Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Saturday in My Life :)

Ok before I start let me just say. You know how in the previous blog entry I posted some videos of Ray William Johnson up.

I ended up with getting like... 0 comments (well until the last minute I got one. One... out of 3,000 of you guys who read this blog a day) which is a whole new record. I don't think I had ever gotten 0 comments in a blog entry before. Sure sure I know what you guys were thinking. You were thinking "As*hole... simply do one entry, dowan comment!". But hey!!!! I liked his videos. Haha

Anyway on to today's entry.

You know sometimes when you're a blogger and when you think you run out of things to blog about, I find the best thing to do is just bring your camera with you from the start of the day till the end and make it a point to take a picture to document everything you did that day.

Then at the end of the day when you start looking at all the pictures you take, you'll realize that you have a story to tell.

Here's my story for Saturday :)

Princess and I woke up really freakin late. We missed breakfast. Not only did we miss breakfast, I think we missed lunch too. By the time we were out for lunch, it was past 2.15PM.

We went for lunch at this coffee shop in Imbi.

After lunch we headed to Gardens.

We were supposed to meet Ah Quah there for a drink at Alexis but we got there early so we did a little bit of shopping.

After buying our CDs, she went to this little stall to buy a hat for her Mister Potato advertorial coming up next. She's supposed to look like Mister Potato.

Or Mrs Potato. *ponders*... wait a minute... I'm watching you Mister Potato *waves fist in air*.

Then along the way she started shopping for some other stuff too.

Like this little hair band thing.

She was trying to decide on whether to go for the light pink one or the dark pink one. I told her that the dark pink might look better because her hair colour was kinda light so it provided more contrast.

She ended up buying the light pink one though. It's one of those things where sometimes the girlfriend asks your opinion but she doesn't really want it. She just really wants to make you feel included in the decision making process. It's eventually up to her anyway.

I managed to pull Princess away for shopping and we went to Speedy to buy a DVD of Michael Jackson's Live concert is Bucharest. Michael Jackson... is a legend! I admire how he has so much attention to details in his performances. Watch "This is It" and you'll understand what I mean.

I ended up buying another one of his CDs and one of Michael Buble's older albums.

I asked Princess to take a picture of me with my new CDs and she took this picture.

Cutting off the top part of my head.

So I made her take another one.

Much better!

Princess on the other hand ended buying some Ayumi Hamasaki CD collection.

Shortly after we bought our CDs, Ah Quah called to say that he was here. We met in Alexis where I had my favourite Pavlova.

I know a lot of people here know Alexis is famous for its Tiramisu but try the Pavlova, it's awesome.

Ah Quah was telling us about how when Lee Min Ho came down he was one of the people who acted as his bodyguards for his trip here. That means he would follow Lee Min Ho around and do crowd control.

If you don't know who Lee Min Ho is. He's one of the actors from the Korean version of Meteor Garden called "Boys over flowers" or something like that. I remember watching it once on TV and remembering how they made all the guys look so good looking its no wonder Malaysian girls don't find our local guys good looking anymore.


Apparently Lee Min Ho has this little stuffed toy that he brings around wherever he travels. His PA would carry it for him and he hugs it to sleep every night. I haven't seen it so I don't know how it looks like but if you see a lady carrying a stuffed toy next to him in an airport or something, that must be it.

With a full stomach and after having caught up on a lot of things, Ah Quah left. Princess and I went to do my favourite thing of the week.

Grocery shopping! Yay!

We went home after that to have dinner (made with the chicken we just bought). Then watched the DVD of Michael Jackson's concert that I had just bought.

After dinner it was time.

Time for us to go to Bukit Jalil for DiGi Music Live to catch the All-American Rejects. It was drizzling when we left our home and we were expecting it to rain but I decided that rain wasn't going to stop us.

We met up with David, Hui Wen and Judd (one of our Nuffies from the Philippines) there.

