Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Day I Bought a RM1,000 Bottle of Water

I did something really really really... unbelievable today.

While in the office, one of my friends forwarded me a link to an item on sale on eBay.

It was for a bottle that costs RM1,000.


My first reaction to that was obviously

But I read on a little bit about the item.

Neither do 1 billion people in the world.
2 million die each year from drinking contaminated water.
Women & children walk for hours to collect water, weighing around 25 kilos each time.

You can change all of this right here, right now!

Buy this bottle of One water within the next 2 hours and you will be contributing towards the purchase of pumps that will provide fresh water into African villages.

One water has been profiled by The World Bank and the UN for their innovative approach and was recently awarded best presentation at the Global Greening in Industry Conference.

Hurry, you only have 2 hours to bid! MAKE A DIFFERENCE. THIS COULD BE YOUR CHILD.

Please check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_9jeRTOUnM
and also spread the word

Grab as many as you can from http://search.ebay.com.my/_W0QQsassZleeseeyin


So I took 10 minutes of my day to do a little research on the One Water Foundation and in the process watched a video on The One Foundation.

I gave Ming a phone call after that and said
"Hey... I found this charity foundation selling RM1,000 for a bottle of water. You wanna buy one just for charity?"

Ming has always been up for doing some charity or community work no matter how big or small or company is. He believes that every company can contribute in their own ways.

Hence with his approval, I clicked the button which took me to the point of no return.And there you have it. For the first time in my life, I bought a bottle of water that costs RM1,000.

If you guys wanna donate (in any small amount), you can call my friend.

Her name is Mehlin and her number is 012 3312 989.


Wingz said...

Brader I salute u!!!

JB said...

the doctor ask u you drink more water ~

Twinkle said...

hmmmm good on you...!

KY said...

I wanna take a sip!

Ron Chow said...

Wah lao eh, for a good cause for a good cause, we need more good samaritans such as yourself.

Let me go call Ms Meh Lin now.

PS: my my thats a cute name.

Marilyn said...


This is truly an honourable cause to have taken on. Kudos for the brave and sincere effort.
We definitely need to tell the world!
I will definitely pledge!

rockdandy said...


I have just spoken to Mehlin, I asked hers, "meh lin lei gei?" she told me some charity thing, so i donated RM50....thanks Tim for sharing this...

ShaolinTiger said...

Good for you Tim.

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

Plain dumb Tim...
I worked in charities..and in this case, only 32% of the proceeds get to where it's intended.Honest to God.

Even when I was working at RCH, they were wasting so much on admin, fund raisers, media campaigns that left so little to them.That is with HM Queen Elizabeth as their main patron and loads of money coming in.

Even Shelter, pays members £25 per direct debit donor who contribute just £3 a mth! How stupid is that!!

You could just do a campaign run and setup their site etc than you doing this sort of thing....

Sorry bro..have to be honest and truthful.

PS: I run a charity in UK Myself called Study Support Network, for children who have study needs worldwide, and I know the on goings. It's not as what U think. Read the Charity Ombudsman report about the wastage and you will be crying yr heart out.

Anonymous said...

wow dont know how much about it is true..but still. at least the kids get some! good luck boss!

Nicole said...

The video depresses me today.

JacJac said...

satu ribu... one bottle??

ah well.. for charity :)
salute boss!~

Boss Stewie said...

hehehe!! for charity !!!

David Cheong said...

Boss, awesome lah you!

XiangMei said...

Salute tim!!!! U r so kind! !

Anonymous said...

You are the man!!

Cely said...

Wow... that's really expensive, but for charity~ Great wo boss...

Do u wanna sponsor a child also? I am a child sponsor myself for 6 months already. Register at world vision. :p

Go sponsor some children also la. Min amount for a kid is RM50 only. It's really nothing to us. But we can help them so much with these money :)

3POINT8 said...

now, the people who who needs it will get drinkable water thanks to you!

Andir MiL said...

I think this One company is using Charity to get into the Malaysia market. One company drinking water is very common in uk.I saw it everysay in my uni. Erm, using charity but behind promote their drinking water?

Robin said...

oh my gosh!!!
1000 buck!!
i wonder how does the water taste like...hehe
nice post

Daren said...

Not cheap lel.
RM1000 in Sing Dollars is like,SGD2000?
Wa Lao,more than Malaysian's average minimum wages.
Boss,you really think you are some hotshot richie are?
(I know you are one)

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

AWW BOss you're getting a bigger heart by the day :) remember our RM10 smiley? At least you know this will go to a worthy cause ^_^

cindyluv said...

It's good that you advertise charity on nuffnang, cause then we'll know if it's real! Sometimes our money just don't go where we want em to go.
Way to go boss! Respect.

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

Daren...it's S$480 only mah...

Tim can afford it...so Tim..don't forget to pay Zakat.

Polly said...

wahh so expensive! is this post a joke? they sell this in my uni everyday less than 1pound only