Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009

I remember my first blogger event. It was way back in 2006 when Jolene had asked me to attend it. Long before I had even started Nuffnang.

It was meant to a blogger gathering at Burger King in KLCC.

Everybody went there, bought their food then went to this area that was closed off just for us. We felt like such VIPs!

Then just about a year after, Nuffnang had one of our first blogger gatherings in Food Loft, Penang.

We didn't have much money then so we managed to get Food Loft to sponsor us the venue and some food. They closed off most of the restaurant for us and again we felt like VIPs!

In March 2008, Nuffnang planned the first cross-border blogger event that involved 200 bloggers in Malaysia meeting up with 100 Singaporean bloggers who came down from Singapore to the event.

Over 300 Nuffnangers attended the Chipster Pajama Party.

It was one hell of a party.

Last Saturday though, I attended the largest and grandest event that Nuffnang had ever undertaken. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009 sponsored by Pringles and held in Uniquely Singapore. Also thanks to the other sponsors that night: Canon, Exabytes, Link Hotel and AsiaPRWerks.

The gala dinner involved over 400 people with Nuffnangers dressed their best, all there to see who would take home these awards.

The entrance was a red carpet where our Nuffnangers walked down having their pictures taken on many sides.

Some Nuffnangers even brought their children and they too came well dressed.

One of our Nuffnangers from Australia even brought her cute little daughter all the way to walk down the red carpet.

We had Nuffnangers from all 4 countries that Nuffnang is in show up.

Here's Candice and Violet from Nuffnang Australia. Both came with a contingent of Nuffnangers from Australia.

And here are some of the bloggers from the Philippines.

Hannah here is from the Philippines.

She's this bubbly little girl who came up to me and said she reads my blog and leaves comments sometimes! I remembered her and I was so excited I had to take a picture with her later on.

And last but not least, we of course had our platoon of Nuffnang bloggers from Malaysia and Singapore.

Before the dinner started, we all mingled outside at the cocktail reception taking lots of pictures of each other.

The event started soon enough with a welcome speech from Ming and a short speech from me.

Man I totally winged the speech. I prepared something to say the afternoon before and showed it to Ming but he didn't like it. So there I was standing right next to Ming smiling away but inside my head trying to think of what to say.

Finally the time came and the words just somehow came out of my mouth. Benjicajess took a video of this and fortunately I didn't end up looking too stupid.

Then it moved on to a video we made that illustrated the growth of Nuffnang. We haven't uploaded that video on YouTube yet so I'll share that maybe next week when we do :)

The rest of the night went really really well and I gotta credit Ming and Nuffnang Singapore for that. I like the way we presented the nominees for the Awards with a video to showcase each nominated blog.

Here's how one of it is like. An video taken by one of MrGadget's friends (I presume) who was seated near the stage when he won the Best Geek Blog. Congratulations Mr Gadget.

Some more pictures from the night.

Here's Allan Wu who was the emcee for the night

Allan Wu is the host of Amazing Race Asia. I heard all the girls were going crazy over him.

Here's Joanne Peh and Xiaxue at their tables.

Joanne Peh ended up winning the Best Celebrity Blog and Xiaxue went home with 3 awards that night. She won the Best Original Blog Design, Most Influential Blog and Region's Best Blog.

Some other guests at the event.

Budiey and Beautifulnara sitting next to each other. Both nominated for the "Best Entertainment Blog".

Here's Ming and Joanne Peh outside the ballroom after the Awards.

If you don't recognize Joanne Peh, she's one of the actresses from the famous Singapore drama "Little Nyonya".

Kennysia who won the "Best Entertainment Blog".

Kenny damn funny lah! When Xiaxue was giving her acceptance speech for the "Best Original Blog Design", Kenny barged on stage and took the mic from her.

Then he said.
"Imma let you finish... imma let you finish... but Steven Lim has the Best Original Blog Design Evah!!!"

Everyone laughed so hard. Good one Kenny.

A section of the ballroom that night.

Patty who works at Nuffnang Philippines and Hannah again who's a Nuffnanger there.

Here's Beautifulnara, Rina and David.

And some other fellow Nuffnangers!

Here's Monoxious.

I was reading their tweets about going to the Nuffnang Awards just before I met them.

ieatishootipost who won the "Best Food Blog".