We also happened to meet one of our readers. She reads both our blogs :)

I think her name was Lynette.

Thank you for reading us Lynette.

Also met Vox, Benjicajess and some otherfriends there (Ah didn't manage to get a picture with you guys. Will do next time).

When we got there, AAR was just about to come out to perform. The crowd... was freaking WILD!

Halfway through the performance it even started drizzling but nobody gave a damn. Everybody just sang along and clapped with their yellow DiGi clappers... which I thought were really cute by the way.
I took a video of them performing my favourite song "I wake up every evening".

Apologize if it was a little jumpy. I took this video from my phone camera and at times I was jumping along with the crowd which explains the simulated earthquake.

I also kinda ruined another concert video again by singing along but I couldn't help it. Everyone was singing along too and that made me want to join in. Check out the video and look at the cute little yellow DiGi clappers. I was trying to get my hands on one but didn't know where to find it. Almost resorted to clobbering someone in the face and snatching it from him hehe.

At the end of the night, I thought it was really cool that DiGi planned this concert just for its DiGi Music subscribers. Thank you DiGi, for the wonderful concert.

So that everyone... was my Saturday. How was yours?


Lisa Cheah said...

Since you complain, I shall comment. Haha! I kid!

Well, Saturday was Halloween. Basically means, party party party.

Got dressed up,prepared some candy, discovered we had none except Ecological Sugar Free kind. (Well, trick or treat right!) So, it's funny every time a kid comes, and all I can think about is, HAHAHAHAHA!

Went to a friends house, wanted to watch Paranormal Activities but there was one too many girls in the room who vetoed to watch Kung Fu Panda! :D

That is it really. :D

P:S, The Pavlova is... *drool*

Jason Lioh said...

Ah Quah = Boss Lepton?

Boss Stewie said...

lisa: oohh i heard paranormal activity is really really scary. keeps u up at night. u might wanna think twice about watching that if u're scared of these things

jason: yep :) boss lepton

Candylette said...

Omg, I have that exact Ayumi Hamasaki set :D

Mellissa said...

I also prefer the pavlova over the tiramisu any day! :D

Huai Bin said...

Oh nice Saturday!! I heard Hui Wen was still in town on Sunday.

My Saturday? Erm...honestly, I can't remember. T_T

Sotblak said...

i passed by bukit jalil at about 9.30pm but i didn't know what happening there, i saw many cars parked outside and i saw stages, and i saw DIGI.. yea.. it looks like a concert, so now i know it was a concert.
I was heading to MOS for halloween clubbing!

So what you doing inside there while i passing by? hehe..

svaaC said...

and i saw u guys as well. LOL
was behind ya'll. lolll~

Kitten-chan! said...

Saturday = Studying. Such fun, no? Omg the Pavlova looks droolishusly good<3
LEE MIN HO. *heart attack and dies*

kent chan. said...

hahah.. hey tim! i know wheres the coffee shop u were at! XD!! they have the best pork noodle ever!! =D!

blurblurpiggy said...

Hey Tim
I didn't think the youtube video blogs was funny. It was rather, dull. There are others which are much better like nigahiga :). I love grocery shoppin!

Wen Xuan said...

tim, that song's name is Gives You Hell?

JD said...

Spent my Saturday helping out at a convocation at PICC and after that at the shop. So it's a boring Halloween Saturday for me, at least until Chelsea won 4-nil.

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

Ar.. Saturday don;t remember liao :D


if you are looking for the best Michael Buble disc.... i always think the 1 MB 'Caught in Act' is de best :D live always better ma~~~~

go try try buy if you dont have one~~~

nice day~

Elle said...

The coffee shop. Is it the one @ the corner? Next to some parking lot?

autumn said...

lol, i tot it was just me, hopelessly unable to relate to the american humour when you and princess found it so funny ==''' so did not say anything =P

oh, leeminho... but i like the leading lady better, goo hye sun, very beautiful and terribly multi-talented =='''

melmonica said...

