Friday, September 19, 2008

A Day with our Singaporean Nuffies in KL

Some of the Nuffies from the Singapore office are down in KL these few days so we've all been having quite a lot of fun.

Our days are spent in our KL office with Bob Marley playing in the background and with occasional shouting, screaming and laughing.

And of course there is the occasional chilling session at Nuffie's corner.

We're all such typical bloggers. Everyone camwhores whether in the office, or at dinner or heck even in the lift while going down for lunch.

Then came dinner time.

Something that everyone who works at Nuffnang agrees is that everyone working here feels like family. And when families get together for a reunion (eventhough it's only half of us that manage to make it to KL), we go for a good dinner.

This time it was STEAMBOAT DINNER!!!

For these dinners, Ming specifically instructs that we "whack everything" or in other words, don't save on the food!

So we ended up ordering enough food to feed an army.
Then the time came for us to order our drinks.

I asked for a "watermelon juice" and the waitress asked
"Big or small?"

Ming shouted right away

The waitress wanted to make sure... she said
"Big is really big you know?"

Ming looked at her for a few seconds and then said

So our watermelon juice came!
This is how I think all juices should be served. Not in any lesser cup.

Over dinner we all had a good talk about everything. It first started with a lot of teasing one another and a lot of jokes but it then everyone took turns to tell us all how they felt about working for Nuffnang.

As Nicholas described it
"It doesn't feel like work".

Then Ming went on to share the future of Nuffnang with everyone.

With the US and the world economy in the worst financial crisis we've had since 1929, things aren't looking too good. For example, as of March 07, AIG was worth $179billion but as of this month September 08 it's worth only $5.7 billion.Right now in Malaysia, we've already started to see some cracks.

I read an article the other day in The Star about how a number of merchants are facing a slowdown in business even so close to Hari Raya whereas in previous years, business during Raya had always been great.

"A Storm is up ahead"... Ming said... "and we all have to make sure we're ready for it".

And he's right, as much as Nuffnang has achieved so far none of us can afford to rest for the true test of the stability of any business is its ability to survive during recessions. Nuffnang is about to be put through the test of its time. During a recession of this magnitude, I would imagine costs may go up and ad spend may go down.

After our wonderful dinner we proceeded to do a little more camwhoring starting with my very first picture with our newest Nuffie: Raine.

Then a group picture with everyone else who was able to make it that night.

To the rest of the Nuffies that didn't make it.. don't worry. We'll have a big end of the year dinner for everyone ok?

While heading back home at the end of the night, Ming said to me
"I think we have one of the best most passionate teams we can ever ask for."

I nodded my head and let out a smile.
"Yes we do.... yes we do".


test said...

Correct!Correct!Correct! (the team part)

Should ask for XL sized serving instead XD

yapthomas said...

Great team makes great company makes us wanna be associated with Nuffnang..!! :D

joshuaongys said...

yes there's a storm coming ahead but fret not tim, there're many ppl supporting nuffnang.. =D GO GO GO!

electronicfly said...

Go nuffies!

Marilyn said...

No Moorthy, MY team's more passionate than yours WTF.
Yours are full of Pokemons.

- m i c h e l l e - said...

U make people so envious. I so wana work with Nuffnang.

KY said...

did I see Robb sleeping with a girl!?


Boss Stewie said...

spectre; i think that's the biggest watermelon juice there dude

yapthomas: thanks dude :P

joshua: thanks dude.. we'll go through the storm together

electronicfly: :P

marilyn: HAH!!! We haven't named ourselves after pokemons yet

ky: haha yes u did.. in a rare rare moment

Simon Seow said...

wah liao a trolley of dishes. Don't worry Boss, Nuffnang will stay strong.

aLviN said...

wow.. really lk a family !!! hope in future i can work in such nice company^^ nuffnang rox to the max!!!

marcusan said...

Dear Mr. Tim,

Is there an opening in Nuffnang?


ling ling said...

Keep it up,Nuffnang..
i know you can do it Boss.jia you...

julie said...

wow...what a joyful family...that's great! its very vital to work in a healthy and happy environment...cheers!

slacker said...

is that xiao fei yang in pudu??

vialentino said...

really nice to work in nuffnang company....nice n happy environment....