Friday, October 02, 2009

Almost a year

It's a week before Princess and me's first anniversary together!

Oh no... what do I do what do I do...

Done taking her for a short trip.

Done giving her a new phone she really needed when her old phone started to fail.

Done doing a video for her

Done having romantic dinners

Done cooking dinner with her (and later on getting food poisoning)

Done surprising her with flowers

Done giving her a big stuffed toys.

Done writing her love letters.

Done it all..

Maybe we'll just have a "romantic" steamboat dinner. Haven't done that yet.

Ok baby?


fourfeetnine said...

okay! steamboat is such an aphrodisiac!

Boss Stewie said...



ok we go yuen steamboat!

Lisa! said...

Awwww, why are you guys so cute?

Kimberly Low said...

u havent done the proposal yet. deng deng deng deng

RealGunners said...

to hell will you do steamboat hahaha!!

i think you'd do something extravagant, like, book the whole of hotel poolside for romantic dinner,


book the whole plane and bring her to some exotic place for holiday,




♥♥relyza♥♥ said...

so romantic!!! cute couple...

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Aisay.....Yuen steamboat on your 1st annievessary? Ok, Boss stewie...Do the following :

1) Fight with your whole energy tog et Princess all the chicken wings!

2) Tie her hands and finger, so only can feed her and boil the food for her

3) Carry her to toilet when she needs it

4) Book the whole Yuen's for the special moment for both of you! Fuyooh!! ROmantic! :)

5) Sing I LOVE YOU - By David Tao in front of all others....I will melted with that for sure!!

6) THink of yourself! =_="

Jun King (JK) said...

out of topic, how do bloggers get their photos taken while in action?
i know anyone can answer it's a friend, but i'm sure there are some instances it makes you wonder too.

Little Rascal said... cute! But I bet Boss Stewie is going to do something very romantic, out of the box, sweet and extravagant too!

Boss Stewie said...

lisa: are we? hehe nice to know we're a cute

kimberly: hahaha that wan not yet not yet!

real: hahaha ...ehh those things cost a lot of money. something i don't have a lot of :)

rely: hehehe thank u :) i think princess is cute but didn't think we're the cute couple

elaine: hahaha okok *gets notebook out to write down

jun: depends on the picture bro. sometimes we get passer-bys to do it.

little rascal: wah why so high expectations. how like that

Huai Bin said...

What about a romantic mamak session? ;)

Pinky Tham said...

try doing bubble bath together! with champange and roses! ahhh nice

jazmint said...

does themepark in the morning and beach in the everning surrounded by candles sound good to you?

TianChad田七摄影 said...

I thought Tim is going to propose oledi haha! Hmm...steamboat. A cute ring in the Big meatball ba..

Anonymous said...

perhaps, its time you propose to her :D

Dc said...

i thought the saying "i did a timothy tiah, or do a timothy tiah" still circulates wahahaha, meaning.

Jessica said...

Take her to Milan and Venice, the most romantic place on earth

Joshualaw said...

owh~ so sweet! Yuen steamboat not bad...=)

Ken Wooi said...

happy 1 year in advance! =D

Anonymous said...

wow, sooooo sweet...

yuj said...

Hi boss!

I'm also staying in subang jaya.. I would recommend another restaurant if you want to go to Yuen's. There's this place called Summer BBQ and Buffet Steamboat. It's located opposite of Yuen, also at the corner, except it is at the newer development area across the main road. Make sure to look up (literally) because it's on the 2nd floor, i think ground floor should be a shop for cash converter.

When I went there in June, price is less than RM20 per person inclusive of drinks, you can also have grill that is cooked by their own staff, ie you pick your food, they grill for you. They also have ready cooked food! So imo it's really great service :)

If you want something special try having your steamboat on their open air parlour on the 3rd floor where you can catch a night view of Sunway, but you have to take the stairs and the food is downstairs. But it's definitely more quiet up there. Your choice :)

Oh, and if you call in for booking I think they will give you discount. I got their number here from you online if you're interested, try 012-3034668 and they are open from 5.30pm to 1.00am.

Happy 1 year anniversary with Princess! You guys will surely have a great one! Both of you have all our blessings, right? :)

yuj said...

Whoops, i mean i got their number FOR you online :P

Firdauz takes five said...

happy first year anniversary in advance tim


messi said...

tim, i think u oredi know what 2 do la.

so... i just wish you good luck on ur surprise adventure! :)

Boss Stewie said...

huai bin: ahh! okok sounds like a plan! haha

pinky: oooh... i take it you've done that before pinky?

jazmint: ahh okok will take that into consideration. Thanks for the idea

tian chad: hahahahaha ring in meatball... hahaha funny... but no i'm not goign to propose yet.

jg: haha no lar not yet

dcyk: ahh.. my reputation is precedes me

jessica: now that will cost a whole lot of money!

joshua: yuen steamboat.. hahaha yes! sounds like a plan

kenwooi: thanks dude :)

daydreamer: heheeh thank u

yu jin: hey.. thanks for the great idea and the great recommendation. i'll find out what it's called and google for their pictures to see if that's a place princess would like :) she typically doesn't like steamboat though... although i myself LOVE streamboat to bits

firdauz: thanks firdy!

messi: no la where got! i think u all are gonna be disappointed

Ying Zi said...

Wow,you're so sweet to your gf!!! Dots,I've got the same Hello Kitty given by my ex,the only difference is the pattern of the skirt :s

Rachel said...

hey, bring Pricess for a great SPA treatment. Girl will loves that, DEFINATELY! Well, happy anniversary :)