Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Nuffnang Christmas Lunch

It seems like we've made it a ritual where at the end of every year, we would have a Nuffnang Christmas Dinner/Lunch among the Nuffies from the KL, Singapore and Penang offices (all meaning as many of them who could make it).

The Christmas meal is also when all of us give each other our Secret Santa presents. That means weeks before the meal we are all assigned a person we're supposed to buy a Christmas Present for and on the day itself we get to give that person the present.

Always adds a lot of fun to it. Of course, so that we make sure that it's not about who buys the most expensive present, we make it a rule that the maximum cost of a present should be no more than RM100 (although Ming has broken that rule two years in a row).

This year we had our Christmas meal in this nice quaint restaurant in Singapore.

And rather than give us many long tables as would be the case in most fine dining restaurants, this restaurant gave us a nice private room with a big square table so everyone on the table can talk to everyone else.

The restaurant was a beautiful one, and the food was great but not as great as the company we had. Let me show you guys some pictures of the great Nuffies that always make me chuckle and laugh.

Here's one with Robb and Nicholas.

With Cherie, Pinky and Clara.

Firdy, Lee Meng and Hui Wen

Tim 2, Raine, Vernice and Robb again.

And Yee Hou!
And if I missed you out, like Ming then it's because I don't have your picture ok? :( But it doesn't mean you're any less important.

Ming and I both gave a good speech to the team about Nuffnang to look back at how far we have come this year but also to look forward at the mounting challenges we have ahead for next year (next year will be a difficult year).

Then Ming had a surprise for everyone, something he asked me about before but he has to take credit for actually getting it done.

He made special Parker pens for each and every Nuffie in the team with their names/nicknames engraved on it.

Mine had "Boss Stewie' engraved on it. I promised to use this pen to sign our million dollar deals from now on. Heck the pens that I've been using to date are like... free premium pens that I got from clients or some events I went for. I'm such a cheapskate when it comes to pens.

After we were done admiring our shiny new pens, we had our wonderful lunch with lots of jokes and laughter, ending with dessert.

And by the time coffee was served.... it was the time everyone was waiting for.


We took turns and went round. Basically if it was my turn to give my present to whoever I was Secret Santa to, I had to give clues on who that person is.

So say if it was Firdauz then his Secret Santa would say
"This person laughs like this: 'Hur hur hur'".

Or like when it was me my Secret Santa just pointed to the part of his face where a mole would've been if he were me.

And the presents were all given out.

Firdy got Clara for his Secret Santa and she got him a very nice customized Nike shirt with the words "Firdy" on it and with an "Afro" cartoon on it.
Pinky got this bag thingy from Vernice.

Hui Wen got a book.

Nicholas got a mug with candy in it from Firdy.

Ming got a scarf from Lee Meng.

And Yee Hou got a kinky G-String from Cherie that came equipped with an attached cock-ring.

Reminded me of the Christmas song we used to sing in school. It went like this.

"On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, one Nintendo, two coffee mugs, three leather wallets and a G-String to keep my balls warm!"

Haha no no that was his "prank present". Cherie actually gave him one of those Nike sports bags.

Nicholas gave Vernice a pretty cool present. Two tickets to watch a Gold Class Movie for her bf and her. That means all the space you want in a cinema Vernice. Just no cuddling or hugging bf during movie times because he'll be so far away you'll be lucky if you could reach him with your toes.

But heck who wouldn't want Gold Class Tickets. Check out Raine's face when she saw Vernice take out the tickets. It looked like she was saying

I didn't give Raine Gold Class Tickets :(

My present to her was a Lava Lamp!

Because when I think of "rain" I think of sun, so when I think of sun I think of light. So I got her a lamp! But not just any lamp! A lava lamp!

The kind of thing that is nice to have but you never really would buy with your own money because you know it's just going to be a little bit of a waste of money.

Finally after it went through everyone, it came to my turn and my Secret Santa was Robb.

Man look how excited I was about my present.

I practically ripped the wrapping paper to shreds... a disgrace to the typical Chinese family that likes to carefully remove wrapping paper and recycle it.

My present was two ready-to-play decks of Magic The Gathering cards.

Robb got that idea because he recently found out that I used to play the silly card game 10 years ago when I had barely turned a teenager.

Don't know if I'll start it again though, costs too much money and I seem to have grown out of it a little unless I play it for fun.

We ended the lovely lunch 2-3 hours later, one of the longest lunches we've ever had but even then it was cut short... why? Because a client was chasing us to have some work sent in before a deadline so we all had to rush back to the office in Singapore.
I'm looking forward to next year's Christmas Lunch and wondering how many new faces we'll be seeing there. Hopefully some of those who missed it this year will be able to make it next.

It's Christmas Eve tonight, Merry Christmas everyone!

I love this time of the year!


Anonymous said...

WOW its been so long since i read your last entry, didn't even know you're together with Audrey now (congratulations! hope you didn't actually take my dumb advice to achieving your "goal" because... well, my advice will only lead to the Law giving you shit)

Good to see yous guys are doing wells. Once again, anytime your nuffies wanna visit Canada for next year's Christmas din-dins, by all means, come come come!

KY said...

Firdy standing in front of air haram!

ahlost said...

Merry Christmas to everyone of you :)

six said...

merry christmasssss boss!!

Kay said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS STEWIE!! btw u can watch family guy on!! that's my present to you boss =p

Ju Ann said...

Hey! Remember me?

Merry Christmas! :)

Boss Stewie said...

atherian: hahaha Canada for our Christmas Trip? Taht will be the day dude

ky: it was just decoration lah dude, no booze was server

ahlost: Merry Christmas to you too ahlost

nicholas: Merry Xmas ! :P

Kay: hahaha what a great Christmas present. Okay shall go watch it now. Merry Xmas

Ju Ann: yes I do of course! We took pictures! Merry Xmas!

immi said...

merry christmas tim!
we shall dance again in 2009. haha.

Roshni said...

Hi! I'm a silent reader but I REALLY enjoy reading your blog. Anyway, tis the season! Merry Christmas to you and everyone at Nuffnang! :D Oh and a Happy New Year!!

LazyBum said...

Merrry Chrissstmassss Tim!
Have a Merry and Spanky X'mas :)

Loved this post...

Tim said...

Boss it was a card game not a book ler

Eve said...

Hey boss, can i know where did u get the lava lamp pls?

(e+ho)ng said...

Psst... Boss, if you do not want the Jace vs. Chandra, do consider selling it to me with the condition that it's still sealed.

I've checked in Penang & KL and they've ran out of this deck. :'(

Don't worry, I promise I won't tell Robb. ;)

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

Meeooorry Christmas ^^ boss...

- m i c h e l l e - said...

What did Robb get then?

Christine said...

Merry Christmas Ewe Tiam!!! :)

my.firstSkizze said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all nuffnangers. wow...what a great party & company. i wish i work here..:P