Monday, August 24, 2009

A Mister Potato Love Story

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a reader of mine named Intan.

I read your blog all the time and this is gonna be so weird and I'm so sorry if this takes up your time.. but I just gotta try it.
My bf loves a particular flavor of Mr. Potato which is so difficult to find in Malaysia. It's mayo&ketchup flavor. Anyway, he managed to find one can from an old store in Penang and he decided to share with me (eventhough it's so rare) and brought it to our date. Unfortunately, he put it in my bag and the lid was opened and the content went everywhere inside my bag and no longer edible of course. I feel so guilty and wanted to find him a replacement but it's so difficult to find.
I checked mamee's website and turns out it's export merchandise. I really can't find it anywhere (and i've been searching for months).. and I noticed in your latest blog entry you mentioned your friend Pierre whose family owns Mamee right?
I would love to get a few cans for my bf. There didn't seem to be any appropriate channel for me to ask in the website, and umm, if it's not much trouble, could you help me? or at least forward my mail to your friend? It's simple but I know it would mean so much to him. 
Thank you soooo much even for just reading :)

Right after I got this e-mail, I sent it off to Pierre and asked if he could help. And... he helped. So one day after a nice Bak Kut Teh lunch, I went over to the Mamee office in Subang to collect the mayo & ketchup flavour Mister Potato for Intan.

This is me and Kenny, one of Pierre's essential colleagues.

To my surprise Pierre decided to throw in something a little extra for me too. 
Knowing that I love both Corntoz and Mamee he got a forklift to lift out a box each! 

I don't know if it's just me but I felt a rush of excitement watching a forklift bring me two large boxes of Mamee snacks. 
After Kenny helped pack everything into my car. Pierre showed me around his office.

This is where you would work if you owned Mamee. 

I went home that day with a lot of Mamee and Corntoz... which I brought to the office to share with everyone. But I also went home with these little Mamee folders that Pierre gave me. 

Thanks for all the Mamee and Corntoz, Pierre. 

And on behalf of Intan... thank you. She collected it from my office while I was sick so I didn't manage to take a picture with her. But she blogged about how she surprised her bf here.


electronicfly said...


Boss Stewie said...

hehehe sweet huh Intan

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

Omg....things you'd do for a reader...Shows how much you are as a person...*thumbs up*

btw...thats a lot of mameeeee!

Pam Song said...

Yeah, it was really really sweet of her to think of doing this for her bf. But equally as nice of you to go through the trouble for her. Good job, Tim! =)

electronicfly said...

agree with pamsong, so my updated comment is:

@boss stewie:awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~~~~

Pam Song said...

Hahaha. Good one, electronicfly!

Melanie said...

I like the file!! Hahahaa

Donna said...

I don't know if it's just me but I felt a rush of excitement watching a forklift bring me two large boxes of Mamee snacks

not just you~
I was like "WAHHHHHHHHHH~~ use forklift to carry snaks" when I saw that pic. LOL..

and Awwwwww~~ for ur willingness to do that for your reader!!!

aLaMFaNa said...

intan - very sweetttttt..:)

tim - ur willingness r damn nice...:)

Pierre - really generous...:)

Adventurer said...

wow!!! so nice of you Boss !!!! :)

Pierre - cool man!

Vy said...

It was nice of you to do that Boss...I guess good deeds does have good karma...Probably that's why you got those mamees! Intan was so sweet to her bf and Peirre was so generous too...

Monday Blues gone liao reading such a nice and warm entry...

vvens said...

this is so sweeeeet :)

Anonymous said...

woh..he really loves her boyfriend...having the guts to contact you for some cans of mister potato...i really am suprise...

how generous of you to help her...i think that she will be very happy with your help...

hope you will recuperate soon...

anhanafiah said...

Homaigodddd so sweeeet!!!

Huai Bin said...

Hearwarming indeed! Very nice of Mamee (and you) to get it done. :)

kent chan. said...

wah lao.. so "bok" !! nice one =D!

messi said...

d mayo n ketchup flavor really that NICE?? why not ask Pierre 2 try the market here??

Would like to try it. LOL!

SilverIsle said...

I luuuuurve Mayo & Ketchup flavour as well! I remember easily buying them off stores many years ago (have no idea why it's printed NEW on the packaging though) and when I couldn't find them anymore, I was really upset as well. =( Bring them back please.

ch3ryl said...


lucky guy.

jeanchristie said...

omg mameeeeeeeee!!!!!!

i is hearts mamee .. curry and plain <3<3<3

RealGunners said...

(boss, i just lost the RM10000 that my gf give me, and i really wanna give it back to her, can you help me find?) ngek ngek ngek..

nice of you anyways~ thumbs up~

The Chubbychef said...

this is awesome! I hope we can do something like this for our bloggers here in NN Philippines.

IntanCHLY said...

Hey everyone! This is Intan :p And yeah, it totally made me blush reading all the comments (Okay I lied.. it totally made me proud and I bragged to my friends and bf till they're annoyed)

Thanks for all the kind words. I seriously felt silly when I emailed Tim but thank goodness he was nice and totally helped me out. And Pierre as well.

Aaaaa. Happy! Thanks again Tim!

Boss Stewie said...

solitary: hehehe well i love my readers :)

pamsong: thank you pam :) I had fun doing !

melanie: yeah i like it too. I'm already using it! haha

dolly: Yeah!!!! I felt that rush too! When I saw the fork lift coming towards me... so much excitement!

fana: hahaha thank u

adventurer: thank u :)

vy: thank u for the very nice comment vy :)

vvens: heh thank u :)

cheong hao: yes i think she's really happy :) and hey... why do u need guts to contact me for anything. it's not like i bite

ah girl: hehe thank u

huai bin: thanks dude :)

kentzai: heh thank u

messi: ok i'll bring that suggestion up to him wheN I see him next

silver: okay sure sure.. will suggest that to Pierre and see what he says :)

cheryl: hehe... :)


real: hahaha funny one dude!

thechubby: hehe i'm sure we can!

celina said...

hehe wa!!

i didn't even know that flavor of Mr. Potato existed.. haha. *must be good*

thank you for sharing the story, nice one!!