Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How To Follow Your GF Shopping

In the past few weeks, Princess and I have been looking to buy our outfits for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards in Singapore this Friday. I initially wanted to just go in my suit but Ming insisted I go in a tuxedo so I ended up having to go buy a tux and almost emptying my bank account.

Then I had to go through a process that most bfs find painful: Following the gf shopping for her dress. Over the years though I've learned ways to ease this pain. Here's how you can make the whole process a lot simpler.

1) Don't fight it

Fine we hate shopping and doing things we hate makes us grumpy. So when you walk around with your girlfriend, you give a bored looking face. When she asks you if a dress is nice you just say "It's ok" and then go back to playing with your phone.

The truth is, shopping with your girlfriend is a bit like getting your tetanus jab. The more you struggle, the more painful it is. So what you gotta do is this.

Look like you FUCKING LOVE SHOPPING! That you'd rather follow her shopping than play beach volleyball with Jessica Alba and Kate Beckinsale.

Follow her around and when she tries on a dress and asks for your opinion give her one. And I don't mean just "It's nice..".

I mean a real opinion like
"I think the cutting and all is nice but the colour isn't really nice. I think the yellow is a bit too pale, makes the dress look a bit old."

So she really takes it all in.

What's the point of doing all this? It helps her decide quicker and when she does decide quicker, it cuts down your painful shopping time from 6 hours of walking around to maybe just 2.

Don't lie for the sake of getting it over with quickly though. She'll know you are and she'll never ever listen to you again.

2) Be Patient! Wait for it.... wait for it....

Ok here's how we guys shop. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I went to Pavilion to look for a tuxedo. Went to Zegna, asked for a tux.

They brought out two different types. One that cost RM12,000 and the other RM9,000. I kept my cool and pretended that it was a reasonable price eventhough inside my head I was going (HOLY SHIT!!!). Acted cool, ran out of the shop and never looked back.

Then went to Hugo Boss. Asked for a tux. Was quoted a much much cheaper price and said ok. Tried it on.

Like it. Buy.

End of discussion. It didn't matter to me if there was another suit somewhere else in Pavilion that was potentially a bit nicer and a little bit cheaper. It didn't matter. Just like all guys, here's how we shop: We come, we see, we like, we buy.

Women though don't usually shop like that and that's something we will all gradually learn. She may find the best dress in the world in the shop but she won't buy it. No not yet. She'll want to go looking around some more. Don't grumble.

In fact, since you know it's going to happen already why not just suggest it.

If you find a dress that you like then say "I think it's really nice darling but lets go see if we can find something better. If not then we'll come back and buy it".

Yes accept it.... with or without you, she is going to go look around and chances are come back and buy the same dress! You might as well accept it and be the one to suggest it. Besides it makes her decide quicker too. Otherwise you might end up spending another 20 minutes in the shop while she looks at herself in the mirror.

3) Smile

If you're lucky and with your cooperation, sometimes this ends really quickly. Like within a couple of hours. So give yourself a smile then. Because your girlfriend will probably wanna give you a big kiss for being such a good patient shopping buddy.

But most importantly, she will have a nice dress that you liked and you suggested she buy.

Princess' dress for the Nuffnang APAC Blog Awards is really cute. This picture doesn't do justice but you'll all see from the Nuffnang Blog Awards pictures.

The thing about buying dresses for formal events though is that it's a bit of a marathon. Not a sprint. It doesn't end at the dress. After the dress you'll have to move on to finding the right shoe for the dress (unless you're lucky enough that she bought a black dress, because chances are she has black shoes) and accessories.

Glad shopping is done. I even find it a bit of a pain for myself. Don't like shopping... unless it's buying gadgets or something. *sigh* I'm such a geek.

Can't wait for Friday.


Emily Yee said...

