Saturday, September 27, 2008


Quick announcement: I'm going to be having my first radio interview on Monday with the new Business FM (BFM) 89.9 in Klang Valley. I'm going to be interviewed by a very nice Norina Yahya who has in the past interviewed people the likes of Michelle Yeoh, Lilian Too and some of our local Ministers.

If you're on the way to work or college around 8AM-9AM, tune in and listen to me embarrass myself ok? Haha

The movie Mamma Mia just came out this week. Hundreds of Nuffnangers were among the first to get the chance to watch the movie at a Nuffnang screening we had on Tuesday... but I had to miss it since I was in Manila for work :(

So the very next day I got back, I raced for the cinema and watched the movie! When the Nuffies talked about it that afternoon Firdauz mentioned that I probably wouldn't like the movie since it's a musical and it's true, I'm not a huge fan of musicals.
And this is what I have got to say about the movie:


It was unbelievable!!!

Throughout the whole movie I was singing and dancing in my seat... and when I wasn't doing that I was waving my hands in the air.... I'm surprised the people around me didn't get me kicked out of the cinema.
Let me just try to narrow down why I loved the movie.

1) It was so fun.. great songs.. I LOVE ABBA!

2) Unlike some other musicals I've seen in the past, this one actually had some proper conversation when it wasn't suitable to sing a song. You know I don't quite have a thing for movies where almost every single line in the movie had to be sung.3) Where in many musicals, you often get American Idol kind of singers with strong voices.. like Dreamgirls with Beyonce.... this time in Mamma Mia I felt that the singers (as much as many of them were good)... were like doing it in a very casual kind of singing.

It's like you can imagine yourself in there singing too.

You know... perhaps ABBA's songs are relatively easy to sing but the casual feel of the movie made me want to sing along.... and yes that includes Pierce Brosnan's not so perfect singing. I admit, I burst out laughing when he first started singing but I'm so glad he was in the movie.

4) MERYL STREEP IS AMAZING... that actress is just... WOW! I mean... from Devil Wears Prada to this... she can do ANY MOVIE!!!


5) AMANDA SEYFRIED IS SOOO CUTE/HOT.... well both! (I can't decide)

This movie is a must watch!!! And I REALLY MEAN IT!!!

I left the cinema with a big smile on my face and I wanna watch it again!!!!!

Call me a chick, call me a woman, call me a little fag... I DON'T CARE... I LOVE MAMMA MIAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mamma Mia... here I go again... my my... how could I resist you!

Here's the trailer if you guys haven't watched it yet....


Yap Chee Hong said... it really that good ? like 4/5 ?

hmm...i MIGHT watch it if it's THAT good....

R said...

firdauz asking for 2nd round of mamma mia. wanna set a date for that? lol

陈一豪 said...

Fagg..... Oh shit I just watched it again, with Firdy. Like baru je, took the 2355 show.

..... said...

yes yes yes yes yesh!!!
u r definitely damn right!!
and i m totally hooked to ABBA's songs now!!
couldnt stop myself from humming da song dancing queen esp.
money money money! must be funny! in a rich man's world. ;)

John said...
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Simon Seow said...

I love it too. Thanks Nuffnang for the premiere tickets.

cmei said...

this movie can really make audience dance n sing along.. thx nuffnang for the tickets.. v get to watch b4 the movie even release^o^

electronicfly said...

hahahahah..during the premier I know of at least 3 ppl who sang every song.

me, teckiee, and lifeless. =D

eh boss, record your interview session! I'll be at class la at that time, so no chance to listen..=(

Nicole said...

watched it in australia. it was brilliant!

Nicki said...

this movie... 5/5!!!
pierce brosnan singing cheesy love songs... that was priceless!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm gonna watch it soon!

McGarmott said...

What the ... I saw it with Gene the other day and obviously she liked it but I was telling her how disturbing it looked to men to see women behave like that, and how it can be hard for men to enjoy the film at certain gushy-feminine parts of the film. Indeed, most boyfriends of the world have reported plugging their eyes out and insisting that their girlfriends, if they really want to watch it a second time, go with their girlfriends. Which they did, again and again, making this the most female-watched film grossing over $100 mil in years.

And you're clearly the exception to the rule ...