Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Check out what I cooked!

Times are bad so Princess and I decided this week to cook!

I dug out this old Pasta recipe book that Ming bought for me a long time ago and flipped through the pages with Princess to come up with something we could both agree on. Everything I wanted to eat, she didn't want and everything I didn't want to eat, she wanted.
How like that!

So in the end we both settled for the most standard thing that anyone could eat. Carbonara!

It's actually freaking easy to make, at least the one in the recipe book.

All you need to do is boil your spaghetti.

Then cut up some bacon and ham if you like.

And fry the ham with olive oil until it's "golden brown" or so the recipe book described it as.

Then while you're getting that done, crack 3 eggs and beat them with 3 table spoons of cream, something Princess very proudly did while looking as stylish as she could.

And then once the bacon is cooked enough, put in the pasta and the beated eggs and cream into the pan and you've got it all sorted out.

The end result... 

Not too bad eh.. only took us like 30 minutes. 

The joke though is that it ended up being more expensive to cook for two people than for us to eat out. I've learned that unless we're dividing the food up to 4 or more people, just eat out!

Oh oh and disclaimer... my food poisoning wasn't caused by this pasta ok?

I mean my cooking may not be good... in fact it may be bad.. but it's not poison.


Unknown said...

i have that green mug from ikea too! XD

electronicfly said...

me thinks there's not enough cream?

Oh, and that's a huge plate of pasta!
I think can split to four ppl's portion hor?

Andrew said...

woww!!! looks really yummy though!!! =D nice!! hehee

Anonymous said...

haha u know what, if u wanna cheat a bit, u can just use campbell's mushroom soup instead of cream + egg :p just fry the bacon first, then pour in the soup, add butter and voila!

DiEsE said...

eerrrrr..... i thot the spagetthi must be fully immersed in the pot??? Can pass the spagetthi test like that??

Carrie Tai said...

I tried cooking pasta before but it tasted not really well.

I couldn't even finish it... So poor!

Boss Stewie said...

ryan: hahaha yeah.. all of us Malaysians end up buying a lot of Ikea stuff :)

electronic: hahaha yeah i think can.. but two of us finished it all

andrew: hehehehe yeah it does huh :) it was actually pretty good

sara: THAT'S GENIUS!!! why dind;'t i think of that!

diese: hahaha yeah the spaghetti must get soft on one end first then only can masuk the whole pot right? hehehe

ched: aww.. well ours surprisingly tasted pretty good.. but then again now we're both down with food poisoning and i'm beginnign to wonder whether it's because of this pasta or not

laydeylike said...

just would like to ask, what cream is that you are referring too?

julian said...

"I've learned that unless we're dividing the food up to 4 or more people, just eat out!"
--> True, or you stick in the fridge/freezer and eat the rest another day :)

Simon Seow said...

True, true. Cooking for less than 4 person can be more expensive than eating out.