Thursday, February 12, 2009

Princess' Surprise Birthday Party

Tuesday was Princess's 24th birthday. 

For the past 1-2 months I've been stealthily putting together a birthday surprise for her (with the help of Pinky, Mellissa and Wendy).  Planning a surprise for someone so far back was a lot harder than I thought, especially if you spend almost every other free non-working hour with the person you have the surprise planned for.

Anyway her birthday finally came after all the preparations and I must say everyone involved in planning the party and everyone who knew about it did a stellar job in keeping quiet. Some of us even 'forgot' that it was her birthday and didn't even wish her so to her it was a typical work day.

Of course I knew I had to appear as if we were doing SOMETHING for her birthday so I told her I would take her for a good dinner. Since she loved Japanese food, I picked her up late after work and took her to Kampachi in Equatorial Hotel. She looked a little bit exhausted but the minute she got on to the dinner table she ordered away.

 The greedy girl ended up ordering like 3 main courses for herself... finishing none of them including this big bowl of sashimi.

In her defence, she thought that the bowl looked a lot smaller than it actually was so she ended up ordering an order of Soba and fried rice, both she didn't end up finishing.

That's in addition to some of the other sushi she ordered.

I kept my dinner simple and just got some beef to eat with some rice 

and some sushi

Over dinner she was telling me all about her day. How she even forgot that it was her birthday and how she doesn't feel any special. Like it was a normal work day for her.

I just listened and nodded along. Then I told her that I felt a little bit bad for not planning anything for her for her birthday, a lie of course.

The funny thing was that as happy as she tried to look over dinner and as upbeat as she was, I felt like she was a little sad. That... well... she expected something more or was hoping for something more out of her birthday but just kept telling herself that birthdays are no big deal anyway.

So after dinner we headed back to my apartment for a bit. I convinced her to come by to watch DVDs or something. When we got out of the lift on my floor, I passed her my house keys and asked her to open the door. At that point my heart was beating so damn fast in anticipation of the surprise.

She whined
"Is this my new role now? Door opener?"

Then she walked into my dark apartment only to see in the shadows all the balloons Pinky and I had put up hours earlier. She thought it was a small surprise I had for her.. to decorate my apartment... so she said 
"Oh balloons!".

Then I turned on the lights and suddenly everyone jumped out of their hiding places and shouted

We all starting singing "Happy Birthday" with all 20 of us walking towards her with a custom-made Pink Hello Kitty cake Mellissa had helped me source for her weeks ago!

From the mediocre courtesy smile she had given me all night, she suddenly put on a HUGE smile on her face... all surprised to see all the friends I had invited there that night. 

A month ago I had sent invites to all her friends that I knew, all her friends that I didn't know, her parents and of course the Nuffies to attend this surprise birthday party for Princess. 

I was impressed at how everyone managed to keep it all a secret up till the end. 

Princess turned around to look at me for a while and she gave me a big smile. 

Then I let her off to go around like a social butterfly and hug all her friends there that night and serve them her Hello Kitty birthday cake. After we all had CAKE I pulled Princess to the side and said "That's not all... there's something else".

I gathered everyone around the TV in my living room and Pinky played a video that I had been working on for a long time (with invaluable and very very significant help from Wendy). 

You see, Princess has lots of friends... but many of her very close friends also happen to be overseas and weren't around to attend the surprise party.

So 1-2 months back I contacted one by one of her close friends, some whom I already knew but some whom I had never even met and asked them all to do a video each to contribute to a Birthday Video I was doing for her. Fortunately they had all heard of me and knew who I was so they didn't think I was some stalker creep asking them to make videos for my own sick pleasures.

Then I snuck to her house one day and with the help of her mum got together a collection of old photos they had of her growing up to put in the video. 

I passed everything to Wendy to put together and she spent like... I don't know, freaking 2,000 hours or something rendering the video together.

Thank you Wendy, I owe you dinner.

We turned off the lights and everyone sat down to watch the video together.
If you want to watch the video too. Here it is.

Part 1 

Part 2

Halfway through Princess started crying.... everyone thought she was crying because she was touched by the video but she later told me it's because she saw her best friend Angela in it and that made her miss Angela more.

So there you have it everyone. She wasn't crying for us.. she was crying for Angela *grumble*!!!

The night ended relatively early for us because we all had to work the next day. So after a quick present opening session everyone went their own ways.

At the end of the night when we were alone for a while Princess started crying again.

I asked her 
"What's wrong?"

And she said
"Nothing.... just really.. touched".

and gave me a hug.


Suet Li said...

awwwwwwwwww! ive been waiting for the pictures for so long!

Boss Stewie said...

hahaha suet

ling ling said...

soooo sweeeeet...cant wait for the V-day surprise entry.

Miss Nobody said...

awww this is soooo touching.
even i don't know any of you zzz
nice video clip!

kennysia said...

Just a hug?

Heh heh. Happy birthday to the princess.

Darn you Tim now all of us guys have to work extra hard to impress our girl!

jmeei said...

awww so sweet <3

and hahaha "...ooh balloons" (2 seconds later) "SURPRISE!"

Anonymous said...

sob. i almost cried reading this la.. i totally know how she feels about missing angela...

Boss Stewie said...

ling ling: uhh.. hahaha that might have to be postponed... hahaha due to some.. logistical problems

miss nobody: hahaha thank u :)

kennysia: hahahaha... it's okay dude.. with the power of your blog you can outdo me any time

jia mei: hahahaha lol yeah

on flaunt mode: why you cryy.. hahahaha... don't tell me u miss angela too

bryanlyt said...

awww damn nice...
i did the same thing as this before too, the video i mean... :D

KY said...

you just spoil the market thankyouverymuch mister tiah!!!!