I drove from Perak all the way to Penang for food hunt & art pieces hunt & Halloween celebration at Penang Hard Rock Cafe:D

Sue Me said...

I went for basketball match in MABA near Petaling Street. KL Dragons vs Thailand Tigers and KL won!! Woohoo..

My first time watching basketball and it was soooooooo exciting..and the best moment of the day is spending time with the boyfriend and friends in 3 2 Square Starbucks :)

Saturday rocks! Can't wait for the next one already :)

Boss Stewie said...

candice: heh then you would know what i've been listening to in the car with her for the past day

mellissa: yeah! pavlova! so nice

huai bin: yeah i was just with her. she's going back tomorrow i think

sotblak: i was probably jumping up and down with everyone else while u were passing by... heheeh

svaac: why didn't u come by and say hi?

kitten: aww... nvm once u're done with ur studying u can go out and have pavlova... and u can watch plenty of lee min ho on tv!

kent: yeah! i love it! princess doesn't like it that much though

blur: heh i don't know why ! princess and i both found it so funny! will check out nigahiga

wen xuan: yeah it is :)

jd: what shop did u spend ur day in?

zoe: okok i shall go buy it the next time i go to the store

elle: yep yep that's the one :)

autumn: awww.... i guess it's not for everyone. princess and i laughed like shit

mel: food hunt! that sounds like fun

Boss Stewie said...

sue me: aww sounds like a great saturday too. mine passed so quickly. can't wait for the next one to come :) have a great week ahead

Cheryl said...

i just had the worst nightmare ever ever ever, and its keeping me from falling asleep. glad tht theres a new post here to occupy my mind. =D

my saturday was scary. while me and my girls were heading home, a girl dressed up as ghost stood at the pavement and tried to flag us down. =/ i blame her for my nightmares.

elle said...

Hey i loooved your =3 recommendation, sorry for not thanking you in the earlier post, i read both these posts at one go. Thank you again ;)

Unknown said...

your precious post has too many youtube so, i kinda of lazy to click and how was my saturday night? it was Halloween night, i was scared, i didn't go out at all :) neh! i crap but you always have a great one! :)

Lil-CheNgI said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
svaaC said...

shy shy ma.. . .-___- dunno how to start. laaaawls~

~~haha~~ said...

Damn! i wanted to go to their concert, but i couldn't. but at least I got to meet and get their autographs on their new CD booklet when they were at Pavilion on saturday morning!

Yannie said...

I had the red King of Pop double discs CD as well. It is great, even my 3yo and 5yo enjoy it. Btw, how you find the MJ live concert DVD? Worth buying or not?

Boss Stewie said...

cheryl: hahaha it's halloween!!! that's why

elle: thank u :) hehe glad someone else apart from me and princess likes it

darren: nah i don't always have a good one... just happened to have a rather eventful one last week

svaac: start by coming up and saying "HI" mah!

haha: oooh.. wow.... i missed that :(

JD said...

Dad's shop.

messi said...

MJ is a perfectionist, period. :)

svaaC said...

lol oh-the-wells. . . ><|||
next time ler. . .will do so ^^

Nicki said...

hey boss! the pavlova you had looks so much nicer than the pavlova in Delicious... not fair wan! =(

peter said...

such a great stories indeed you have got here in your blog. I'm very regularly visiting your blog when ever i have time. keep it up mann.

lainegal said...

i'm so so so so so (i can't explain how many "so" there is) jealous of ur i wish i can be that close to lee min ho too... :( *sad*

Chik Yoong said...

Saturday was spent in the Uni bar for my exam...It is so interesting to do something formal in such an informal environment... : )

N.A.R said...

I actually forgot to breathe for 5 seconds, not lying T_T
I'd kill to become that stuffed toy hahaha

I'm one of Audrey's blog readers btw (: