Monday, August 10, 2009

Top Hat

Yesterday Princess and I met Suet, Jia Meei, Li Tat and Barry for lunch. I'm not sure how they suddenly decided that they wanted to go for an expensive lunch on a Saturday afternoon but they initially booked Kampachi's lunch buffet. 

The buffet though was supposed to end at 2.30PM and Princess wasn't able to make it in time because she finished work only at around 1.30PM (Yes.... she was working on a Saturday too.) So in the end, we ended up looking for somewhere else nice to go for lunch and to spend the afternoon chilling out. 

Out of nowhere I suggested this place near Jalan Kia Peng called Top Hat. 

Top Hat is a restaurant that know of only because an aunty of mine loves to bring my mum there. It's apparently won some "Best Restaurant" awards from the Malaysian Tatler and it's famous for these little things they call "Top Hat", like the one Jia Meei here is holding.

Everything else on the menu though was so pricey it really made me wonder how the other people at the restaurant could afford to eat lunch there. I later realized that everyone in the restaurant were like "tai tai's" having late lunch and tea. We were by far the youngest table there in the restaurant and the ones that really looked like we didn't belong there without our parents. Princess tried her best to put on her 'tai tai look' but to no avail.

Princess and I quickly ordered the cheapest thing on the menu. We had the chicken & mushroom pie which cost like RM30... but was absolutely lovely!

Then for dessert we had a slice of Tiramisu that cost RM16 and like 3,000 calories.
We ended up staying there from like 2PM all the way to 5.30PM chatting so I guess we all made it really worth while. The best part about the restaurant is... you know how when you tend to 'overstay' yourself in some restaurants, the restaurant purposely turns off the air-con or stops refilling your glass of water/tea as a hint to tell you to f*ck off? 

Well the people at Top Hat just kept topping up our water and left the air-con on even though we were the last ones left in the restaurant for a long time. That's something I learned to appreciate... and with that I gotta say that it made my RM30 chicken & mushroom pie a little bit more worth it.

That of course... and the camwhoring we did while we were there.

This is a picture of Princess and I from the outside of Top Hat. Taking a reflection of ourselves on the glass doors.

Princess and me!

Princess and the girls

And me and the guys doing the "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" pose.

The guy on the left in the white shirt is Barry. He's Princess' brother who also happens to be Suet's bf. You know when I first met Princess' brother when he came back from the USA a few months ago, we both tried really hard to get to know each other. 

We would be watching TV in her living room and sometimes I would try to make conversation like ....
"So Barry... you went to London right? Where did you go?"

And he would oblige... but the conversation will somehow find a dead end in like 30 seconds after it started. Then on other times he would do the same to make conversation with me too and it would shortly die. After a few attempts, Princess was convinced that we had nothing in common... UNTIL....... haha... after hanging out a bit more we learned of a few things we had in common.

Like the fact that he used to play Magic The Gathering just like I did. Or like today I learned his name as the same Chinese Character "you" () that my Chinese name has (hahaha I know that's a stretch but hey beyond that there is more too). We learn more each day... more and more....

We still have some kinks every now and then though. Today I was at their house showing them a DVD I had bought "17 Again". Barry saw it and shouted out in disgust "HAH!!! WHO BOUGHT THIS?!?!?!"

He must've thought it was some lousy show or something so I nudged Princess 
"Quick quick!!! Take one for me baby... say that you bought it".

Princess quickly raised up her hand "I BOUGHT WAN!!!". We later came clean and I told him I bought it... because I like Matthew Perry.

He decided to not make a big deal about it but I think he was probably shaking his head deep inside thinking "My sister's boyfriend wants to watch 17 Again.... tsk tsk... says a lot about his character".

And when I turned my back he probably went
"I'm watching you Timothy Tiah!!!! You better not hurt me SISTER!!!!"


Joshualaw said...

Huh? RM30 Chicken & mushroom pie is the cheapest food there? OMG! Student like me never have the chance to dine in there...Lols~

Jessying said...

Top Hat is really a nice place for lunch and sitting around to chat because its quiet there, the last time I was there I had their curry noodle which is around RM38 if I remember!!!!!! its good but pricey .. And their desert also good as well....

yum yum . i wan go there again!

17 again ? U want to be 17 again oh ? should tell her brother I'm trying to act young young to match your lil sis(thou i dont mean u look old...keke)

Magdalene said...

Hahahaha! You and Barry are like Mike and Ross in Friends. In season 10, Ross invited Mike over to hang out coz Phoebe and Rachel were gonna go out, and he thought he'd get to know Mike a little better. It was so funny. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

You could have no idea what I'm talking about.

Susan Lee said...

Three lovely couples spending a lazy Saturday afternoon together... Simply awesome! Well, indulging yourself every now and then is not a crime. Just enjoy the experience while you're there. And for them to keep refilling your drinks and not switching off their air-condition say a lot about their customer service and how much they value their customers. Way to go Top Hat! divine ;)Lovely, lovely, lovely...

dreckker said...

hey, my chinese name has got a "you" also, but it's a different character, this -> 友 instead...

Boss Stewie said...

joshua: haha even for working people like us it was a lot of money

jess: RM38 for a curry noodle. gosh.. i couldn't have a steak at San Francisco Steakhouse for that !!!

magg: hahaha yeah i remember that episode. being a friends fan... and yeah we were something like Ross and Mike.

susan: yes it turned out to be a really great afternoon :)

dreckker: hahaa ok then we 'sort of' have something in common too

R said...

another mtg player? lol

Suet Li said...

eh auntie changed his name edi so it's no longer the you, don't perasantan ok wtf

and thanks a lot for putting a fucking fat picture of me now i will forever live in shame and never see daylight again T___________T

i'm damn happy when u guys talked about magic cause i don't have to listen to him talk about it anymore wtf

carol said...

hahaha i knew suet would comment on that photo!

Cindy Khor said...

woah, rm30 for a pie, that's really quite expensive, but maybe that's what fine dining is probably. i think being able to get along with your partner's family is quite important, and i understand what you mean when you say that the converstation went dead after 30 seconds. i always have this trouble too...

Ken Wooi said...

haha.. that's brother's love for his sister.. =)

Jiyan said...

tim, is it just me or u're always wearing that red baby milo tshirt?? hahahaa. i know that feeling, it's like how i can't seem to even start a conversation with my bro's GF. so damn..nothing in common wtf.

She's Jess said...

Hey, is the tiramisu worth the price you paid?