Monday, September 08, 2008

The Biggest Nuffnang Logo I have ever seen in my life!

Okay so Nuffnang Philippines has launched just about a week plus ago and the response has been great. So much that the team there is now down and busy talking to advertisers on launching our first ads there.

Now anyway to mark the arrival the team in Nuffnang PH has been doing all sorts of things... and one of them is a giant Outcomm LED Board ad that they put up on one of the busiest streets of Manila.

One of the Nuffies there even took a recording of the ad and posted it up on YouTube.

Check it out.

Boy I have never seen such a big Nuffnang logo before.

On another note, I was just browsing and checking out their ads. They have this contest going on now where the most creative classifieds ad that you put up will win PSPs or a 4 Day 3 Night Trip to Bali.

Then I happened to see a funny ad there.

This joker was selling his FISH on

And he even put up sort of a poem on the ad.

four huge Japanese kois
around 20 inches each
kohakus, showa, also tancho
swimming in the pond

but with size restriction
they've outgrown the pond
looking for new home
to grow into jumbos

pictures worth lotsa words
taken a year ago
now bigger and rounder
come see for yourself

striking colors, beautiful shapes
these fish are gems
to let go at
eleven thousand triple eight

email me to ask
ky at kyspeaks dot com
and you can get
all the four fishes

And then I looked and it closer and it occurred to me that it was KY's ad.

LOL KY you damn fahney.

Jom I help you pimp your add.

Everyone go and vote for KY's ad on or if you want go and do your own ad and compete with KY.


One of our Nuffies just sent me this. Here's a day time version of Outcomm's LED Board Ad


Cristel said...

hi boss stewie, are u coming down to join us @ Spore Gathering 20th Sept 08??

suanie said...

you better vote for me after i put up my 88db ad!

Kimberly Low said...

the ad is f-king A, man!

Boss Stewie said...

cristel: Hi Cristel. I wish I could but I won't be in Singapore at the time. Will be traveling around for work :( you guys have fun ok! I'm sure Ming would love to go though, I could check with him to see if he can make it

suanie: hahah! okok i pimp u as well

kimberly: hahaha!

limcyam said...

... err I am more interested what was advertised on top and below Nuffnang....


Boss Stewie said...

lim: haha! hmph!

KY said...

yeay yeay yeay!!!

I let u play the PS3 for 10 whole minutes if I win it! :D


Roanna said...

Hi tim!

You can see the day time version of the LED video here:

you might want to check it out too :)

Simon Seow said...

Nice to have a business partner that runs a billboard business.

Boss Stewie said...

ky: no! u must pinjam me for a week!

roanna: hahaha cool thanks i just posted it on my blog too

simon: haha yes yes

FC said...

@limcyam ROFL yeah i noticed that too man them hawt when I drive along edsa man, i think sometimes i might get into an accident ROFL check this out too.. if you kknwo what i mean swt

@boss stewie yes the busiest street in the city see that's literal traffic there n not just internet traffic ROFL...