Thursday, May 21, 2009

Web Wednesday!

Today is Robb's birthday. Happy Birthday Robb!

Yesterday I decided to bring my camera out with me everywhere I went that day to document my day.

Here's what I did.

1) Went to the office but hopped out for a while to have a quick breakfast with Cheng Leong who is this famous anonymous blogger out there.

During the night he blogs but during the day... he's a high flying lawyer!

Very busy lawyer. Always on his Blackberry. 

The funny thing though is that while you might think he's always checking e-mails and doing work stuff, the truth is most of the time he's just on his Blackberry chatting with someone else on MSN or Gtalk. Right dude?

2) After breakfast I headed back to the office to start my work day. 

This is the view from where I'm sitting.
That's Carol, sitting right in front of me. She was working in the office till 1.30AM the previous night and was back again in the office by 9AM that morning.

I worry for her.

I bet she goes home and her mum complains to her 
"Why your company work you so hard wan? Do they pay you enough or not?"

I met her mum that night though at a Nuffnang Screening. She introduced me to her mum and I greeted her with a
"Hi Aunty, I'm Tim. Sorry we've been overworking your daughter."

And she was nice about it. She said "It's okay... when young must work more to learn more".

3) Soon it was lunch time. Seriously trying to decide where to go for lunch with the Nuffies is just so difficult!

We normally just bicker about a place to go until someone in the Nuffie team says
"WOI FASTER DECIDE!!! F-CKING hungry lar!"

Then we all rush out of the office

That day we had lunch at this restaurant near our office.

I was trying to take a random picture of Vernice. Some people look good and some people look bad in candid pictures but somehow Vernice looked damn lansi in this picture don't you think?

With her chin up and all. She defended herself saying that she was looking at something on the ceiling.

Sure Vernice... sure...

I got Vernice to take a better picture with Jestina and Carol.

And I got Penton then to take a picture of all of us at the lunch.

4) After work that day, I went for this thing called Web Wednesday at Souled Out, organized by the Malaysian Digital Association. It's this after-work gathering with all sorts of people from the online media industry in Malaysia gathering around to have some beers.

You know whenever you see any ads online, whether it's on Facebook or the news portals or even blogs, chances are it would have passed through the hands of some of the people in that event.

To name a few people there.

From left: Me, Tze Khay and fehmes blogger Desmondkiu

From left: Me, Mehlin, Michelle and Shelly

From left: Daniel and Danny.

From left: Me, Jordan, (uhmm shit can't remember his name), Ham and Desmondkiu

Had an embarrassing moment with the guy in the pic whose name I don't remember. I had met him some time back and I recalled that he was from some agency. Couldn't remember which agency though.

So when he greeted me I said 
"You're from Arachnid right?"

He said "No... I'm from Arc" (a completely different agency).

Everyone around the table laughed. Desmondkiu and Ham poked fun.
"Well you got the "A" right... and the "R" as well.... "

5) I left Web Wednesday early to rush to KLCC for our Nuffnang Monsters Vs Aliens screening. 

Picked Princess up on the way too to have dinner at the food court in KLCC.

She had her favourite Yoshinoya.

6) I had Fish & Chips 

but right after that I felt like having a McDs Apple Pie so I went over to queue up for one. The girl at the counter told me that I had to wait 3 minutes so I said okay and both Princess and I just stood aside to wait.

To our very big surprise, they poured us both a cup of Coke each just to give us a drink while waiting.

I was SO pleasantly surprised. I mean it wasn't the drink. I wasn't feeling thirsty or anything but it was the very nice gesture that made my day. 

And all I was buying was an Apple Pie! Kudos to the people at McDs for that!

7) Then we went for our movie.

This is us posing as the little cartoon characters in Monsters Vs Aliens.

Princess and I were fighting to do the pose of Bob the blob. 

And nobody wanted to pose as Dr Cockroach.

So in the end we decided to take turns.

This is me posing as Bob the blob and Princess posing as Dr Cockroach.

And this is Princess posing as Bob the blob and me as Dr Cockroach.

