Monday, September 07, 2009

Melbourne Part 2: Road Trip

My phone alarm clock started ringing away. My eyes painted a picture of my surroundings and sent all that information back to my brain for it to decipher where I was. I wasn't in my bed back home. I was in my hotel room in Melbourne and the time was 7.30AM.

Next to me I heard a little snoring sound. The little baby dinosaur I call Princess during the hours that I'm awake was still asleep. Snoring away. I nudged her  "Baby wake up... time to get up".

She ignored me.

On normal Sundays I would have let her sleep for a while longer but not that day. That Sunday, we were all supposed to report in the hotel lobby at 8AM sharp to go for a road trip that Colonel Ming had planned for us in his "military-style" routine.
So I nudged the little baby dinosaur once more and gave her a warning this time "If we're late... Ming is going to be pissed...". I knew not only would he be pissed but he'll probably ask us to "Get down and gimme 20".

The baby dinosaur comprehended then woke up letting up a little "Roarr!!!!".

About 25 minutes later we were all downstairs waiting for David to come meet us and take us for the trip. We were going in two cars. David was driving one and we rented another car that Ming was going to drive.

We had some early morning chatter but Princess though was still very much asleep. This is how she really literally looked like the whole morning.

Kinda like sleep walking like that the whole morning. Normally when there's a camera pointed at her, Princess would get herself to the best angle and make a good pose for herself so she turned out well in the pictures.

That morning though as you can see she literally didn't give a flying fuck.

It was too early.

Soon, David got here and we sped off on our road trip to Phillip Island. Phillip Island is where people normally go to see penguins early in the morning or late at night but we were going during the day so we were heading there to see some kangaroos and koalas.

The whole drive took about two hours. Just before I fell asleep this was the scenery I was looking at from the car.
And when I woke up... this was what I was looking at.

From city to country.

The little baby dinosaur was sleeping the whole time in the car so she was pretty much awake by the time we reached.

We entered this Wildlife park where they gave us bags of animal feed for us to feed the animals there. The first sign of animal life we saw there were these little duckies.

Princess was quick to draw out her bag of feed to serve them breakfast. Then she saw her first wallaby.
She thought it was cute so she started feeding it through the fence.

I have trouble telling the difference between the kangaroo and the wallaby. They look similar but there are some differences. Like the kangaroo is supposed to be a lot bigger than the wallaby.

Right after we dragged Princess away before she used up all her feed in the first 5 minutes, we walked into this open field to see more kangaroos. We were met instead by emus which I can honestly tell you are probably one of the scariest birds out there.
They're big and tall and they're not afraid of humans. When we walked in they came right at us and looked us in the eye. It kinda looks like a velociraptor. You kinda keep thinking that it's going to peck you in the eye or something.

Not to mention it was a little annoying too. It knew that some of us had the bags of food in our pockets so it kept trying to dig into our pockets with its beak. And when we tried to feed a poor little wallaby it would come over and try to eat up all the food for itself.

We carried on our walk through the park and we saw more kangaroos and wallabies. Princess took the opportunity to feed more of them and have them eat out of her hand.

That was something I honestly didn't like doing. I just don't like the idea of having any animal lick off stuff from my hand. Just a little... geli. This is how I feed the animals.

That's right... no bending down with food in my hands. Just me pouring it out and say "Here... come get it... good boy ... good boy".

Suddenly we heard a little girl shout "NO NO NO!!! DADDY!!!!..... GIVE IT BACK!!! GIVE IT BACK!!!"

David's eldest daughter, Ariel was just as generous as Princess in giving out food. She saw this wallaby and she wanted to feed it but she accidentally let the entire bag slip and the wallaby was having it all for itself. 

Ariel asked the wallaby to give the bag back but it just went on to take a bite off the paper bag itself.

David and Ariel gave up on that last bag and we walked on. We saw a lot more animals and ended up seeing a cage with eagles in it. 

