Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Little Bit of the Nuffnang Working Culture

If you were young and work with a bunch of other young people, what kind of work culture would you have?

I'm not sure how we ended up with the way we work now but here's a bit of how Nuffnang seems to run .

In the Nuffnang office, there's often music playing in the background... whether it's Bob Marley or Justin Timberlake it don't matter.

We all sit together in an open environment and we sometimes end up watching funny YouTube videos that we share with everyone in the office.

Facebooking during office hours is allowed and is something everyone seems to do.If you're tired then you can go and sleep in Nuffie's Corner with all the bean bags and big pillows, we even provide you blankets in case you're cold.

Heck and some of us manage to work some flexible hours too. The only condition to all this is that everyone keeps up with their work.

Just over a week ago, a very nice journalist by the name of Eve gave me a call to ask me about the flexible hours that some of the people in the Nuffnang team take advantage of.

The call led to a visit to our office, then an interview of some of our Nuffies and a day later, an article in the New Straits Times.
Basically at Nuffnang we believe that if you have a role that does not require you to work strictly during office hours, say if you don't have to service a client during typical working hours then you can have some flexibility in your working hours.

Unfortunately for many of us including myself, a lot of our roles require us to work the same working hours as our clients though for the rest of us, they get to work a little more flexible hours.
One of our guys Firdauz for example comes in at 2.30PM or 3.00PM on some days and works till night though I hear he's trying to normalize his working hours now so he can spend more time working with the rest of the team and why not right? We're all fun to be around with right Firdy?

In the past month, we've added a few more Nuffies to the team. There's the new Nuffie in Singapore.And right before her came two more Nuffies we hired for Nuffnang Philippines office in the past month.

Meet Camille!
and Roanna!
Somehow, the rest of the Nuffnang offices apart from the one in KL that I'm based in seem to be pretty female skewed.

Don't worry my dear sausage Nuffies!!!
I lup you all still!!!

We're still looking to add on to the team and after sooo damn long of trying to come up with an excuse of why we don't have a career page at Nuffnang, we finally managed to get our Nuffnang Career Page up.

I know I know it took us long enough!

In the past we've had some potential investors and business partners come in to see how we work and they all wonder how we all actually manage to get work done working like that.

That's something even I can't explain but we do get loads of things done.


michelleho said...

Kewl! Now, which position shall I apply for?

Jez said...

yeah, so i heard your conquering our country too (philippines). finally i can join your community. heheheh.....we'll see you here then?

Anonymous said...

Tiah, exactly what academic qualifications or specialisations do you look for?

Pembaca-Berita said...

reading this.. i think of the same work ethics applied by google. they let their employees work their own way. maybe nuffnang is the next google?? :P

Boss Stewie said...

michelle: hahaha i don't know what you do... but check out our career page

jez: hahaha yes yes see u then jez!

adrian: hahaah u're way overqualified dude!

gnome: well i don't think we've reached the extent of Google. I mean the work culture of Google is far more different that what we do. Plus they have sooo many more perks :P

eyeris said...

I hate to kutuk others, but er... that newspaper article... WHAT SORT OF A BORING ASS HEADLINE IS THAT????

test said...

Spectre airborning here and Saw Career Page! OMG!

Errr Boss stewie ! I was wondering are *those 2 position* is based on KL/Penang office and what the requirement?

2) Ad Ops

3) Blogger Liaison

I may try *to sign in* as Nuffies! Thanks

Boss Stewie said...

eyeris: hahaha you ah!

spectre: the requirement is that you love us and we love you. Hahaha seriously. Just drop us a mail

Zephyr said...

Do u accept uni student on industrial training?

I will be in industrial training in few months time.

ps: I have some working exp abt 1 year for several positions b4 entering uni (poor student gotta work to pay fees)

choco said...

What about interns? *grin* Eh, no seriously, I really wouldn't mind. :P

JenKin Yat said...

umm..can i come back ah boss? :P

shah said...

i just feel that ur environment at nuffnang similar to google office. go nuffnang go!

hopefully more to come u may become like google!

Charlie said...

I need to go low profile from Innit if I'm thinking of applying any jobs from NN -.-

Sorry 4d DANG ;p

ahlost said...

Can I apply and work in Kuching? *LOL*

Sofia said...

hey timothy . id like to ask you a question. How do i exterminate my nuffnang account ? Because i want to create a new one

Ah Hian said...

We can tell you're trying to use your blog to influence. You trying to tell Firdaus " You farking bastard you come in the day just like us, what makes you so special?"

Firdaus : Tak malu ar????? You think your father company you can work better at night so you bully Timooooooti Tiaaaah? Timothy is tolerating you only lar..... Everything black color he also can say white..especially in his blog.

FC said...

sausage nuffies (^_^;)