Everybody was looking on wondering why the two of us were fighting just to pose.

After the movie we went home and headed straight to bed.

Such a tiring day.


Donna said...

errr.. i am the first ar?
your princess very KIUT! ^^

Boss Stewie said...

hahaha I know... she is adorable indeed :)

Amanda said...

Hi Boss Stewie,
Do you by any chance knows where is Princess`s dress from? I love the zebra prints!!!

Yoong Family said...

first pic is at yut kee right?

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Hahaha! Aud looks so cute as both Bob and Dr cockroach! But dun worry Boss Stewie, u're just as cute! :P

-tAkEmOtO- said...

The last pic looks more suitable, you look more like Dr. Cockroach and she looks like the blob (with the colour of the dress as well, and erm height :p)

Don't kill me!! T.T

R said...

thanks boss!!

especially for the lottery ticket as my bday present! :)

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Didn't saw you both one. Princess fit the BOB and Tim fit more on Dr Cockroach ;p

Boss Stewie said...

amanda: uhhmmm I don't know actually..... I'll ask her to leave a comment here to answer you. If I had to guess, I think she bought it in Manila but I could be completely wrong

simon: haha yes it is

michelle: but I wanna be BOB! :(

takemoto: *sniff*

robb: hahahaha that wasn't meant to be a bday present dude

tian chad: hehehe yeah i was there.... hidden in the crowd

fourfeetnine said...

yes baby you are completely wrong. i got my dress in singapore!

tian chad & takemoto: ya i thought i fit the blob more cos of the color! but i guess height suits too =(

and er if anyone's wondering, i tried to close one eye cos the blob has only one eye wtf

JD said...

what a fun-filling day. way better than me in the office being lead by a headless chicken boss...

etee said...

you know. you got robb's url wrong.
*shakes head*

Boss Stewie said...

fourfeetnine: HAHAHAHA i didn't know that about you closing ur eye!

jd: why you call your boss that? hahaha

emily: whoops... thanks for letting me know. i corrected it already :)

yapthomas said...

your last picture look so -_- hahahaha

Melanie said...

you look thinner!!! :P

Boss Stewie said...

yapthomas: look so what ar!!!

melanie: hahaha yes.. dengue perhaps

Cindy Khor said...

that's really quite a lot to do in just one day... and both you and aud look very sweet together...

actually, its the policy that when customers are waiting mor than 1 minute for their food, the server have to pour a cup of drink for them to show that they apologize for the wait. same goes to kfc too...

Amanda said...

Thanks Princes!! If you don`t mind me asking, where exactly did you get it from? Thanks a bunch!!! You look soo gorgeous!

J.Y.Aguilera said...

The one guy in stripes sweater, in the picture "from left: Daniel and Danny", looks like T-Bag (Prison Break)!

Carol said...

Yay!I'm getting 'timothytiah effect' again!so happy!I like Bob too!haha princess look very cute when doing the bob pose!

KY said...

this post is so long and covers so many different things i don't know what to comment, but I gotta say that vernice memang lansi! :P

Kitten-chan! said...

abhahaha! Lunch at Nuffnang sounds so amusing. You guys typing away on thelaptop while trying to decide where to eat. And Princess as the Blob looks cuter then the boss. :p But Tim looks too boyish to be Dr. Cockroach too! Ish dilemma. xD

xes said...

Yes. 90% of my time on Blackberry is to reply msgs :P

Vivien said...

lemme guess, the first anonymous blogger is zewt? ;)

andricxqr said...

your office at ipoh orh? hmm.. lols.

dheep said...

interesting people you meet everyday~ no wonder you forget their names because everyone is a standout~ haha

jmeei said...

yut kee! my favourite coffee shop in the whole wide world wtf


Ken Wooi said...

haha tim, you sure have an interesting life!
stable career, well known and a wonderful partner!
keep it up man!
all be best in nuffnang! =D

Huai Bin said...

Beer for lunch????? Tim, got openings in Nuffnang or not? :p said...

His name is Ken Chin from Arc Worldwide, my previous immediate boss. :P