Kinda felt a bit sad. I mean the eagles in the cage could only fly and open its wings for no more than 3 seconds before it reached the other end of the cage. 

Eagles just look like they should be free... not in a cage. Either that or put them in a really big cage where they can fly around.

A little further down from the eagles cage we saw the cutest animal of all. The wombat!!!

It's so cute.
It's like this little giant hamster that moves really slowly. Kinda looks like a big furball. It was very popular among the girls. Just because everyone thought he was cute, they were all showering him with food.

He was having a breakfast buffet!

The next cutest animal to the wombat is of course the koala. The koala though has got to be the laziest animal in the world.

All it does is hang on a tree and sleep. We saw so many of them and not one of them was awake.

Pierre, Ming and I decided to take a picture with a couple of them in the background.

We reached the end of the park really quickly after the koala bear. We paid a quick visit to the souvenir store and I saw this really cute stuffed wombat that I was thinking of buying for Princess.

Then I thought of all the tens of stuffed toys she had at home and of how she really didn't need another one to take up its place as much as she tried to make me grow attached to it by placing it on my shoulder.

So she kissed the stuffed wombat goodbye... 

and all 12 of us left in the two cars and headed back to Melbourne.

We were going to catch a footie match in the afternoon. Will blog about that soon too. I shall leave you guys with a picture of the little baby dinosaur and me in the Kangaroo park.

Ahh what a start to a Sunday.


Donna said...

awwww.. at the little baby dinosour..
hahaha.. sounds like u sayang-ed her sooooooooooooooo much!

WilYeo said...

You have suddenly brought me 23 years back. I m now reminded of all the animals u mentioned. Miss my Victoria Bitter too :p

Nas said...


Ken Wooi said...

princess snores! lol..
and nice trip to the zoo.. haha.. =)

KY said...

kangaroos are evil, do not feed them!

Huai Bin said...

Phillip Island is an awesome place. The peguins looks a bit sad (not like the Emperor Penguins from Antartica) but their waddling is quite cute.

They have a no flash photography policy though (you can take photos, but only if you don't use flash - coz it scares the penguins) so I didn't even manage to get a single shot of the penguins.

Still a nice experience! :)

Your post made me nostalgic...

Anonymous said...

In the last pic of you and your gf, you both look like tourists from the mainland ...

pinkpaperplane said...

Sorry Tim I just gotta say this. The koala is a koala. Not a koala bear. ><

Boss Stewie said...

dolly: hehe yes i do :) i do i do

wilfred: hey i didn't know you studied in Melbourne

nas: aww thank u :) hehehe

kenwooi: hehehe yeah it was a fun trip. not exactly a zoo but more like a wildlife park

ky: hhehee why are they evil?

huai bin: hahaha 'waddling'.. i like the way you describe it. shall go see the penguins the next time i go

anonymous: hahaha u mean from mainland china?

pink: oh u're right.. hahaha sorry bout that. :)

Vy said...

The animals are sooo cute! And the took my breath away for like 5 seconds...


Anonymous said...

Omg Aud's hair is soooo little! Can see her scalp easily!

JD said...

Such lovely weather...wish I was there...

goingkookies said...

wahaha... super adorable the way you call her little baby dinosaur!!

such endearments.

remind me of my bf and his endearments for me too!!

Anonymous said...

how come your little dinosaur is older than you? can see from the pix yo


Boss Stewie said...

vy: yes they're adorable :) so adorable :)

anonymous: yes she has thin but really smooth hair :)

jd: hehehe it was nice.. very very nice

goingkookies: awww sounds like u have a great bf

nano: not sure what pix u're looking at but she's younger than me by a year. but even if she is older than by that much i wouldn't mind that either

Anonymous said...

my ex bf had the exact same wombat like the one you wanted to get. haha. looking at it makes me feel nostalgic. :)

you and little baby dinosaur looks really good together btw. :)

Yih Yann said...

I oso facing the same problem with koala bear in Pearth..they just refuse to wake up...