Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meet Jay Chou!

This is an Advertorial.

One of the joys I experience about working with Nuffnang is being able to give bloggers the right things somehow.

A few months ago, May Zhee sent me an SMS saying
“Tim… I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO BEG OF YOU!!! IT’S ABOUT THE LOVE OF MY LIFE”.I replied her wondering what the hell could be so important.
“What what?”

And she said
“Jay Chou is not exactly my brother or childhood friend… what makes you think I can get you what you want?”

And she cheekishly replied
“You know a lot of people… I’m sure you can find a way!!!”

I put down the phone thinking that May Zhee is going to be soooo disappointed when she finds out that I can’t possibly help her with her love of her life… until the people at Mamee approached Nuffnang for an ad campaign to promote their “Be Funky with Funkees” contest.

To take part in the contest the participants are required to pose in the funkiest way with a basketball and a packet of one of these Mamee Funkees.Which actually tastes pretty nice.

So I first went to check out the “competition”: “Funky” poses that some of the other people did like this dude here.
Or these people

or even these two nice ladies.
Yet I had no clue as of what to do.

So I sat down in our office for a while and asked my colleagues what I could do.

Some of them suggested that I do a serious pose like this which was honestly a really really hard thing for me to do… you know... appearing serious.If you know me in person, I normally can’t naturally stop smiling for long.

Then they suggested that I do this.
Do you think I’ll win?

I don’t either.


If you think you can do better than me… go here and join.

Or if you’re too shy to take pictures of yourself and pose but still wanna try yourself at a chance to meet Jay Chou or prizes like an LG Flat TV, iPod, and T-shirts of Jay Chou’s upcoming movie Kung-Fu Dunk that will be out on the 7th Feb 2008, then just go buy a packet of Mamee Funkees and if you’re lucky you might see one of these winning cards.

The winner gets exclusive passes to the Kung Fu Dunk Uth FEST event at 1-Utama which starts at 10am this 2nd February 2008.

The event is set to have a fashion show by Converse, an auto show, a games booth by the Uth crew, a Kung Fu performance by Hapkune Do, a Street Dance performance by Street Fusion and most important of all, the winner will be seated as close as anyone in the public can get to Jay Chou.

Now May Zhee is lucky because Nuffnang is getting a few of those exclusive tickets to give to their Glitterati and she's one of them so she doesn't have to do the contest.

But unfortunately… I wanna go too but there weren’t enough Glitterati tickets to go around so… I’m gonna be eating Funkees for breakfast, lunch and dinner over the next 3 days and if I still don't win then ish.. I'll just go back to Penang and sulk or something.


Jacquelyn Ho said...

Where's my ticket?! :(

Genova said...

where's mine too ? :)

Ulat said...

ehh, boss, eat summore lah...
later FAT instead of being Big Bone and the tickets =P
**Mana saya mia ticket??

Twinkle said...

Wahhhh take a lott of pictures OK Boss? Free tickt some more... HEhehee enjoy yourself!!!

Boss Stewie said...

hahah i dun even haf enuf for myself!!*sniff*

twinkle: hehe doesn't look like i can get a ticket though *sniff*

yapthomas said...

where can the boss himself do advert wan? :P

suanie said...

yay i am going!
i rock more than tim! :P

XiangMei said...

Ya right!!!
Eat unhealthy food everyday!
Get cancer then only u know ah!!!

My reply to your previous reply: U damn kedekut man!!!Ppl ask you, you say 'i just use blogger XiangMei' wtf???

May Zhee said...

Wah you think I so easy got the tickets ah. I had to call Timothy sexy, good-looking, courageous, etc etc.

And when I accidentally mentioned that he was round, he threatened not to give me the tickets!

So mean right?!?!?!?!??!

I mean, er, so nice and funny of him. Ha. Ha.

Please don't take the tickets away from me.

Unknown said...

i wan i wan!

eyeris said...

but i meet jay chou in person before oledi wor... so how? :D :D :D

TheBeerCrusader said...

Sweat... Boss .. Cannot eat so much de.. will "diu" de...

Michelle Chin said...


Anonymous said...

waliew Xiangmei your comment damn long one ahh do you want Boss to reply you like how he upload the photo one by one from his camera into the laptop and from the laptop into blogger and from blogger into the internet like that ah.

Tsk tsk you 15 year old teenagers. STUDY HARD FOR YOUR PMR LAH.

XiangMei said...

Michelle:so what!None of yours business right?i just wanna know how he upload his picture from his laptop to his blog...that all i need him to reply...and are you scolding me?u have no right to scold me at all!

Pheew! done with all this anonymous ....

Accyee said...

oo i also want a tickeT la!! hahaha.. good luck!

David Cheong said...

Boss, I also wannnnnnn hahahhahahahaha!!!!!

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

Hahaha like that one.. prewarned that it's an advertorial..I'm not his fan but i would love to win the other prizes hehehe. :P Kasihan boss stewie.. ppl all want some sorta cake from him.... boss I want Nike clothes!! Bwahahahhaha

curryegg said...

I thought I will be attracted by Jay Chow pictures before enterting in to this post via Innit.
However, you've caught my attention.

I mean one of your phrase:
"If you know me in person, I normally can’t naturally stop smiling for long"

Really? Wow... that's great.. I still remember you asked me, "Who give you that PS2?" Lol...

3POINT8 said...

I heard the rm98 ticket for this concert is sold out on the 3rd day!
Haha, I'm sure that there will be a posing-frenzy soon.

Anonymous said...

dear Xiangmei, I is not really knowing wiat you are saying but I is thinking you is very frees hor :D

Ph said...

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