Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Conversation


Jane: Pfft... you guys... always objectifying women! Treating women like objects!

John: What?

Jane: It's just disgusting that you guys always treat us like sex objects. How would you like it if we talked of you as a THING rather than a person?

John: You mean if girls talk about me being a sex object for them? THAT IS AWESOME STUFF!!!

Jane: You chauvinistic PIG!

John: What?? Tim help me out here.

Tim: Uhmm.. hey look... elephant!!! *points away*


Anonymous said...

lol! aww come on la boss don't always be neutral help the masculine race abit boleh! =P

Anonymous said...

hey timothy. nooo i don't think it's chauvinistic at all! a girl like me just wants to be treated equally ;) to elaborate further would incriminate myself immoral etc etc wtf.. pfft. what girls can do, guys can do (cept for biological factors of course!) and vice versa.

Genova said...

smart boss...haha

-tAkEmOtO- said...

It's just back to basics isn't it?

There are a few things a life form does before it goes extinct, it breathes, it eats, it drinks, it travels and it reproduces. I would ask if men are not horny, then humans would've been extinct a long time ago. Though this may not be justified, it's just something i thought.

Otherwise, it is kinda rude to think about sex all the time. Though we are(yes, i'm a male, duh)
prone to think about sex every like what? one minute? It's ridiculous to say it's a compliment, nor would it be safe to say it's objectizing females. In a guy's eyes, shagging would mean that he is attracted to a person and the mating factor kicks in, becauese he would think forward to the eventual point:sex.
In a woman's eyes: he is objectizing females to sex because he thinks only on the point where he wants to shag her. It is just a matter of angle where a person takes it in. A male thinks its a compliment, a females takes it as a potential rape suspect.

I agree with Samantha that girls and guys do need to be treated equally, yes equally. Which means they deserve no discrimination and oppression, though the difference in views and points is something that cannot be systemized. Not even guys or girls in their own gender sees things similiarly. If she thinks it is offensive, then it would be better to not talk about this matter in front of her. But it would be unfair to restrict a way of thinking and the freedom to speak. I may not agree with what you say, but i would die for the right for you to speak it.(Voltaire)

Give us a break girls. Would you really prefer all men to not think about sex and only focuse on work? Which is worse? A workaholic hubby who comes back once in a blue moon, or someone who would think of you as attractive and thinks of you so even when you're old and wrinkled? It is not wrong to feel sexual tension. To suppress it is against the act of nature.

Guys, should also refrain from making unecessary lewd remarks unless u want to be sued for secual harassment. But i don't believe that women do not think about the same thing as men does. Probably after a cold water splash the thought would've been gone. For men, it would just come up again after a wink. Hmm

Sorry boss for this lengthy comment. Kena flame i also dunno what to do. Just my two cents. ^^

KY said...

wah longest comment eva!!!!!

May Zhee said...

I like to objectify men too. As slaves. Not of the sex variety.


Boss Stewie said...

samantha: on in that case... no problem with john right since he doesn't mind being looked upon as a sex toy anyway

genova: yah.. stand clear!!

takemoto: hahahah no lar i don't think you'll get flamed. I think u spotted the difference there. men and women are created to be different.. and we are different biologically and even in the way we think hence the struggle up till now from the many many centuries that mankind has been around, to equalize both rights of men and women. we're much closer than ever now though

ky: haha

may: ahh! notty may zhee

yapthomas said...

well.. men will be men and women will be women..

Unknown said...

datz y they say "men r from mars, women r from venus"

Zephyr said...

Hey look!!! got Alien on top that flying elephant XD

David Cheong said...

I wouldn't mind people thinking of me as a sex object *wink*!! hahahaha

LOL said...

hello boss~ by any chance, were you somewhere in Ampang today? i saw someone that resembles you, but that's judging from pictures so i weren't sure. :P

Wannabe Economist said...

Yea its the cult now to call girls an object, "stock" "sayur", we should really change that, one day theyd kick our ass I suppose, see Hilary Clinton now! Not scared eh? =)

Anonymous said...

you come to ampang alot boss? funny i've never seen you..

LOL said...

IF it was him at all, that is. i only can tell thru pics, haven't had the pleasure to see him.

were you wearing a blue shirt today?

Anonymous said...

yeaa john's right. and he has to be really good looking or so darn attractive to be referred to as "treated like a sex toy" somehow. no such thing as too attractive lol.

Boss Stewie said...

yapthomas: yes they will :P

vincent: hahaha

zephyr: lol

ya hui: no wor.. i wasn't in ampang... must be someone who looks like me, sounds like me, talks like me but it isn't me. I wasn't wearing a blue shirt today. was wearing a white work shirt.

wannabe: hahahaha... oi i support obama!!!

cbb: no ler i dun go ampang often

samantha: hahahaha okokokk