Boss Stewie said...

bryan: awww...... spoil market also you !! hahaha

ky: hahahaha.. sorry mr teoh

Josh said...

so sweet

LazyBum said...

Tat's so sweeeeet n touchinggggg!!
Most important thing is the effort. Such a nice bday surprise you did :)

fourfeetnine said...

HELLO EVERYONE ! I'M THAT ANGELA ! (just using aud's account cuz i don't hav account wtf)


Boss Stewie said...

josh: hahaha thanks dude

lazy: hahaha yeah.. quite a bit of effort but i got quite a lot of good help too. lucky me

angela: HAHA fahney lar u.. get a blogger account

anne_jo520 said...

This is again so sweet...
I have left so many comments around saying that it's so sweet already.
Getting diabetes soon I think... =)

Beverly said...
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Beverly said...

That is so sweet! I wish my guy would do that to me too.

Boss Stewie said...

anne: hahahaha thank you Anne... it's coming to Vday, lots of sweet things will happen this week :)

Boss Stewie said...

beverly: hahaha i'm sure he will.. one day one day... we all need to take our time :)

six said...

woohoo!great stuff!

fiona said...

it's truly touching. great effort there.
btw hi it's fiona here the girl who came up to nuffnang's office some months back to collect our cheque for the CS competition back then held in midvalley, if u remember! hehe
audrey you're truly a lucky girl

Anonymous said...


happy belated birthday audrey!: D

I'm gonna make my boyfriend read this post.
wtf: P

Donny Ang said...

Wow.. Impressive la. Good job la timothy

revel in me said...

Eh damn touching la.. I find myself tearing too.. T____T

pj said...

awwwww so so sweeeeet!

Charlie said...

aww, that is very thoughtful birthday to plan for over a month

JenKin Yat said...

hmph boss..u didnt invite me! >.<

JenKin Yat said...

but anyway..happy belated birthday to audrey =)

wtf why am i wishing her in your blog wtf..

Jeffro said...

Awwhhh... If I'm any girl anywhere (not that I'm looking forward to be one) I'd be melting there too.. =D

Anonymous said...

oh happy birthday to the Princess as i wish i could be in the video...nuff nuff...

Fumoffu said...

That's really sweet! Happy Birthday to Audrey! :)

naeus! said...

how sweet! i think the part about aud might be hoping for something more on her birthday during dinner holds true for quite some of us. how interesting that you noticed that hahah good job! you can tell she's really happy :D

Melanie said...

very touching that i actually weeped! great job ..and guys out there should do smtg like tis too. :P

Mellissa said...

Hahahaha, yay, I'm glad it all worked out! :D :D

Clare said...

Boyfriend asked me to read this and said don't expect him to do this for me. Hahahahhahahaha!!! :P

Boss Stewie said...

yik yang: hahaha thanks dude :)

fiona: hi Fiona.. yes I remember you.. the ones who kicked our asses in CS in front of everyone to see... :)

debra: shit.. i'm going to get in trouble now

donny: haha thanks dude

revel: hahahaa no lar.. why u tear... nothing to cry about

pj: hahaha thank u :)

blue: hahaha yeah took some time but it was worth it

jenkin: hahaa sorry dude... was only inviting some of her close friends and the nuffies... okok next one i invite u okie

jeffro: hahahaha lol dude.. funny lar u...

cwee: hahahaa :)

fumoffu: thanks :)

naeus: yeah she is really happy. that makes it all worth it i guess

melanie: hahahaha don't say that to all the guys out there mel. already so many people telling me that i 'spoil market' already. i should cut down

mellissa: thanks so much for your help Mel

clare: hahaha! well maybe he might one day

marcusan said...

Hahahaha boss, dam chun lar!! THe video idea was great! All made possible by friends and family. :-)

Andrew said...

haha... best la boss tim!! that was truely a fantastic surprise celebration!! hehehe... happy belated birthday though to audrey!!

Boss Stewie said...

marcus: hahaha thanks dude.. yes.. all made possible by so many people who helped and yet kept it a secret

andrew: hahahaha thanks dude... :)

Accyee said...

this is the sweetest thing in the world....:) especially the trouble to compile the clips into a video..:)

bullshit said...

barry: "24 years old edi... er why haven't grow yet?"


Boss Stewie said...

accyee: hahaha thanks ... :) but i had plenty of help though :) from great friends

bullshit: hahaha yah

Kok Yee said...

What are the song clips you used inside the video ? It would be glad if you could contribute it to me as I loved it so much and wanting to download it :)

carol said...

tim i cried when i watched the vid T___T

Star☆ said...

this is so thoughtful and sweet of yuu. :)

Phil said...

nice one tim! very sweet of you indeed. =D but if my girlfriend reads this im DEAD. haha

tZeWa said...

damm envy! really sweet of you to do so..i am sending this to my boyfriend and hoped he learns something out of it..*lol*

ahlost said...

How come I didn't see this entry geh?

Great surprise you've got for her ;)

Mei-Wah said...

That was definitely the sweetest and nicest thing you did for a gf! :) Awwww~

taneddie said...

that's the way to go man...

Charles said...

Very adorable GF u have...take care yo

leeern said...

already an old post but I'm VERY VERY VERY touched T____T

two besties made a video for my birthday (i hate bday because it's awkward to expect smtg special) and i cried like there's no tomorrow.

owwhhh.. i love aud and angie for almost forever :( you two make a great couple ^__^