Monday, February 09, 2009

One Week Before Valentine's Day

It's one week before Valentine's Day, a day that I used to resent. "Damn those happy couples!" 

So I logged on to Facebook yesterday to see what my friends were doing.

Here's the funny thing.

Around July - October last year, every time I logged on to Facebook I saw a lot of my friends "ending their relationships". It was almost as if it was the time of the year where everyone was breaking up. Yesterday when I logged in, not only was NOBODY breaking up, but in fact everyone was getting attached one way or another.

I even saw this girl I used to know from secondary school who just got married. Her wedding pictures were all over Facebook!

I guess Valentine's Day is a time of love!

Everyone wants somebody to spend it with though the truth is I have had my fair share of single Valentine's Days and I always found something fun to do.

So I looked around to see what my proudly single friends are doing.

I guess they're all going for an Exclusive Singles Night Party that says 
"Fuck you Happy Couples! Fuck you very much!"

What am I doing for Valentine's Day....?

Well... that's a surprise :)


Michelle Chin said...

Cook pasta for your beloved and make sure she doesn't get sick after eating it.

That's for sure.


Ubi said...

surprise suprise also later one of them will blog abt it (i hope) =P

Breadpitt said...

gosh , think it would be a lonely valentine again... perhaps i would churn up the amount of ice cream like u buy before from haagen dazz.. to feel better....;-p

Kay said...

do something for Pinky =D

MaN|acZ said...

Ubi. betul tu. can't wait for their "surprise" Valentine's day.

Anonymous said...

Share Valentines Day Gifts on this fantastic day.

Simon Seow said...

Ah, so Melissa is going huh. Then I'll go too. LOL.

Mellissa said...

Simon: Haha I think due to some unexpected plans, I won't be going after all :P

KY said...

hello today my name shall be unexpected plans =D

ahlost said...

Can't wait to read the surprise Valentines :P

jennykoo said...

I think Ian will probably be working, so my Valentines' will probably be spent at home. Meh. :(

Boss Stewie said...

michelle: hahahaah !!! okokk fine fine..... in my defence.. she cooked it too hahaha

ubi: hahahah yeah yeah :) we shall

bread: aww dude... just go out with your single friends! i used to do that too

simon: lol

mellissa: double lol!

ky: what unexpected plans?

ahlost: hehehe okokok

jenny: awww!!!! at least you have a capable hardworking bf