Monday, December 22, 2008

The Difference Between a Man’s Phone.. and a Lady’s Phone

Mobile phones started off as a very utility kind of thing, something that we all just use like a computer mouse. They were all mostly made in generic colours like Black or Grey and they’re meant to be unisex. That was probably like 10 years ago.

Today as mobile phones evolved from a communication tool to take on the additional purpose of an accessory (why else do some people wear their phones around their neck these days or lay their phones on the tables at Coffee Bean), we’ve started to see phones that are for guys and phones that are for girls and they differ more than you think.

Now I’m going to compare two phones from the same brand for this and basically two models.

Behold the LG KP500

And the LG Ice-Cream KF350

Clearly the LG KP500 is for the men.

Now lets do a very simple newbie comparison between the features of both phones.

Apart from the usual features of a phone, the LG KP500 has:
1) A 3” Full touch screen. Touch screens seem to be the trend these days.

2) A stylus because that just makes the phone a lot cooler when you’re standing in a line playing with your phone. Plus things like handwriting recognition just makes the geek in you smile. I remember when I had my first phone with handwriting recognition, I was playing with it non-stop till I finally got used to it and took it for granted after a few months.

3) And motion sensor games where you can play games that require you to tilt, flip or twist the phone.

And well, also important with our current economic climate that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. This costs only RM899.

Now compare it to the LG Ice-Cream KF350

Why? Because most girls I know hate touch screens. You should see one of my girl friends try to dial a number on my touch screen phone with her fingernails. It’s like trying to pick up a needle with boxing gloves on.


2) NO stylus because lets face it, not very cool on a girl.

3) Most girls I know don’t care about motion censor games or games in general.

So what do the really girly girls care about then?

They care about the fact that the phone is PINK and PRETTY. The Ice-cream for example has pretty 3D lighting effects and it comes it sweet pastel colours like thisThis
Or thisSecondly, the girls I know seem to prefer flip-phones more to other phones.

Now of course there’s no hard and fast rule to any of this. I mean some girls would like the touch screen LG KP500 and some guys might like the LG Ice-Cream (seriously dudes?) but heck, this is just something I happen to notice among the mobile phones that come out for each target market.As for me, give me a touch screen phone packed with features any day of the week and I’ll even give up the fact that I can’t SMS while driving no more. I tell you that’s why there are so many touch phones these days.
The governments of the world decided that there were too many people typing SMSs while driving and they wanted to find a way to stop it so they invented… THE TOUCH SCREEN PHONE.

Ahhhh… oh well… for road safety it is.


Kay said...

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. i want more happyness on this blog.

Genova said...

hahaha...the gorvernments are geniuses !

MaE : ) said...

pffft timothy.
not all girls don't like touch screens nor adore pink phones!

fourfeetnine said...
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Mz said...

i'm a girly girl, but i like my gadgets tough! i'm currently using the SE G900 (not a very good buy -_-") and it's got touch screen, 5MP camera, a stylus, business card readers n other functions that i don't really ever use, like a pdf reader. =P

i'm a gadget geek, but i'd put in some girly touches too.. the proof? my phone is red, a really marvellous red.. :D

uhm, how much is the Ice-Cream phone again? it's cute, but not the kind i would own. =P

is the KP500 that cheap??!! then again, LG phones are only supposed to last for a year. don't know anyone who has used their LGs for more than a year.

Mz said...
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shereensaw said...

ya!!! i actually suspect that too! i like my 02 PDA so much, but was turned off just because i cant sms while driving!!! argh *emo*

have a nice day ~

Boss Stewie said...

kay: hahaha okok dude! shall bring more happyness

genova: yeah... so smart they all!

mae: hahaha yeah yaeh i know i know... you can never generalize. that's just what i notice among some of my friends

mz: hahaha yeah talk about features that you don't really use. i thikn i only use like 20% of the features on my phone. about LG phones, I asked Robb who's been using an LG Viewty and he tells me that he used it for more than a year and it still worked... after that he lost it... and he bought himself another LG Viewty. So i guess it works

shereen: hahahaha then we all need some keypad phones just for driving

Stereomanic said...

hey there, i'm a friendly neighbourhood stranger just passing're generally right for a general observation in which i agree 100% but this days, there are girls that even play Grand theft auto and shout the loudest Hokkien expletives even the osbornes will be ashamed of. But hey, interesting post..i'll definitely take another look at your blog from time to time.
check out my blog.

Boss Stewie said...

stereo: hahaha yeah i know quite a few girls to play GTA but i haven't met any girls who shout Hokkien bad words. maybe i've been to all the wrong places :(

Kay said...

i shout hokkien bad words. my kor kor teach me one =p i demand more happyness