Monday, May 18, 2009


I went for a hair cut on Saturday. I used to figure that it was time to go for a hair cut when my hair started covering my ears. Now though I go for a hair cut when I feel like it's getting too long to style.

I went to my usual place to get my hair cut in Sunway Pyramid and Princess insisted she tag along. 
She was supposed to have lunch with her parents first and then come find me after lunch when I would've almost been done by then. But being Princess, she woke up so late her parents decided to go for lunch without her.

So Princess decided to come with me while I got my hair cut and tarpau'ed sushi for herself.

I'm pretty anti-social when my hair gets cut. I mean the hair stylists are often really nice and they try to strike up conversations with me but I'm always very distracted with my book. I mean if there's one thing I like about getting my hair cut (apart from the head massage when I get my hair washed), it's just having some private time to read my book.

Princess took this picture of me reading while I was getting my hair dyed. By the seriousness of my face, I guess it's obvious I wasn't reading "P.S. I love you" or "Over the rainbow".

I looked as if I was about to pick a fight with the book, throw it to the ground and pounce on it.

Anyway here's the funny thing. In the midst of my haircut I saw a whole family crowd around a seat behind me. On the seat getting his hair cut was a boy probably aged around 13-15. There was a little bit of arguing. The parents of the kid were upset and I overheard the father saying
"Is this what you call professional?"

pointing towards the boy's hair cut.

Being a little busy body I tried to eavesdrop but my Spidey-senses failed me. I couldn't tell what the whole fight was about. I turned to ask Princess but she was too distracted camwhoring.

Fortunately for me, I wasn't the only one interested to know what the fuss was all about, my hair stylist wanted to know too. So I overheard her talking to another staff. Apparently what happened was the boy asked the stylist to give him an "undercut" and when the parents saw it they got really angry.

It wasn't the stylist' fault but heck you can kinda understand why the parents would be angry anyway. It brought back memories for me. I remember back in high school all my friends were going for the "undercut". Something I never caught on but all my friends were crazy about. I didn't know that was still the trend in schools these days.

After a while the dad cooled down a little but the mum was still furious. Here's what the mum decided to do: The mum ordered that the boy's head be shaved.

So the boy went home botak. 

I've said it before and I'm going to say it again: Hell hath no fury like a woman's wrath (scorn).


elle said...

Am i really jakun for not knowing what's an undercut? :o How does it look like?

Ray said...

undercut is the hairstyle like a bowl is put on your head and cut off all visible hair.(try to think of Spock in the Star Trek.)
to Tim's look while he's reading book, I think it's because Tim have to squint his eyes to look at the text since he isn't wearing glasses.
Really looked like you were going to tear the books to pieces...
poor boy by the way, at least his head is cool right now (HAHAHAHA!)
Did the parents pay them $$ to shave it off?

sarah said...

I don't know how undercut looks like..If it really looks like Spock from Star Trek, then why the hell does the boy want a hairstyle like that? lol..Looks like mushroom hair to me T__T

Ray said...

haha! that boy is Spock fan!

- m i c h e l l e - said...

I googled Undercut and wth! So ugly can! Botak is nicer than undercut anytime. Lol.

Cindy Khor said...

so weird, undercut, and the poor hair stylish "kena" after obeying orders from the boy.

Unknown said...

wow, wondering how much the parents paid for the botak cut at A Cut Above?

Josephine See said...

Hahaha this is your most garang photo I ever see in your blog!
totally unlike the norm cheerful smiley Timothy Tiah face...

陈一豪 said...


radical85 said...

i seriously dunno what the heck is undercut, after googling it, i was like WTF!!! when was it popular?

kevinpnp said...

C'mon... undercut isn't that bad after all... :D

ahlost said...

*LOL* at that funny pic of you reading the book :D

Boss Stewie said...

elle: hahaha ray just explained it pretty well

ray: hahaha what a way to explain it

miss: hahaha don't mess with mummy

sara: well i guess there is more than one way of doing it. my friends in school last time used to just keep their middle parting hair style but shave all the hair under their sides

michelle: hahahaha... i'm sure the boy would love to hear that now

cindy: yah.. poor thing right haha

daniella: hahaha... maybe rm90 or something? that's what a typical hair cut costs i think

joc: hahaha :) yes yes... i don't know what it was that i was reading at the time to produce that face

yee hou: yes yes... with the puns

jeremi: ermm in secondary school it was quite popular among my friends

kevin: hahahaa.. do you have one dude?

ahlost: hahaha

Adino said...

Undercut is a young man's version of the comb over la.

They shave the side of your head really short, but leave your fringe and the hair on top of your head long, so the long hair covers the shaved part at the side.

Think Jimmy Lin or Aaron Kwok.

KY said...

hahahah botak is awesome too tho! when are you doing it for charity? :X

Boss Stewie said...

adino: hahaha yes aaron kwok! i remember that!!! haha

ky: hahaha my hair is already so short now... not much more to shave

Ji@ EiK said...

omg~poor boy...
but botak is "cooler" than undercut can?wahahahhha!!!!

if i was d hair stylist,i wil tel d parents tat "stil we r profesional,coz we obey wat our client told us..n its d hair style tat my client wants to"


choco said...

ooOoo. My uni is having a Shave me, save me campaign going on. hahaha. shave your head for charity.

They also got A Cut Above(most likely students from their academy or something) to come and cut hairs for RM10 only. No way I'm paying that much to be a guinea pig for those students. I'd rather just give the RM10 to the charity fund for free. hahaha.

~~haha~~ said...

Wat lau!Go to A Cut Above for undercut.

jess~ said...

i didn't know what "undercut" was and when i googled it i was expecting to look at something obscene(undercut sounds so wrong ok wtf)... BUT at least now i know what it is! XD