Monday, February 18, 2008

Reality TV Shows and Malaysian Dreamgirl Auditions

About a week or two ago, Dawn asked me to join a reality TV Show called The Firm.

The Firm is like the Malaysian version of The Apprentice, Joel joined and won Season 1, and now they're looking to recruit a new team of people for Season 2.

Dawn happens to be one of the people working on Season 2.I managed to however convince her that I was too boring to be on reality TV. I mean, for a reality TV show, you need someone who has a hot temper, who has an attitude problem, who lies or cheats... or things like that. That's what we all love to watch right? Drama!

If you put 20 Timothy Tiah's in there, it'll be the most boring show you'll ever see because each one of them will always try to be 'politically correct' and there will be no drama.

So I know then that I'm not meant to be IN reality TV shows, but I love reality TV shows and I guess it wouldn't hurt to be behind the scenes on one of them.

Enter Malaysian Dreamgirl.
Malaysian Dreamgirl approached me some time last year to find out if we can work some sort of collaboration between Nuffnang and them.

Backed by huge sponsors from Nissan to AmBank, Malaysian Dreamgirl was going to be the first web-based reality TV Show in Malaysia , that means instead of watching it off the airwaves, you can watch it online just like how we all watch our videos these days.

A little excited about it and having met the people behind Malaysian Dreamgirl (one of them being the guy in the picture below),I decided that it would be good fun to be a part of, hence Nuffnang signed on as a Media Partner.

Apart on some blog advertising campaigns that they ran on the Nuffnang network, we also hooked them up with a few bloggers:

Pink Pau and Shaolintiger who will be our 'blogger journalists' to cover the event.And Kenny Sia who will actually be one of the judges alongside Elaine Daly and Lim Jimmy.

Anyway, last Saturday I went over the PWTC to check out the auditions they were having and more importantly to support Ringo who was going there to participate!
Upon arrival, I saw A LOT of hot chicks all sitting outside waiting to go in for their auditions.

Seriously, I have never seen so many chicks in one place before... and the girl guy ratio there must've been 10 girls for every 1 guy.

Bloody hell, we should've turned that place into a club. It would've meet a lot more fun than that sausage fest I was in last weekend.

I grabbed myself a VIP Pass and was ushered into a Media Room where we could watch real-time what was happening in the room next door where the auditions were taking place.

I ended up staying there almost the entire afternoon and it was soo much fun.

There we all were betting on which girl was gonna get accepted by the judges and who wasn't.

I took the liberty of taking pictures of some of the girls while they were waiting to go in for their auditions.

Pretty or not?

Pretty or not?!

Hahahaha there were a few that made it.

Like this hot girl in red here.
Or this girl Giselle who apparently is a KINDERGARTEN TEACHER.
I know what you guys are thinking...


How can the kids FOCUS on learning the alphabet or counting apples when you have someone so HOT teaching you. Heck I probably can't even say "Hi" to her without tripping over myself in real life.

Another girl that got shortlisted is this girl that looks so much like Sweat Lee it's almost disturbing.
When she came into the Media Room to be interviewed and talk to us, Pink Pau, Shaolintiger, Samantha and the rest of us in there were all referring to her as Suet Li.

We went
"Suet Li Suet Li... come take picture with me!!!"

And she would just acknowledge it and come take pictures with us.

Until of course towards the end when she decided it was time to say something before she gets labeled Suet Li for the rest of the show...

She was leaving and we said

She turned back and said
"My name is Yvonne".

And we all said
"Okay Suet Li! Bye!!!"

Now the next girl I found really interesting at the event was Alison.
*Pic stolen without permission from Pink Pau's blog.. HAHA!!

She was tall, charming, pretty and really really smart.

We got to talking and found out that she's an architect by profession who had just returned to Malaysia after having spent 7 years in the UK.

I was telling her how I spent 3 years in the UK studying for a degree when she asked "Which university?"

When I said

She said


See.. UCL people are ALL smart!

Oi...One of the Top 25 Universities in the World you know!

Dun pray pray!!!

Soon enough, the moment we had all been waiting for had come.
It was Ringo's turn to go in for audition, she was sooo nervous but she found the strength in herself to be confident when she walked in.

All of us were gripping our seats in the Media Room hoping that she'll get shortlisted, I mean it would really be nice to have a fellow blogger in the show right?

And guess what.

She did!!!

She was damn glamour by the time she came out.

Everyone rushing to interview her and all.

That day 40-50 girls were shortlisted for another round of auditions this weekend where they will narrow down those 40-50 girls to just 12 that will be in the actual reality TV Show.

The final 12 will be shipped off to some really nice villa somewhere and filmed there... that's when we all get to watch them!

I'm sure there'll be some fun and also some disappointments as some of the girls we met that day get eliminated.

I had my first disappointment with one of candidates.

Her name was Alicia.
I thought she was really nice and I really liked her "Girl Next Door" kind of look, you know the kind of girl you can bring home to your mum.

Seriously... bring home the Kindergarten Teacher and your mum will say
Unfortunately the judges didn't feel that Alicia fit the profile of a top model.

