Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When You Eat With Bloggers

One of the perks of being a blogger these days is not just that you get to make a little bit of money or get invites to all sorts of events but once in a while, you get invited for some free food, especially if you're friends with people like Suanie and KY.

Just a few weeks ago, Suanie gave me a call and asked me for dinner at Coca in Subang Parade along with FA and Ringo.

Since I haven't seen some of them for the longest time I decided why not!
You know you're eating with bloggers when the food comes and everybody is not allowed to touch it for the first 10 minutes to give time for everyone to take pictures with their cameras.

Suanie and KY snapped away... FA, Ringo and I were the poor example of bloggers.

All we did was sit there watching them snap away and saying

Heck at one point one of us stirred one of the curry dishes (all we did it stir it.. not even eat it)... and Suanie shouted something along the lines of

Now to add to that. Here's another stressful part about eating with bloggers sometimes. They sometimes take candid pictures of you eating and lets face it.... NOBODY looks their best while they are eating.Nobody!!!

Even Jessica Alba doesn't look good when she's eating.

Allow me to illustrate.

This is Jessica Alba when she's doing something other than eating.
And this is Jessica Alba when she's eating.

See my point?

And here's the thing... when you eat with bloggers not only are 'eating pictures' taken of you but they're also posted up on their blogs which are often read by hundreds if not thousands of people each day!!!!
So everybody... learn from FA.

Just before you know a blogger is going to take a picture of you... you STOP eating and you POSE!!!

Pose now!!!

And more often than not you hardly get the chance to tell the blogger next to you about the picture being taken so you leave her as she is... SAVE YOURSELF!!!

Which is why in this picture FA looks perfectly posey and Ringo looks like she's staring into space.

Anyway back to the dinner.... the nice people at Coca spoilt us!

They really did!

They had gave us everything prawns to lobsters to fried calamari.And when they found out that I don't take much seafood, they even made a few chicken dishes just for me.

Then the dessert came!

Check out my Mango Dessert!
It was a great dinner... not just the great food and great service but the great company too.

It's always nice to catch up with old friends every now and then.

Thanks for inviting us Coca!

And thanks for all the juices we shamelessly drank up.


KY said...

what did you mean by OLD FRIENDS young punk! :P

billy said...

Hey !! I'm a blogger too .. how come I dont get invites from such places? hehehehe ...

I'd be happy even if the local mamak invited me .. lol ..

suanie said...

kim: so friends can do that la? :D

tim: old?! i'll show you old...

wasm said...

jessica alba still damn hot larr wei even if she's js eating. too hot to b true~

julie said...

food looks yummy:-)

§pinzer said...

sorry dude, ur the only one who has the problem.. photogenic people all have a sixth sense when they feel a camera is pointed at them, and that's when the automatic poses come in :P


ling ling said...

wow!!the food look so tempting..definitely will pay them a visit later if got extra $$ later..hehe..;p **bonus.. bonus.. faster come**

Boss Stewie said...

ky: hahahaha.. okok i meant.. oldER friends

kim: who is that?

billy: hahaah well i guess... u haf to know food bloggers like KY

suanie: hahah!

wasm: lol!!

julie: yes it was yummy

spinzer: aihh!! mebe u have the camwhore gene!! i dun

ling: hahaha yah it's worth trying out

ahlost said...

and sometimes, you even got scolded for trying to take pic of them =.="

Autumn said...


the red ruby dessert is my fav!
and it is so true about this post.
i stop or scold my frens when they attemp to destroy the nice look of the food.
when people are talking and someone is trying to snap a picture, i can immediately pause and pose for the someone to take photo. hahahha
by the way, it is my birthday today! wish me wish me wish me!

marcusan said...

hahaha! farnee.. poor jessica alba jadi model! OMG...

lufiasism said...

boss stewie... you bought an Oakley wiretap ahhhh ????