Nice post, gonna show this to my boyfriend and hope he'll change his mind before saying no to shopping. >.< He just hate shopping.

electronicfly said...

boss, macam boleh pergi ROM d one? *wiggles eyebrows*

Have fun in SG! Have extra fun on my behalf!

fourfeetnine said...

hahaha why you reveal trade secrets!

actually baby i'm probably one of the fastest girls around when it comes to shopping. any other girl who's been shopping with me will tell you that :D so you're lucky :D

Ray said...

nice ideas tim! and i was thinking I just bring a book with me everytime if there's a shopping spree.

btw, nice dress audrey! looks good on you!

bjk said...

love ur blog coz u're so true to yourself.

when you look into your girl with the perfect dress and shoes and makeup u'll think that all the effort and time spent is worthwhile!

pinksterz said...

it's different with my relationship.

last time i went shopping for new clothes i managed to get it done within 2 hours and i managed to get everything! from the shoes to clothes to dress and also winter jacket. (i mean what's so hard about shopping? just spend the money mar to buy anything that catches your eyes XD)

while my bf went to KL and in three days all he managed to buy is two tank top and he didn't even find a winter jacket -_-

when i asked him why he simply said: because there might be a better looking one in another shop wtf.


Jia Hui said...

LOL to pinksterz story.

Audrey looks really pretty in the dress! Good choice!

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

Princess.. we don't really actually want our guy to follow don't we?? when got no choice then let u follow lar.... LOL.. just joking :D

But i would say well done TIM!! never ever look into ur phone when shop with girls.. as they will surely ask you.. NOW U VERY RUSH IZIT!!!! GO HOME LAR :D


Jess said...

haha~ i can relate well to this post! :)

Crystal Hew said...

hahahha....sad to say but its true!!! omg....=_= i shop like that too...hahahahah

Isley Chang~ said...

wao. dint know that TUX are very expensive.

By the way, my the other half never bring me to acompany her to shopping for dress simply because she think that guys will always be the same.

The one you trying to tell us not to do so in this post.

Isley Chang~ said...

wao. dint know that TUX are very expensive.

By the way, my the other half never bring me to acompany her to shopping for dress simply because she think that guys will always be the same.

The one you trying to tell us not to do so in this post.

alamfanacinta said...

tim, i like this post..all d boyfriend-who-hate-following-ur-gf-shopping SHOULD read this..haha

btw, i am farhana..we met at d escalator after law abiding citizen screening last nite..:)

Anonymous said...

she look like a bride in white dress and u in tux :)

Anonymous said...

Tim, this is my first time commenting and I feel absolutely necessary. Hahahaa... Well I think I shop like a guy. I don't go looking for other dresses if I find something I like, I just settle for the dress and buy it without regrets. Princess, in this case I am a faster shopper. Perhaps an exception case?

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh..the dress is from Tango right?

ViViEnNe said...

OMG this superb!! haha!!

JD said...

This is sooo true! I always end up yawning whenever I follow my wife shopping. When it comes to gadget, then it's a different story!

Huai Bin said...

Haha! I totally agree dude, guys see something, they like it, they buy it. Easy, in and out. :)

Good tips though. ;)

KY said...

and thank god for unlimited internet access on smart phones!

Magnolia said...

I am a lady. I hate shopping and I shop like a guy. See something I like, buy it and get out!!

I can understand how painful it is for guys to accompany their gfs on their shopping trips.

If I am a guy, I will just tell my gf to do her own shopping and meet me somewhere while I look at other stuff. More productive this way.

Then again, easier said then done, cos gf may think you are not caring. You cant win them all.

You are lucky Princess is an easy shopper.

Have fun this fri and post the happenings here.

Valerie said...

Eh was it SA Creation that Princess bought her dress from?
Cool eh I love her dress!

Volvoxx said...

Yerp. Definately accurate for most case of 'girlfriend-brings-boyfriend-to-shopping' cases. Guess my boyfriend's one of the smarter ones who know what to do to save some of his time shopping with!

Anonymous said...

The dress not nice =( She somehow looks like a wedding cake. o_O

Or you know the ones where mothers like to dress their little girls in for special occasions??? Looks all poufy and nice but actually makes you sweat alot and itches like hell???