Now that doesn't mean to say that the judges didn't think she wasn't pretty or anything... she just wasn't exactly what they were looking for.

I'm really pretty excited about the TV show coming out. Honestly... I never thought that I would be this excited but holy crap... look at what a long post I've written just for this.

And hey... I'm not being paid a cent to write anything about this okay?


pinksterz said...

all bloggers who blog about this dreamgirl show are blogging about the same girls you know.

if the finalist are chosen based on how many posts featuring them, i can bet who gonna win d.

Genova said... passes to watch chicks all day. that's exactly spot on when nuffnang sign on as the media partner...right boss?...haha

MaE : ) said...

boss... UCL graduate aside,
kindergarden is actually spelled kindergarten :D.
hehe sorry for pointing it out but it was killing me

Leon said...

Damn.....I wish I had a kindergarten teacher like that. I would pay attention everyday in class.

Boss Stewie said...

pink: yeah... i guess maybe because we were all there the same time!

genova: hahaha!!! no lar i thought it'd be fun

mae: hahaha your'e right! okok will change it later

leon: hahahaha lol.. or you WON'T pay attention in class

Mayz said...

hey! the girl in red looks like my senior back in secondary school! Any idea what's her name???

Boss Stewie said...

nope... i forgot.. i think pink pau might know

pink pau.. what her name!

Accyee said...

She was leaving and we said

She turned back and said
"My name is Yvonne".

And we all said
"Okay Suet Li! Bye!!!"

HAHAHHAA WTF i bet she was like 'WTF WTF SUET WTF LI.' ahhahahaha

funny lah you, and I am anticipating for cheesie to blog abt her experiencing but she isn't doing ittttt. whyyyyyyy. and anyways, eh.. kindy kids go to school to learn abc ok.. not drool over hot teachers! but i can understand why the dads will be stopping by the school more often.. HAHA

Boss Stewie said...

abby: hahahah yeah i bet she realyl was wtf wtf wtf!!!

chee fei said...

i want a kindergarten teacher like her too.. then i won't skip classes any more.. be a good boy and go to school everyday !!

Boss Stewie said...

chee fei: haha don't we all!

pinkpau said...

mayz : her name is cindy tey!

pinkpau said...

timothy tiah pls join The Firm!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeee =( please lah....

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

Wei.... Lucky you to be in the Firm. Someone actually nominated my stinking team to be the Apprentice with TRUMP? Nah... I'll gamble it all away!

anyway...sidekick.. Got to HAND YOU A YELLOW CARD! Apa dah you bro..everytime got 2 char bor beside you... U look like you are advertising VIAGRA or TONGKAT ALI or SOMETHING!

heee heee heeeee......

Next time.. RED FLAG on your blog. Straight to MCMC to block...

best regards


TNS said...

Wat ACTUALLY she teach? I NEVER met any teacher, lecturer, tutor, etc like that before

KY said...

wah memang sweatlee's long lost twin!

iamthewitch said...

I'm really excited about this event too! Look forward to the next post for the second audition day. :)

Balqiz said...

I think Giselle is indeed a model type but the rest? Oi…

Suet Li said...

why everyone made fun of my wtf =( wtf oops there goes
nolah i think she looks more like cecilia cheung than me!
and you guys still remember me *big wet eyes

Boss Stewie said...

pink: hahaha kenot ler.. i already recommended them to recruit someone else.. u know who lar.. hahahahaha

geek: oi dude.. pls lar.. hahaha no rated U ok? I remember trying on this rate your blog thing and i got that result hahaha

invisible: i don't know.. i think kindergarten teacher just... takes very good care of the kids and make sure they don't hurt themselves

ky: hahaha yah i know

iamthewitch: hahaha awww i dind't go for the second audition day wor

balqiz: erm ermm... some also not bad ler.. just that i dind't snap their photo

Boss Stewie said...

suet: of course we remember u!!!

pinkpau said...


i was thinking of the same person!

timothy tiah why did you do that!!!!

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

I thought so ah...
at least I got my 'G' rated already. Now... Your rating will now show as ... 'S'

Senget sikit.. Blogger may corner at tight bends.... .

Anyway should try out that Gamat thingy ah....but don't try mixing it with Radix ok...nanti cornea scratch again....


twosuperheroes said...

Boss, got ask for any of the girls' hp number ar? *wink wink* I'm sure many guys will fight for it oh.. :p

Falcon said...

Boss..did u ask for the numbers? lol...You must have thought you had gone to heaven..ratio of 1 to

Cheng Chun said...

I hope you didn't lau nua ah boss see so many pretty girls one. :P

Anonymous said...

Wao wao wao...the girls are really HOT!!!

n i l e e y said...

looks like you can be the 3rd official blogger as well!

yapthomas said...

Tim, looking for potential wife here is it?? hahaha

The Who said...

So jealous!!!

Stewie, so many chicks mean next year you no more Single Awareness lor.

Empowering Youth --------------->

Observer said...

I agree on the Alicia...

May Leng said...

after watching the episodes ..i can understand your excitement. =)

really fun to be part of this, I can imagine. yup, dream come true to be surrounded with hot chicks ! hehe ..

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