Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hello This is Lolo!

Not too long ago I learned that Princess just like many other people I know grew up with a teddy bear. You know the kind of teddy bear you sleep with every night and even when you go overseas to study one day you bring it along with you.

The bear she has is so old that it had turned from its original pink colour origin to... purple. Yes... I guess now we all know that once you put black and lots of black on pink, it turns purple.

The joke though is not how the teddy bear changed the colour of its skin over its years but it's the name Princess gave her. The teddy bear was named LOLO.

LOLO! Can you imagine that?? I thought it was a really stupid name! Haha!

So one day I decided to change my MSN nick to "Lolo" and for the sake of realism I put up a picture of Lolo as my profile pic. 

The responses I got... well... I learned that if you change your MSN nick to something stupid, some of your friends will worry for you.

~Y[S]~ joshuaongys says: (2:20:16 PM)okay something muz be wrong with u

Lolo says: (2:21:57 PM)what?

Lolo says: (2:21:58 PM)why?


Some will think you've lost your mind...

MaN|acZ *mssoc says: (11:15:07 AM)mr. Timothy Tiah is known as Lolo?

MaN|acZ *mssoc says: (11:15:07 AM)lol

MaN|acZ *mssoc says: (11:15:10 AM)u gotta be kidding me


Some won't get it...

Dean says: (9:18:03 AM)whatup biatch?

Lolo says: (9:19:25 AM)hello this is lolo

Dean says: (9:19:48 AM)what the hell is a lolo?


Some will play along...

jammie says: (4:27:17 PM)o hai pink bear that turned purple hahhha

And some really just won't give a shit what you call yourself and just act like nothing happened...

Lolo says: (10:50:53 AM)gin where u

GiN says: (10:51:06 AM)hey lolo..

GiN says: (10:51:09 AM)i'm in kl...

GiN says: (10:51:21 AM)wats up lolo..

Lolo says: (10:51:34 AM)ahahah


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

actually lolo is a kind of food! lol...And I actually thought it was Audrey's bro that pretended to be lolo when I read her post earlier...surprise surprise!

fourfeetnine said...

WTF LOLO IS A HE get your facts right

MaN|acZ said...

haha. my reply is featured as well.

but, seriously Lolo sounds so gay la.(for a guy that is)

§pinzer said...

Gay ftw!

Anonymous said...

OMG i used to have the same bear!!

Boss Stewie said...

solitary: yeah.. you and a whole lot of other people thought so :)

fourfeetnine: really? so LOLO is a PINK bear, that wears a skirt but is a dude. Man he must've been teased a lot growing up.

maniacz: hahahaha yes yes it does.

spinzer: hahaa

sara: is it purple now too?

joshuaongys said...

gahh hahahahaha my girl dont have a bear but she have a pillow hahhahaa

Kay said...


shah said...

stewie, do u know what lo-lo means in bahasa? really?

heheh =)

Accyee said...

haha when i first saw this at aud's blog i instantly guessed it was you!