Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Room On Board The Cruise

The Rhapsody of the Seas.

That’s what the ship I’m on is called.

Here’s a picture of the ship I took from afar while the ship was anchored of Phuket.

The truth is, the ship looks a LOT bigger close up, hugeee and this picture doesn’t do justice but I never really got a chance to take a picture of the ship close up.Later this afternoon however I’ll see if I’m fit enough to jump off the ship and swim further away a little so I can take a good picture of it okay.

Don’t worry I won’t drown. Fat floats.

Now there’s quite a bit to write about on this Cruise but for this entry, let me just start first with the rooms that we get to stay in while aboard the ship.

All of us on the 80,000 tonne ship get to stay in rooms along this corridor.The ship has 10 floors, all accessible to passengers like us, of which 4 of the floors are dedicated to cabin rooms.

Here’s how my room looks like.

When you walk in there is a small mini-bar on the side
To the right is the bathroom which is really pretty nice.

Almost like a hotel bathroom.

It even comes with a bidet.You know one of those things to spray the crap off your butt so you don’t have to dirty your hands with toilet paper.

Straight ahead from the entrance and actually the first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the room is my very own private balcony where we’ll see nothing but endless sea when we’re sailing away.To the left of the balcony doors is actually a small seating area with a TV and opposite that is the most important part of the room.


Yes.. the bed IS as comfy as it looks.

Really really nice… and the best part of it are the mirrors all around it.

I don’t know about everyone else but I LOVE MIRRORS AROUND THE BED (for some… reasons).

The room just like the cruise is really comfy and if anything romantic, almost as if it’s made just for couples.

Made me feel a little worse for being single.

Anyway I’ll blog more about the rest of the ship soon.

I’m going shopping now.

There’s actually a sale on board the ship now.


Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

Wow! I gotta try going on a cruise again. The mini bar is sooo nice.. and mirrors round the bed.... hmmmmmmmmm i wonder why.... :P

Pam Song said...

Wah! Good life onboard the ship, I see. Perhaps you'll find reason to really put those mirrors around the bed to good use while you're there. After all, you guys (and girls) are stuck there with nobody else but yourselves, right? Heh heh. This could be your chance to change things around! Maybe you'll win that bet after all. HAHA.

princessladyjane said...

Wow!! The room sure looks damn expensive!! It does look so romantic and all... can tell us how much a cruise like that with a room like that cost???

Wahahahaa.. and mirrors all around the room... wow! I likey... sounds so sexy... makes couples staying there feels sexcited all the time... LOL... Feeling sexcited on the balcony will definitely feels sexciting too... LOL...

I wanna go to one of those cruise soon! Looks so nicey!!

meow said...

whoaaa, nice nice!!!

and, mirrors around the bed? omg... hehe...

Cheng Chun said...

Apparently, it's pantang to sleep in front of a mirror. Oh well, for the sake of beautifying the room can la. :P

Anyway, how's the food la boss. Are you pigging it out. ;)

Horny Ang Moh said...

Good good! Do ur shopping! I look forward to ur up-cumming post! Have a nice day!

haan said...

when u stop thinking of what u r losing (the advanced stuff u mentioned previously), u can enjoy yourself there lar.

tell us more. awaiting for that!

Anonymous said...

Have fun boss!! =)

ZB said...

what did you buy?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

i think the mirrors are for aesthetics and also to make the illusion that the room is very much bigger.

what was on sale? booze?

YT said...

Cruise...that one to catch the hanky-panky...all surrounded by sea....

KY said...

I know why you like them mirrors

Sasi a.k.a Saz said...

Enjoys dude :)

David said...

Mirror...tsk tsk..Are you thinking what i think you might be thinking?

van said...

the toilet bowl and da basin ..same height?