Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Day To A Meaningful Day

Today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday.

This Friday is a fairly exciting day for me. For one, it's Nuffnang's 2nd Anniversary. That means Nuffnang will turn TWO years old. Gosh I can't believe it's been only such a short time that we've been around. Feels as if we've gone through so much. I'll make another entry about that tomorrow.

The other thing that I'm excited about this Friday is a surprise that I have planned for Princess. When the year started, I told Princess that it was going to be a year full of surprises for her. And since then she has been if anything showered by constant surprises here and there, each one different from the other.

This Friday I have something planned for her and I've told her that but all she knows is:

1) I'm going to pick her up after work to take her for that surprise.
2) She should wear something nice on that day.
3) It is something I am very sure nobody she knows in her lifetime so far has ever experienced.
4) It's something she would never guess and something that she wouldn't think was possible.
5) It's something that you probably would only see out of movies or out of a chicklit.

One more day to the surprise. I'm so excited to see her reaction.

I'll probably blog about it over the weekend (if I get the chance to) so stay tuned ok ? :) 

Oh and my picture of the day.

Pouring beer for myself at the GAB Tavern today. Will blog more about that in time to come :)

Project 365: Day 12, 25th February 2009


Volvoxx said...

Ooo...! Can't wait to find out wats in store for Princess :D Sounds exciting! Nice 365 pic ;P

And congrats on 2nd anniversary :D

ms.bulat said...

congrats!: D
and you just have to make us kan jiong bout the surprise thing. hahaha

Pam Song said...

Ooo. This should be good. Haha. I'm waiting to see the amount of smelly socks guys throw at you for ruining the market AGAIN. HAHAHA. Ferged them, Tim. Woo yer ladyyyy!!! =)

Nicole said...

agree with pamsong.. *nods nods* LOL

Boss Stewie said...

vol: hahaha thanks dude :) and exciting day ahead :)

ms bulat: sorry sorry.. haha ok maybe i should have just kept it quiet until I actually blog about it

pamsong and nicole: hahahahaah ahh.....okok i don't mean to spoil the market. this will be the last thing i do for a while ok?

ahlost said...

Can't wait to see what surprise you got for her !!

and yes Tim.. You really spoil the market lor though you haven't told us what you'll be doing !!

KY said...

why never show the failed pouring result! :P

Ubi said...

oh no, pam's right..... hope it doesnt turn out well ( joking joking =P ) Have fun boss =)

Boss Stewie said...

ahlost: hehehe okok.. I'll blog about it soon

ky: wait wait... in time to come that wan

ubi: ish! heeh thanks dude

celina said...


the suprise sounds very interesting!!

have a blast tomorrow =)

MaE : ) said...

yay! 2nd anniversary!!!

Our Journey said...

i have a feeling that i has nothing to do with staying on ground ;)