I'm not sure if I should have just kept my mouth shut. =P No ofense, like she wouldn't read this and decide to go buy another dress right?? Don't want to put you through another unnecessary shopping trip.

cHuey said...

hey the shop in the photo looks like SA creation?
love the dresses there, its where I'd got all my bridesmaid's dresses there after many weeks of shopping and finding..

I guess gals shop differently from guys because we have much bigger range of choices.... heheee...

Princess looks really cute in her dress! its like precisely for her :)

Joanne said...

both of you should take a photo together with you wearing tux and princess wearing the white dress.
it will looks really nice like wedding photo =p

autumn said...

hua, very informative, haha.

alas, never went shopping with bf before due to ldr from the start of our relationship, partly me too lazy to do shopping also ==''' unluckily for him, im one indecisive shopper >.<

hua, tux sooooooo mahal one de meh???

izzat aziz said...

i think in my case, i shopping longer than my girlfriend.. haha man you just don't know what tshirt to buy when there are to many of them.

junntan said...

hi tim,
im the tinkle bell in the standout party..still remember me??

BAHAHA when i saw this blog post,immediately send it to my boyfriend and tell him 'baby,i saw someone who think like u' because he said something similar to me a few months ago.
what a coincidence!!

jappuffy said...

Hey Tim,

I think your tips are working for you. My bf and I saw you on the streets of Low Yat last weekend and you were smiling from ear to ear with princess. My bet now is that she most probably found her dress and maybe you guys are going to Low Yat for a geeky trip?

ps: my bf is a real geek too. Can spend his whole life in Low yat.

Have fun in SING.

Vy said...

Good tips for the guys to pick up, Boss.

Wah, the tux cost so much meh????

I can't wait to see the photos of the nnawards!

Boss Stewie said...

emily: hahaha yes go ahead

electronic: i will e-fei :)

fourfeetnine: hehehe yes i am lucky baby

ray: i do that too :)

bjk: thank you for the very kind compliment. you just made my day

pink: hahaha ok... so at least u know u could use this knowledge when you go out shopping with your bf right

jia hui: it's her choice :) i just told her i like it too

zoe: hahahaaaaa.... if she asked me rush or not.. i'll be honest and say i really want to get this over with as soon as i can

jess: that's great to know :)

crystal: hahahaa.. you and princess would make good shopping buddies then

jester: yes... that bad... haha

isley: yeah.. they can be really expensive. yeah if she doesn't bring u then all the better right?

alamfan: hey farhana! great meeting you. thanks for saying hi the other day. i love meeting my readers

kopigirl: oooh so you shop like me then! well done!

anonymous: no it's from SA creation

vivienne: hahah glad u like it

jd: yeah i love shopping for gadgets. so fun fun fun

huai bin: yeah... we all shop alike hehe

ky: yes!! what would i do without that

magnolia: yay!!! glad to know you shop like me too... haha

valerie: yes it was

volvoxx: hahahaha.. smart bf

anonymous: it's ok. she doesn't find it offensive. in fact she even described herself that her dress looked like a wedding cake. i thought it was cute though. i guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

chuey: yes it's SA creation. :)

joanne: haha we'll have one pic like that in the Nuffnang Awards

autmn: awww... well you'll have plenty of time to go shopping when he comes back

izzat: hahahahahah funny!! but t-shirts normally aren't that expensive right. so don't have to think sooo long

junn: hey tinkle bell. great to see u again :) i must meet ur bf one day

jap: hahaha yes! we were done with shopping for a dress and off to Low Yat for gadget shopping! next time say hi ok? :)

vy: yeah... i'll definitely post up pics, don';t worry.

April said...

Haha, this is an interesting take. I just had to share it on my blog. check it out. :)

How Jun said...

Haha...take away my comment I think everyone has done you enough justice. I think the same goes with me though. The difference is, when I shop for my own stuff, I can do it abit more painful than my gf. I knew it. So, I kinda understand the feelin.

PINKPheng said...

hey... cute dress... mind telling me where's the store located??

remsal said...

The thing with me is... Though i'm a girl, i shop like a guy:Come, see, like, buy. End of shopping!

So it's quite a pain itself just to follow my siblings go shopping... Sigh..