Sunday, May 11, 2008

My First Spa Experience

Okay so I'm in Bangkok with a few friends.

I spent the past few days here following the girls shopping at Paragon or at flea markets like Chatukchak and yet after all this following around I didn't buy ONE thing.

I nearly bought myself a Guess watch at Paragon. It was on a good discount and I was getting it only at RM600 but I decided that it still took a big chunk out of my already small pay cheque so I decided to do without it.
To add more flavour to my Bangkok trip, I fell sick.

Yes I fell sick.

I brought 10,000 Thai Baht when I came and I spent almost 15% on that on medication, ie antibiotics etc etc.

How sad is that?

So... yesterday I decided that I was going to do something worthwhile in my trip. I've heard plenty about Thai massages and Thai Spas. Apparently the spas in Thailand are a lot cheaper than the ones in Malaysia and since I've never really had spa treatment before, I thought this would be a good chance.

Only problem though was picking the right spa. Heck some of the spas that I see on the streets are well... well you just can't help but wonder whether they're the 'good' kind of spas or the 'sexy-time kotek-massage' kind of spa.

So one of my friends found a pretty good spa near the hotel and I made a booking for yesterday afternoon.It's called Hapa.

This place has the most interesting door ever.

Check out the door.

It opens sideways for you to walk inside but when it's closed it basically just looks like a glass window.

Inside we were all welcomed to a nice sitting area and given menus on the kind of services they had.

Everything from thai massages, to saunas, jacuzzis, facials etc etc.
I narrowed down 3 things on the menu that I was going to go for.

1) An organic scrub that will apparently remove all my dead skin cells.

2) A milk bath that will apparently really smoothen my skin.

3) A nice aroma therapeutic body massage.

I booked the Couple Suite at the Spa (not necessarily because I was with anyone.. maybe I just wanted more room for myself EH??)and I was very quickly shown into the nice room.

As I walked in, two Thai ladies came into the room and told me to take off everything and wear this disposal underwear they supplied us.

I stood still for a little bit... wondering if they were going to say something like
"HAHAHAH.. Just joking larr... you don't have to wear the granny underwear".

But that didn't happen.

So I eventually took off all my clothes and wore the underwear they gave me.
After that I lay down flat on the bed and they started scrubbing this grainy organic thing on to my back. It was ticklish but kinda nice.

Okay after like 30 minutes they were done scrubbing me. I was asked to wash off the organic scrub in the shower so I did.

While I was in the shower they prepared my milk bath for me and when I got out of the shower one of them said
"Okay... take off underwear now".

(which would leave me butt-naked in front of two Thai women).

Again I waited for one of them to say
"HAHAHA JUST JOKING!!! Just wanted to see whether you would really do it".

But it didn't happen.

So I asked her
"Underwear? Take off? Really?"

Fortunately she backed off and said
"You don't have to. Just go into the bath."

I went in and lay there for 30 minutes as the massage jets in the jacuzzi tickled my butt and I closed my eyes to listen to the tranquil music. My gosh you guys should listen to the music they played at the spa. Sooooo relaxing and soothing that it makes you feel the music itself was enough to calm you down.

I am yet to see a spa that plays RnB music.

Can you imagine getting massaged and listening to

After my milk bath, I showered again and went for my massage.

The first thing the Thai masseuse asked me was
"How hard you want? Very hard? or Medium?"

I replied sheepishly
"First timer... please go easy on me."
And I must say it was pretty nice.

The whole spa treatment at the end of the afternoon only cost me about RM160.

Which I think is really cheap right?

I enjoyed it and probably would go for another spa treatment again when I get back to KL.

One thing though... a lot of people tell me they go to spa treatments and after that feel rejuvenated and energized and etc etc.

When I left the Spa, I felt exactly the same as when I walked in... so is that a myth or is it just me?


Jason Lioh said...

It's just you, boss. :D Really.

Super Gentleman said...

its nt bcz of u lahh boss... its cz u took d wrong package... if u take d 'special' package, i confirm u sure feel energized and rejunevated 1... LOL...

ahbeng_style said...

Maybe need more stress in order to have that effect. HAHA!

joshuaongys said...

never have these kinda service before =( still cant afford it... haha

pinkpau said...

i bet while you were at paragon, you were thinking about WORK

and while you were at chatuchak, you were also thinking about WORK

and while you were getting your spa treatment, you were also thinking about WORK!!!

sigh stewie. so how did you enjoy all that extra room to yourself in the couple suite? :P

RealGunners said...

nono, i bet stewie was thinking about SOMETHING ELSE while getting the spa treatment.. maybe he already felt great without the spa anyway, hence the lack of effect :D

Boss Stewie said...

jason: hahaha yes it is :P

super: hahaha that wan.. won't i feel tired rather than rejuvenated ?

t.c: ohh i haf a lot of stress alreadyl... confirm.... so i don't think that's the problem

joshua: eh it's so much cheaper here in Thailand. I checked and in Penang I think it costs double of what I paid. And that's Penang.. not even KL

pink: hey.. in my defence.. i managed to close a deal over the phone while sitting on the taxi on the way to Paragon. talk about a productive holiday! hahaha

The extra space in the couple sweet was nice thank u :P

real: hahaha ish.. that's one explanation then!

KY said...

eh, is that wenqi in the spa!?!

electronicfly said...

eh boss, expensive la yr massage! (thai standards that is)

Sarah said...

Lol... 'sexy-time kotek massage'.


xox Sarah

sarah y said...

well at least you've got a grannys panty and not stark naked.

the place that i went only girls underwear are provided.


JuLJuL said...

Haha. You should relax lah. Don't think bout work all the time. What's the point of going on a holiday if you have to work? =) Chill dude.

Anonymous said...

tim! TIM!

aiya, you go take photo of that Couple Suite Room and yet you didn't put a one on one photo with your other half... macam mana laaa oi.

got pretty girl to some off some more weI!

stew ur balls ah. stewie.

Simon Seow said...

I prefer foot reflexology, works better on me I think

Ah Beng Crosby said...

You should ask for the happy ending massage, then you will be really happy. Cheers!