Monday, February 23, 2009

Things to do with a Princess on Sundays

1) Open your eyes at 9.30AM only to remember that it's Sunday morning and you should go back to sleep.

2) Wake up again at 10.30AM and nudge her to see if Princess is still asleep. She's still asleep. Stick your finger out of the comforter and agree that it is too warm and comfortable inside and too cold outside to make an effort to get out of bed. Go back to sleep.

3) Wake up once again at 11.30AM and notice her wide awake. Lie sideways with your head still on the pillow and look into her eyes while telling her how happy it makes you to wake up next to her in the morning.

4) Finally finish all the mushy mushy talk and get out of bed to wash up. Pretend to act surprised when you see the time is already 1.30PM. Blame it on Princess!

5) Go out for a late lunch. McDonalds drive-through. Nuggets for the Princess, Double Cheeseburger for yourself.

6) Watch "Doubt", Meryl Streep's latest movie starring alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman. Agree that never in our lives will we ever be able to act as well as they do.

7) Head out to Pavilion and stand in the humid car park waiting for Princess to find an ear ring she dropped at the side of her seat. Consider helping her look for it but whip out your camera phone to take a picture of her looking for it instead.

Project 365: Day 9, 22nd February 2009

8) Go grocery shopping and stock up enough toilet paper to wipe the asses of 30 elephants.

9) Keep groceries in the car then go shopping for books.

10) Notice really funny quotes on the book store's walls and let Princess take pictures of them.

11) Watch and laugh as she almost gets caught by the book store staff for taking pictures and attempts to act innocent when actually making herself look even more guilty.

12) Rush out of the book store and knock down a sign while at it. Struggle for 2 minutes to put it back in its original position.

13) Go for a sushi dinner because Princess likes Japanese food. 

14) Show Princess the books you bought and watch her yawn at the boring stuff you read.

15) Show her the magazines you bought and watch her make fun of you again.

16) Smile at Princess while she happily decides to try something new from the menu.

17) Watch her grumpy face when the food comes and she regrets being adventurous.

18) Get into the car and start the drive to send her home for the night.

19) Teach her how to move her car seat higher to make herself look taller to outside motorists. Then watch her let out a cunning smile while she becomes ambitious and plans to put her car seat so high she looks much taller than me.

20) Watch her fail in doing so when she realizes the seat belt was holding her back.

21) Chat, giggle and laugh the whole trip back home.

22) Reach her home and take one last picture of her before she leaves the car.

23) Drive home alone. It's the end of a day out with Princess and the beginning of missing her again until you next see her.


fourfeetnine said...

baby i look like an imbecile when i'm being ambitious! i guess the Man Above knew about it and made me NOT ambitious wtf. *blaspheming

Boss Stewie said...


six said...

wow..sorry boss..i don't mean to be the 'lightbulb' here...but i can spidey sense is telling me..there's jealousy everywhere!

watch out!incoming!DUCK!!!

Boss Stewie said...

jealousy? for what though?

Anonymous said...

look at the comments above and goes: Awww so sweet!

17) Watch her grumpy face when the food comes and she regrets being adventurous.

17.5) Princess was happy again because boss stewie was forced to finish the food. lol. no? hahaha

six said...

lol!...jealous cuz like miss hazel said...SO SWEET!lol!hehe..happy for both of u!

Anonymous said...

lol jealous of u for having such a wonderful princess lol

Boss Stewie said...

hahaa i'm sure everyone will have their own "princess" either now already or at some point of their lives. I just happen to have my little blessing right now at this point of my life.

six said...

ahahaha...ya...i'll pray harder..oops??

Unknown said...

Dude.... No sex? At least get something in return. You already spent so much money.

Aaron Lee said...

Hello there,
What book did u bought in the end?
Anyway if u notice one of the picture there is a girl posing in your picture and no its not your girl, its one of the workers lol

Anonymous said...

did anyone noticed in the 16th pic, the guys at the end was posing too???
haha and you guys rock sunday's ass off ~~~

Boss Stewie said...

yik yang: hahaha yes.. it will come to u

mik: hahaha uhh.... i'm not sure if i'm allowed to talk about that hahaha :)

Aaron: i bought this book called "Silicon Dragon". About how China is coming up as the new Silicon Valley

binn: hahaha yeah i just noticed it when you mentioned. Heheheh

TianChad田七摄影 said...

It is a girl posing ;p

[Boss Stewie]
You have a big big eye princess :)

ally said...

...why is aud wearing a t shirt! *gasp

i am in as much shock as i was the day she wore jeans wtf

ms.bulat said...

if you are gonna compile stories of you and her into a book. i think i will buy it laughs* i'm serious

Boss Stewie said...

永遇乐: Hahaha yeah i do :) *hug*

ally: hahahhaha i think she looks good in jeans!

ms.bulat: hahaha really? are they really that worth reading? :)

jlshyang said...

if you noticed from yr photo, one of the staff at the jap restaurant/sushi zan mai conveniently made a 'peace' sign. LOL

fourfeetnine said...

ally: i was wearing a tshirt cos i thought i was going to be hanging out at home but my family betrayed me and went out, leaving me and tim to chase after them to pyramid (still in tshirt) and upon arriving in pyramid we found out they left boohoo

Boss Stewie said...

jlshyang: hahaa yeah I noticed.... but only right after you guys pointed that out

fourfeetnine: baby... that's what u wear everywhere u go these days right? You've already got the bf so you don't have to bother looking good anymore. I know what you're thinking :)

jmeei said...

hahah at least aud used uppercase letters for the phrase Man Above ok

and i think aud looks damn cute in a tshirt! *audrey ooi fan club

celina said...

really sweet couple!!
love is such a great feeling!!
cheers to both of u =)

Boss Stewie said...

jia mei: Hehehe yeah I told her she looks good in everything! :)

celina: Thank you Celina, love is a great feeling... it is indeed :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, you guys are surely one of the cutest couple on earth. Stay loving n strong forever :-)

Boss Stewie said...

janice: hhaa thank you janice :)

Josh said...

You two look so cute and adorable together!

ms.bulat said...

Boss stewie : Yes. They are worth every bit. I always enjoy your "princess & me" posts :D Please believe me *shows the most truthful look*

Charlie Chan said...

Hey Tim! What do you think of Doubt? It's really nice, I saw it last night!