Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Day I Destroyed My David Tao Recording

Last Saturday I was at the T-Music Festival (sponsored by Tiger) at Bukit Jalil. Man... it sure was one hell of a concert. It started at 7PM and had back to back performances all the way till nearly 2.00AM. Tiger gave me a pair of VVIP tickets where I could stand like 2 meters away from the stage, where I stood for like 5 hours!
The experience though was... mesmerizing. There were like 20 acts from the most famous artists in the region. I mean you had everyone from Yung Joey, Justin, Powerstation, Soler, Lee Sheng Jie to ... DAVID TAO.

There were some Malaysian singers there that night too. I was impressed by this particular guy. I think his name was Eric Lim.

I was convinced by the end of the concert that I will probably never ever in my life again be able to see so many superstars in one night. Unless we have another one next year (please have another one next year Tiger!). I'm pretty sure that a lot of other people there that night are wishing for that too... all 12,000 of them.

Yes I heard there were like 12,000 people there!

For most of the night, Princess and I found a very comfortable spot just like 1-2 meters away from the stage. I was quite happy with our spot. There were people in front of us but I could see the stage really clearly from where I was standing.

Princess though was really fidgety. She didn't seem very entertained and insisted that we tried to push further to the front when we were already so close to the front.
It was then that I later realized why.

From where we were standing, this was what I could see at my eye level.

Princess on the other hand is a little smaller in size. So this was what she could see. Basically the backs of a couple of guys in front of us and that's it.

She could hear the music and the crowds cheer but she had no clue what was happening on stage.

This is where we both saw a kind deed that made us both proud to be Malaysians. The two guys in front of us saw that Princess was jumping up and down trying to get a view of the stage so they offered to let her take their place in front. Princess at first hesitated because she didn't want to separate from me but the two guys even told me to go ahead with her.

So we both went in front and took their place.... and Princess could see the concert that was meant to be seen.

After like almost 5 hours of performances, we all got to see the act that almost everyone was waiting for. David Tao.

The second he stepped on the stage the crowd went totally crazy. So did I! I whipped out my camera and started taking lots of pictures.... so that I could later on put these pictures on my blog and share the joy with you guys.

I took so many pictures until I realized that I should also take a video too. So I switched on my video mode on my camera and started recording away. Just in time to hear him start singing "Ai Hen Jian Dan", one of his biggest hits.

The whole crowd went insane! We all sang along with him throughout "I LOOOOVVVEEEE YOUUUU....". I kept recording almost the full song but I accidentally stopped the recording towards the end only to start it again in time to catch the last 30 seconds.

Soon after singing "Ai Hen Jian Dan", he bid us all goodbye and left us all in tears.

Yung Joey then came on to stage to sing her part. She had a great sense of humour and she really was quite the entertainer.

We all left the T-Music Festival that night with a big smile on our faces.

It had been a great night and a night that I would remember forever. Not only that... I was going home with a recording of David Tao singing my favourite song.

I quickly uploaded and played the videos when I got home.

This was my Yung Joey video.

Not too bad.

Then came my David Tao recording of "Ai Hen Jian Dan". That was then... I nearly felt like banging my head against the wall.

While recording his performance I hadn't realized that I was also singing along in joy with everyone else in the crowd who were all singing along too. Since the camera was right in front of me, it recorded my voice more than everyone else INCLUDING DAVID TAO HIMSELF.

So I ended up with a recording of David Tao's performance but with my voice over.It wasn't enough that I was singing like a drunk, at some parts where I forgot the words I simply mumbled something.

I ended up with a recording of David Tao's LIVE performance, DUBBED over by Timothy Tiah's voice. ARGHH!!!!!!!

I was so angry with myself I was rolling around in bed that night. UHUK UHUK!!!. Princess for some reason found it funny and kept laughing at me.

So I'm not going to share the video I ruined with you guys. Why would you want to hear my drunk singing.

Instead I'll share a video of the last 30 seconds of his song. I also managed to ruin a little bit of this video but it wasn't as bad because by the end of the song I was already losing my breath.

There you have it everyone. The day I destroyed my David Tao recording.

Thank you anyway to Tiger for giving me the chance to see so many stars perform LIVE in one night. Please have another one next year.


Huai Bin said...

Oh, so that's David Tao who sang that song!

It goes "I love you, something something something baby, shuo ni ye ai wo (say you love me too)"

I only know coz it's my ex gf's song, which her ex-bf's recorded for her. She was listening to it through the 7 years of our relationship. Haha!

I know, complicated.

Lisa! said...

I dont know who David Tao is, but I know you are such a funny guy Tim!

I am sure you will have another opportunity like that sometime!

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Yehhh~ so good! can go for T-Musical concert~

And i think should carry Aud on your shoulder, neh~ just like father carrying their son.....

