Friday, February 27, 2009

Nuffnang Turns Two

Was over at Princess's place today and saw Kitty Chan in this position feeling all very unloved.

Project 365: Day 13, 26th February 2009

Anyone wanna show Kitty Chan some love?


Nuffnang today turns two years old on the 27th of February 2009.

Gosh it seemed like the year just flew past. When I was thinking about how to write this entry, I took a look back at what I wrote when Nuffnang turned one and it seems like I covered almost everything in the first year.

Heck it was indeed a turbulent first year but we made it through.

In our second year, things were a lot more stable. Nuffnang had grown from a dotcom startup to a company that has good cashflow, good reserves and stable ad revenue streams. We did a few new things like move into a new office in KL.

And a new office in Singapore too.

We added more Nuffies to the team so our teams in every office got bigger.

And we expanded to the Philippines, opening an office there with the right partners,

and a wonderful team of Pinoy Nuffies.

Then a few months later to Australia, opening an office in Melbourne

with another set of wonderful partners.

By the end of our 2nd year, the number of bloggers in the regional Nuffnang Community had passed 80,000. Our clients have grown from the local advertisers that I've always been familiar with back home to well-known brands in Philippines and Australia that I was less exposed to for much of my life.

The question is... now that Nuffnang has done all this.... what's next?

Well.... there's more to come... :) 

Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

PS: I published this official announcement on our site about our Nuffnang 2nd Birthday a few hours ago.


six said...

gratzzzzz boss!hehe!more more!bring down adsense!!lol!

Unknown said...


MikeM said...

happy birthday Nuffnang! Tim, gr8 knowing u thru the Nuffnang as a blogger & a client. Cheers!

KY said...

Congrats Tim & Ming, it's been awesome with nuffnang in the past 2 years!

ahlost said...

Happy Birthday Nuffnang ;)

Boss Stewie said...

Thanks very much guys... and thanks so much for the support.

Terrence Cheang said...

Well done to Nuffnang and all the best in all the future undertakings :).

Well done Tim.

Terrence Cheang said...

Well done to Nuffnang and all the best in all the future undertakings :).

Well done Tim.

Mellissa said...

Congrats Tim + Ming! :D

Jason Lioh said...

To greater heights in the following years!

Kai Wah said...

Congratulations! Nuffnang rocks!

I just received my 1st cheque from Nuffnang. Thanks. You are no 1 in Malaysia and Singapore....some say Philippines and Australia too...(not Batam)!

floojo. said...

happy birthday nuffnang :D

TianChad田七摄影 said...

I would say Timothy you slimmed up alot! haha!

Better Timothy = Better Nuffnang!

Boss Stewie said...

Hahaha thank you guys!

etee said...

I share the same birthday as nuffnang! xD

Christine said...

Congrats to you and ming for such a good job.. Happy birthday nuffnang.. :)