Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I spent my New Year's Eve with some close friends at my apartment in KL with some drinks, card games and music. When midnight came we all stood outside the balcony to watch the fireworks display that happened right before our eyes. 

We were a bit disappointed at first because the first fireworks that started was blocked by a building from my apartment but another one started soon after and we were in a perfect position to watch it entirely. We all stood there silent for 5 minutes watching the fireworks display and I could tell what was on everyone's minds. 

They were all thinking "FUCK I'M OLD!!!"

Happy New Year my dear readers!

Thank you all so much for always keeping up with my little adventures on my blog. I shall try to keep up with my blogging habits despite the overworked schedule I know I will have in 2009.

New Year's Eve is a time for wishes and messages, not just like the e-Card Nuffnang sent out to all our business partners and bloggers

click here to view full size

but you know simple SMSs. 

It's probably the only time of the year where you get so many SMS wishes, you know some of them which start like
"Before the lines get jammed, before I get drunk ..... "

My favourite New Year's SMS this year came from a friend of mine, Mark Lankester.

It read
"For you who survives Bear Stearns, Lehman Bros, George Bush, Madoff, Tainted milk, Britney Spears, sky-high oil prices of '08. Best wishes of success happiness and lots of wealth."

We all truly have been through so much.


KY said...

Happy new year Tim!

Carynn Josue said...

New hopes and new promises in new year.. Have a joyous new year..

ShaolinTiger said...

Happy New Year Boss!

ahlost said...

Wish TimothyTiah a Happier, Healthier and Richer 2009.


Evelyncyl said...

Happy New Year! Love reading your adventures on this bloggiee... :)

Will CK Teoh said...

Happy new year boss =)

Was following ur blog for such a long time...

best wishes !

Genova said...

happy new year.

Ken Wooi said...

happy new year!
all the best with nuffnang! =)

Accyee said...

YOU ARE WELCOME eiseh :P happy new yr big boss!

Kay said...

Happy New Year Stewie!! =D hope your party lasted till 6am like mine did! =D

six said...

happy new yearrrr boss!!

HitoMi Ng said...

whoa...all the people say bosses LOL

but not Me la..

You look really Ang in the picture - More like Chinese New Year picture LOL