, it's just the opposite.

wai lum said...

aiya u so handsome u say i am single in a club all the girls sure line up and waiting who u want to choose LOL

bonnielam said...

when you know the wedding announcement from your ex.....I also got into a conclusion(about myself) that I shouldn't wait for a closure anymore but I still feel melancholy about the news. same feelings but sort of a relief to read your blog, thanks for sharing!

hannah said...

Thanks a lot for your advice guys, it helped me a lot, I went to and followed their step by step instructions and it worked perfectly, now me and my girlfriend are back together.