Friday, January 23, 2009

Nicholas's New Toy & Nuffnang Ang Pows

Just about a week ago the Nuffies were having our usual lunch together at a cafe near the office on Heritage Row. We were talking about the usual stuff... celebrity blogger gossip, movies, relationships and sex. 

Then at one point some of the guys started talking about phones. Nicholas who had been with Nuffnang since some of our earlier days had a phone that was close to a hundred years old that he thought needed replacing.

That reminded me of something... of how since months ago we've been meaning to get Nicholas a Blackberry since he's often out of the office for meetings and it'll help him send and receive his e-mails while he's out. Besides some of my friends have it and they all think it's great.

So when we all got back to the office after lunch I pulled him to a corner and told him we were going to get him a Blackberry Bold, the latest Blackberry in the market here so far. That would be Nuffnang's gift to him... not a company phone but his. That means we buy him the phone as a present and even if he leaves.... he keeps it (you're not going to leave are you dude?)

The next day we all went over to Pavilion for lunch and accompanied Nicholas to a Maxis outlet to get him a Blackberry. 

Needless to say, he was excited like a teenager about to get his first blowjob.

While the rest of the Nuffies pretended to be sad that they weren't getting one themselves yet. 

The Blackberry Bold turned out to be a pretty cool phone. 

Now Nicholas not only checks his e-mail in real-time but is online on MSN constantly 24 hours a day wherever he goes. Most of the time however, the truth behind your boss giving you a Blackberry is so that he can e-mail you anytime he likes and you can no longer use the excuse: "I haven't checked my mail yet".

HAHAHA! Nicholas... fooled you are!!! FOOLED I TELL YOU!!!

Nevertheless... Nicholas was still happy.
and Pinky still pretending to be sad. 

Silly girl... doesn't know the hell she just escaped.


Just this week Ming came up with an idea. He declared that Nuffnang should give all its staff Chinese New Year Ang Pow for luck. You know so our Nuffies will make more money throughout the year.

It's my first time giving out Ang Pow's since clearly I'm not married, and I had no idea how much to give. So I asked Tim 2 (One of the Nuffies) how much was the average Ang Pow he got every year. Then I took that number he gave me and multiplied it by 10 and that was the Ang Pow we gave out to the Nuffies in the customized Nuffnang Ang Pow packets.

It turned out to be quite a lot of money but I think the Nuffies all deserved it. They all worked very very hard many days, even through weekends sometimes selling ads, servicing clients and even planning events for Nuffnangers. 

May everyone have a Happy Chinese New Year up ahead!

To my readers who are heading back to their hometowns, take advantage of this week to spend time with family and catch up with old friends.

To my readers who are overseas for work or study.... fret not. I know how you feel, I spent 3 years in the UK without coming home for Chinese New Year. It doesn't feel the same.... but being around friends and a phone call back home just makes you feel better.


k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!

wEtwEtwAtEr said...
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wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Happy CNY Tiam & the rest of the nuffies!
Ex-Nuffies got no angpao? LOL!

Accyee said...

Thats so cooll!! can I work at Nuffnang too someday:)

Genova said...

happy chinese new year boss

§pinzer said...

poor nicholas, poor poor nicholas. That time he show off to me he still hasn't quite got it... though i suspect that he may actually be more cunning than you la boss.

he's now using it to his advantage, always on the phone doing dunno what hur hur hurrrrrrr! ;)

ShaolinTiger said...

Wei where is my ang pau!

six said...

BOOSSSSS!my ang pow mana?!?!

Unknown said...

i was just looking at blackberry storm.. and wander over to your blog and u are talking about blackberry as well.. haha..

anyway... Happy Chinese New Year!
i want to go home and eat all the delicious food that i don't have to cook myself!

Kristine said...

Ooo....I never thought about that Blackberry that way. Drat, work is giving me a Blackberry soon and I can't say I didn't receive the e-mail when I'm on the road.

Nice Ang Pow Packets! Happy New Year! I'm spending mine away from family in Australia :(

Unknown said...

I want the customized Nuffnang angpow to add to my collection! Can, Tim? (I'm not greedy lah, the packet enough :P )

Boss Stewie said...

kukujiao: Gong Xi Fa Cai !

wet: hahaha happy new year dude! haha don't have.. why you leave us !!! haha

accyee: hahahhaha perhaps one day we'll have the opportunity of hiring you

genova: happy new year!

spinzer: hahahaha no lar it's okay ... let him do what he wants

shaolin: haha dude... wait till i get married one day then i'll give you one ok

em: yeah i hear the blackberry storm is damn cool.. not out in Malaysia yet I think

kristine: awww... at least you're with family! happy new year Kristine!

clare: hahaha can.. how you want to collect it from me

Ysmm said...

Happy Chinese New year boss!!
If there is a best employer competition i will definitely give my vote to Nuffnang.

Nicole said...

faster get married already! :d

Terrence Cheang said...

Multiplied by 10 because there are 10 Nuffies? :P Well around that la. Was it 11? That was what I counted in the picture. :D

Gong Xi Fatt Chai !!!

Happy Chinese New Year.


KY said...

I want ang pow too!!!

immi said...

hey happy CNY to u tim! wishing u & nuffnang a prosperous year ahead.

electronicfly said...

They all want ang pau, I want blackberry! hahahahaha

Happy CNY, have fun back in Penang, and do pass on my season wishes to the other Nuffies too!

LazyBum said...

Non-Nuffy can get angpow ar?
Hehehe...Happy Chinese New Year!!

Chee Ching said...



vvens said...

Happy CNY. the ang pau packet is pretty :)

Boss Stewie said...

ysmm: aww thank you :)

nico: hahahaha okok in time to come

chu king: hahaha... yeah there are more in the other offices.. Penang and Singapore. This is just KL office

ky: hahaha dude.. you should be giving me before I give you since you'll prob get married before I do

immi: thanks Immi. Happy New Year to you too.

Electronicfly: hahaha smart girl you are!

lazy: hahahaha sorry dude.. only for Nuffies this time round :)

chingy: hahahaha!

vvens: hahahaha thanks vvens.. Happy New Year!

Hp said...

Hp here wish you a happy and prosperity Chinese New Year! =)

Nic said...

any link of nicholas?? i wanna ask him how's the blackberry..

Suet Li said...

WHY LAST TIME I GOT NO ANG PAO when u get married u better give me x 1000 of that amount ok

joshuaongys said...

HAHAHAHAHA more people are coming to to you for ang pows!!! Anyway, wish Nuffnang become bigger till Nuffnang can give all their bloggers ang pow!! Of cuz only the glitterati members xD

Happy CNY!

Michelle Chin said...



RealGunners said...

for all the peeps going back to their hometown from KL, i can only wish them luck.

yesterday when i was driving back to KL from Penang, the opposite side was queueing up all the way and to make things better for the poor fellas, i waved at them cheering them on XD

it felt like those scenes in the movies where everyone is evacuating the city, and then there's an idiot heading back in, and i was the idiot, hahahha

Simon Seow said...

Wow, nice bonus working in Nuffnang.