Thursday, October 08, 2009

Locking myself out, 1st Anniversary weekend and Playboy!

This week started off with a fun grocery shopping trip with Princess on Sunday.

I love grocery shopping. I don't know what I love about it but I think it's because of the memories I had growing up. I remember following my parents grocery shopping and very often I would wish they would buy me some of the chocolates on the aisles we past by but they often said no.

Now that I'm all grown up and all though I feel so powerful. I cart down the aisle and load up my trolley with as much goodies as possible... well that and household essentials.

I also decided for the first time to try Nutrigen (instead of buying loads of Yakult like I normally do). Will tell you guys how that goes.

I drag Princess along with me. She hates grocery shopping... but she often agrees to follow me anyway :) *sayang*

Monday was a typical work day for me with usual work decisions to make. This week's decision is whether to hire more people into the Nuffnang team in Malaysia. This year has been crazy. Nuffnang as a group has hired a lot of people in all our offices around the region.

Yet I always worry about hiring too many people. It's just a fine balance to strike. On one hand it's having just enough people to work efficiently so that people aren't overloaded with work and end up making mistakes. On the other hand it's making sure the company is not too bloated.

Anyway, after work on Monday around 7PM I got down to my office car park to go pick Princess up. I was going to pick her up from work then head to her home for dinner with her family. I opened the trunk of my car, chucked my bag in there but just a thought crossed my mind on whether I remembered to bring something back from the office. So I put down the car keys I held in my hand and started rummaging through my bag.

After finding what I needed to find I zipped up my bag and shut the trunk. That was when I noticed my car auto-lock itself. Yes, my car has this really silly (or smart) mechanism where if you unlock the car then open and close the trunk, it automatically locks the car out.

Right after I shut the trunk and my car locked itself I stood still for a few seconds to digest what had just happened. I left my keys in the trunk of my car, and now my car was locked. I HAD LOCKED MYSELF OUT OF MY OWN CAR. That was when I let out a loud yell in my office car park "FUUUUUuuuuCCKKK!!!!!!".

Nobody was around to hear me but if there were witnesses, I tell you they would've handed me the Award for Idiot of the Year.

Haih... anyway the rest of the week is going to be really fun. For one, this Saturday is Princess' and mine first anniversary of being together. We've got some things planned out and I'll blog about it next week when it's all done and over with.

We're also taking a couple of hours out of our day to hang out with some friends at the Playboy road show happening in Midvalley this Saturday to launch their new fragrances.

They're going to have this huge stage thing there.

And I think a number of Nuffnangers are going there as Playboy Bunnies

so that they can win a Burberry or a Prada bag.

Ringo happily these bags for us :)

If Princess decides to go in her own bunny ears herself I think it'll just be soo adorable.

Anyway if you happen to be there, come by and say hi to us ok? Don't shy shy!

Click here for more details.

Until then everybody...


pinkpaperplane said...

Haha. I've done that too. Long time ago. My dad's car has a stupid (security) feature that it will autolock when the engine is on. So lala. Sit in the car engine on. Then oh. Step down for a while (say get mail or check if Mummy is ready or sth lah).. close down. !@&^%&^%!! Locked. Engine running.

~Elaine Tam~ said...

But youdin continue how you proceed after yelling FUCCCKKKK! Hahahahah!!!

Then then then? *curious*

Smeech said...

HAHAHAH that happened to me before, too. CNY eve summo fml. the tension! (and the fact that i'd lost my spare key made matter worse). i kicked my car's tyre outta frustration, but kicked too hard it hurt so badly that i groaned and limped all the way back to my house.

btw, Happy 1st Anniversary and many many more to come for you and Aud! :)

bender said...

lol I love grocery shopping too, being a grown up man and all. exact same feeling when I was little and wanted all the imported snacks and cereal bars from the racks hoping my parents would buy it for me.

And now i have the buying power - and make myself fatter than ever.

Isley Chang~ said...

manual lock always the best. enjoy ur anniversary.

Boss Stewie said...

pink: hahaha that's hilarious! how did u get out of it?

elaine: then i called my dad and asked him if he could send me the spare key which was in penang at the time. i left my car in the office that night

siew: hahaha i imagined u kicking the car tyre. that's hilarious!

chiam: yes.. i binge on the snacks myself too!

isley: hehee thanks dude

messi said...

messi: hi tim, audrey
tim + aud looking at each other and ask: hi, who r u?
messi: !@#$%^*&^*%

nutrigen by maggi. lol! d taste not so "Kao". 4 me la..lets see what u say. :)

great sat!

Joshualaw said...

I can't attend the Playboy roadshow! =.= Haiz..currently in Kuching, Sarawak now..perhaps you should have another Nuffnang cmpany branch in kuching here as well? XD

By the way, have a nice weekend with your princess! =)

jk said...

I have a love/hate relationship with grocery shopping. Love it cos I get to buy yummy goodies like yogurt bars or junk food for my kids. Hate it when the cashier tells me my grocery bill is rm400/= ....or more :P

Happy Anniversary to you and your Princess. I think you guys are such a sweet and cute couple. :)

Anonymous said...

of all the things ar, i love grocery shopping the most, locked out of own car is a common thing lar happens to all autocars. the playboy thing is cool. would love to drop by and see... i love ringo's hair a lot.

Donna said...

"Now that I'm all grown up and all though I feel so powerful. I cart down the aisle and load up my trolley with as much goodies as possible... "

HAHAHAHAHA... u're so funny la..
and princess looks grumpy there.. XD

Boss Stewie said...

messi: hey nutrigen is from mamee :) not maggi :) please say hi if you're there ok?

joshua: thanks dude. we'll have a great weekend

jk: wow that's a lot for groceries! what do u buy!

jg: yeah she looks great :) say hi to us when u drop by ok?

dolly: hehehe thank u. and yes princess was grumpy :)

Ken Wooi said...

lol.. princess looks bored.. =P

anyway, happy 1 year anniversary! =D

pinkpaperplane said...

I ring my Dad and wait for him to come with spare keys. Haha.

pinkpaperplane said...

*nudge* Another comment to delete.

Boss Stewie said...

kenwooi: yeah she was really bored. thank you :)

pink: HAHAHAHAHA yes.. comment deleted. i shared your comment with princess. she laughed!

pinkpaperplane said...

Wahey! Always good when someone laughs. :D

messi said...

yea, wrote wrongly. its from

ok tim if i happen to b there :)

nizaa said...

Hi Tim,

First time dropped my comment here..ngeh!ngeh!

btw, what happen after that "FUUUUUuuuuCCKKK!!!!!!"? :p

JD said...

Happy 1st Anniversary!

ahlost said...

Huhuhu.. why no Yakult in kuching? :(

Anyways, happy 1st Anniversary ;)

JASON said...


ysl said...

maybe you should hire some interns~

at least you would know if you need the extra help..and if you don't..interns are cheaper to hire (though lack experiences, but people can learn) and they are temporary.

and if they are good, you can keep their records for future references, until they've graduated.

just a suggestion :) cause honestly, I would jump at the opportunity to intern with Nuffnang during long sem break. (who wouldn't eh?) :>

messi said...

ysl, add something

maybe you should hire some interns~(thats me) :)