Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spicy Chicken Wings (Level 1-30)

I just got back from Singapore tonight. Was there over the weekend for some meetings and some work discussions.

Project 365: Day 75, 1st May 2009

Princess on the other hand came down with me to do some shopping and hair extensions (something that is apparently very IN right now eventhough I fail to understand why).

On Friday night Ming took Princess, Pierre and I to this open-air restaurant near the Singapore Flyer's Club, where we saw some private jets owned by some of the super rich in Singapore. The restaurant we ate in though wasn't posh or anything. It was one of those casual restaurants filled with young people with most of its tables outdoors.

The specialty of the place was supposed to be their spicy chicken wings, something they take real pride in. Let me tell you how.

On the menu you see at least a couple of pages dedicated to different "levels" of chicken wings. Each level is supposed to measure the hotness (spicyness) of the chicken wing. The higher the level the hotter it is. Level 1 is the least spicy and Level 30 is... if you don't love your taste buds very much. If you eat above Level 20 of hotness they will actually PRINT out your name and stick it on the wall... I shit you not.

See the wall in this picture?

This is the perfect kind of place for Ming because he LOVES spicy food. Every time he comes down to KL he will go for the Chili Pan Mee and he will max out the chili till the entire bowl of Pan Mee is burning red. He'll eat so much that he often spends the next day in the toilet "burning his ass" from all the chill he had but he always says it's all worth it.

I have never seen anyone eat more spicy than Ming but Ming had heard a lot about the hotness of the chicken wings here so he decided to be not so ambitious. He ordered a plate of Level 2 (for me... since I don't like too spicy) and for the people who like spicy he ordered a plate of Level 10. Still he was gung-ho about it..... all prepared to handle Level 10 and pretty confident too. 

Pierre was just as confident. 

Shortly after the chicken wings came. This is how my Level 2 looked.

Now I thought that Level 2 was already pretty spicy... well maybe not at first but the more you eat the more it builds up. At the end of just a couple of wings my tongue was burning so hot that even the fried mushrooms I had later on felt like they were spicy.

I couldn't taste anything else apart from spicy. It's like my tongue was numb.

But yet... what I had was nothing compared to the Level 10.


Notice how much more of whatever hot sauce they put in was on it. It almost looked drenched. 

Ming went ahead and started on his first wing. He took his first bite and went
"Hmmm actually it's not so....... *pauses*.... HOLY SHIT!!!"

And he downed a glass of root beer.

Just around the same time Pierre was having his first piece too and he went

"Aiyo not so bad what.... "

Then suddenly... Pierre jerked and shouted

And he too gulped his drink down as if he was trying to put out a fire in his throat.

Within seconds Ming called the waiter to order more drinks. 


And within 60 seconds... this is how many cans of soft drinks were brought for just Ming, Pierre and Jiresh.

With this kind of response it makes you wonder why they don't just give the chicken wings for free and charge more for the drinks instead.

The chili was so hot that Jiresh told us that his fingers were burning. That reminded him of something that happened to a friend of his some time ago. 

He told us the story about how he was once camping with some friends when one of his friends who was just chopping some chili wanted to go pee in the bush. Without washing his hands he unzipped his pants and started to do his business.

About 30 seconds later he jumped out of the bush screaming in pain from the burning sensation on his crotch. I think he did everything short of putting ice cubes on it to ease the pain.  

When we left the restaurant that night, Ming and Pierre vowed to try Level 15 the next time they came back. But just before we left Ming curiously popped a question to one of the staff at the restaurant
"Eh... how big is the difference between Level 15 and Level 30 ah? If can do Level 15 then can do Level 30 ar?"

The restaurant staff replied
"DON'T TRY AH DON'T TRY AH!!! Amitabha Amitabha..." almost like he started praying for Ming.

I guess Level 30 must be really really bad.

I really wonder how these guys did it.


six said...

wow boss... i should bring my mom there! she always complains that her food is not spicy enough!

Anonymous said...

Haaha! Those lvl30 guy are crazee!

Anonymous said...

or maybe they spoilt their taste bud! ;p

Ray said...

you should ask how much root beer lvl 30 people drink...50 maybe?

berlina said...

what's the name of the resto?

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Nice post :)
Simple yet interesting~!

yIwIn said...

i tried the level 2 wings there and i almost died! sore throat awaited me the next morning. Haha.

Suet Li said...

amitabha WTF hahhahahha

yapthomas said...

Oi.. you don't so chicken also lah.. Go try the level 30! :p

BooNMiNG said...

hahaha... amitabha amitabha ... hahaha...

i will go and try the lvl 30 !! :)

fourfeetnine said...

people, you don't understand how excruciating level 10 is already and you all still so brave wanna try level 30 ar!

JD said...

Can anyone go to this restaurant? Or you have to be like a member or something before allow to the restaurant?

Unknown said...

Hahaha... Never heard of such concept in any restaurant before. Well, i guess its one of the ways to attract the attention of the customers. Those who wanted their name permanently placed on the wall would dare enough to try the extreme. The first thought that came across their mind, its only chicken, how bad can it be?
Once their taste buds is stinging, you have no choice but to get more drinks! See how good the tactics they employ? Actually if your taste buds are scorching hot, you shouldn't relieve them by drinking carbonated drinks. It exacerbate it even a notch higher. Try to take something sweets, to counter the taste buds. That works better, scientifically speaking of course.
Nice post by the way.

J said...

The shop is located at the Seletar air base, I can even eat pass level 2.

ahlost said...

I feel like trying.. kekeke..

Boss Stewie said...

yik: hah! i am very sure she won't have the same complaint.

shaowei: yes maybe it was so hot until their taste buds also numb di

ray: hahaha yeah but i heard you should drink milk when your mouth is burning

berlina: i can't remember =( I know I'm such a useless food blogger

tian: :) hahaha thank u

suet: Yes princess found that funny too

yapthomas: wahlau.. why not you try first!

boonbox: i would really love to see you try it.. really

fourfeetnine: haha yah baby!

jd: it's open to public :)

dr: hahahaha ok.. thanks for the advice. i will go back then next with some mentos

j: yeah i can't eat pass level 2 too :(

ahlost: hahaha try it.. it's worth it

Jwxwei said...

Maybe those people injected botox into their tongues! :X

Huai Bin said...

I take this as a PERSONAL challenge!
I shall eat the Level 30 and get my name on the board.
Cheers for the recommendation! :)

Ken Wooi said...

LOL @ your friend's expression! =P

Yasushi said...

Boss, those people whose tongue could be tasting impaired, hence they cannot taste at all. Again, I maybe wrong.

Tey Cindy said...

ala... Malaysia dont have lehhh~

Terrence Cheang said...

Too spicy not enjoy la ! Don't even know how the chicken tastes like.

z said...

Tim, did you try the famous $2 Nasi Lemak. It's sooooooo good =]

Unknown said...

Hello! Maybe you should try eating level 30 spicy chicken wing when you're having a flu or maybe blockage in your nose. After all, the sense of smell works together with the sense of taste.xD

nadnut said...

LOL! I've been meaning to try the wings there for ages! I can't believe Ming tried level 10! Think i'll just go for level 3 :P

shah said...

gosh.....level 30? i dont think i can pass level 5