So she can have the 200% CLEAR view on the concert! :)

KY said...

Yung Joey was funny, but the best performance goes to Power Station! :D

Hui Zhen said...

Hello. i love that song of David Tao too. Jiu shi ai ni is nice too, really la! lol

Btw, u know Mandarin?

Jackie said...

haha david and joey are great =)..same goes to justin & khalil =D

Ken Wooi said...

hahah.. why la..
we want to hear you sing.. =D

Crystal Hew said...

lucky lucky lucky you. if only i have the chance to attend all this events! arrrgghh.....but then thanks for loading the videos least i can experience the short concert here...=(

~~haha~~ said...

Just upload it la, we won't laugh one...

~~haha~~ said...
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uLi.佑莉 said...

my fren was there too and he said got a minor fire there geng le... >.<

messi said...

haha..y u not "bei" her up?

definitely one of the best concerts of da year!!

i think most of us singing along ai hen jian dian. even my music recordings got many other voices. lol.

yea tiger, bring it on again!!!

Vy said...


The concert is soooo great! Didn't have chance to go *Envy* =(

Hey, you didn't mention about the 30 mins electric failure...

myke said...

Thanks for the vid, tim.
I was there too but I was too faraway to record. It's ok you didn't dub him 100% ^_^

DavidTao is good in layan-ing his fans!

Maaaaaay said...


MooNkitty said...

eeee....why no Justin's pics de??? =(

Fedex said...

Your obsession with David Tao is seriously borderline gay.

JD said...

I guess sometimes when we are too excited then we forgot the small small your case the recording. Maybe then we'll know how good is your singing hahaha!

Anonymous said...

At least u have a recording of David Tao. in a sing a long version sumore. :P
i wish someone would post videos of David or Joey talking/interacting with the crowd.

I had to leave early cos no transport. Didn't manage to see David Tao and Joey Yung. REALLY WANNA KNOCK MY HEAD ON THE WALL LEH!
luckily, i only bought the rm118 tix.
Otherwise, i wud be sleepless for many nites for missing my two fav singers. Still having a tinge of regret for missing their performance.

I personally do not like power station or any bands that has too much use of the electric guitar. Got a headache from their songs. Sorry. just a matter of personal preference. :)

Jiyan said...

wish i could be there. how was khalil fong? i love him so damn much. david is cool too, he's finally back!! and eric lim, yup i know..he actually did us malaysians proud in a singing competition in taiwan 2 years ago :)and aww poor aud..:(

goingkookies said...

OMG!! ur write up was funny..

poor u.. don't worry.. i m sure u'll have more chances to meet him and record his songs..

btw, what camera did u use? ur night shots were clear and non grainy!!

kAhYe3 said...

so bad... u didnt let me hav a chance to win the pair of tickets for my fren... hmmmm~ he sure very disappointed.......

Boss Stewie said...

huai bin: shit.. when ur gf's ex claims such a good song...that kinda sux

lisa: hahaha why funny?

elaine: hehehe if i did that... it would end up blocking everyone else

ky: spoken like a true Power Station fan

hui zhen; yeah i really like that song too. yep know some mandarin but merosot over the years already

jackie: yep yep :)

kenwooi: dowan... very embarrassing

crystal: awww... glad the video gave you a bit of a glimpse

haha: cannot! sure laugh wan u all!!!

uli: yeah got a minor fire but they sorted it out pretty well

messi: cuz i don't know how long i'll be able to carry her for . heh. and yes definitely one of the best concerts of the year

vy: cannot cannoT! shy shy!!!

myke: thanks for the words of encouragement :) u should've seen my other video. that was almost 100% dubbed

maay: hahaha!

moonkitty: oh yah forgot to take pics of him!!!

fedex: hahaha yes it is :)

jd: cannot show the recording!! cannot cannot!

anonymous: david tao was a charm to the crowd. i mean he really handled the crowd really well. spoke mostly English though

ji yan: yeah Eric Lim rocks!! don't feel bad for Aud cuz she got a better position later in the night. She was able to see everything

goign: i use a Canon IXUS :) i'm surprised too that i managed to get such great pictures

kah: i'm sorry ... i only had a few tickets to give away

TianChad田七摄影 said...

You definitely met 2 nice guy in the concert =D

Mimi said...

nice concert ... wish i could be there too

ChrystalG said...

Haha, hi Tim... You're not the only one who destroyed a DT recording.

I had my voice plastered all over, the minute he came out. (Gosh.) Yes, all four of the video recordings were contaminated with my 'over-enthusiasm' to the extent that I don't even want to put it up on the Net. LOL.

Still, thank you for the tickets. My best friend won it for me and her sister to join the concert. And it was really great to see DT, Khalil and the rest of the performers that night.

Cheers to one of the best ballads ever, 'Ai Hen Jian Dan'! Hehe :p