Some of the fashionable bloggers.

Xiaxue winning her one of her awards, presented by Marytn from FrankMedia.

Picture of Alodia, Mark and Ashley from the Philippines.

Princess and me.

Princess looked really cute in her dress. She even had a little hat on her head. Look on the left.

Ming's parents and sister came that night too.

It was the first time they had ever attended a Nuffnang event. They were feeling really proud about Ming.
My parents weren't able to make it because my Dad's birthday fell on the same weekend and he had to entertain some of my relatives that went down to Penang just for his birthday.

And lastly... a picture of Ming and I.

Hope you guys enjoyed the event!

If you'd like to see more pictures of the Nuffnang Blog Awards, click here.

If you'd like to see the full list of winners click here.


bhong said...

Congrats to all the winners!
good job Tim and Ming, btw i'm one of your avid pinoy reader, my hubby is a blogger too ( a nuffnang :-)

bhong said...

typo... it's
hope u can visit his blog sometimes

Lyn said...

Congrats to all the winners! Amazing blogabilities that are well rewarded! :)

TheJessicat said...

of cos u didnt look stupid in the video tim! haha i loved how u ended though, wasnt too abrupt nor too scripted. nice one :) good thing i video-ed it in time! now to find Ming's video T_T

Elaynne said...

Tim! Its AsiaPRwerks :P

monoxious said...


You saw our tweets.
We approve of your Hugo Boss suit. :D

blurblurpiggy said...

aww kenny's so cute haha. You and Aud looked awesome =)

Congratz to the winners!

JD said...

The event looks great! Will make sure I will attend it next year. Anyways, good work bossstewie!

Clare said...

LOL at the part when you described Kenny doing the Kanye. ROTFLMAO!!!

JKSC said...

Hi Timothy,

Congrats to Nuffnang for the great Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009! It was so colourful and interesting! Where are we going to have the event for 2010? Malaysia, perhaps?

KY said...

waaa the kid dressed better than me!

Huai Bin said...

You winged the speech? Heh! Pretty good for you to come out with that in that short time. No wonder you looked like you were...concentrating. ;)

I liked the video showing how Nuffnang came to be and the interviews with MY and SG Nuffies, really provides an insight, especially into the SG office which I don't really know (the vice versa probably for the SG bloggers).

TianChad田七摄影 said...

All Nuffies did great job especially for this event. Lets create a new history in coming days =)

joshuatly said...

congrats to all nuffnang members for this success and please please please count me in for your next big event, i cant afford to miss it again!

Boss Stewie said...

bhong: aww nice to meet you. hope you make it to our next Nuffnang Awards

lyn: Yeah... they all did really great

jessica: aww thank you for the nice compliment

elaynne: whoops.. changed

monoxios: aww thank you :) good to know i bought the right tux heh

blur: thank you :) will share the compliment with Princess

JD: sure... do try to come for the one next year :)

clare: yah.. damn funny lar Kenny

JKSC: Heh i'm not even sure when next year's one will be :)

ky: hahaha yes he was well dressed

huai bin: yeah i was concentrating so hard man :) hehe

tian chad: thank you dude :) appreciate it

joshua: yes please do try to come for the next one

vvens said...

the kanye west inspired scene really did crack me up! :)

Vy said...

Really a job well done!
No video of Kenny going on stage during Xiaxue's acceptance? Would really love to see that!

kellster said...

Those were the days. Truly the blogging days how different it has become now.

Good old memories eh old friend? ;)
that session created friends we have til now for life.

messi said...

So there I was standing right next to Ming smiling away but inside my head trying to think of what to say. - I can feel you man! HAHAHAHAHA

the proud parents, i can feel u too. congrats!

Hannah said...

Whee... I see myself here!!!

I will never forget this in my lifetime!!! Congratulations!

Axiao said...

It was great to see the awards through your blog!

Keep up the great work!!

Jehzeel Laurente said...

wow! hannah was mentioned twice! woooooooooot! :D

seon said...

you da man, making it happened..although i din get the invitation....but congratz

Boss Stewie said...

vvens: yeah it cracked all of us up :)

vy: yeah can't believe nobody took a recording of that!

kellster: hehe yeah how blogs have grown

messi: hehehe yay! someone that knows how i felt!

hannah: hehe i'm sure there'll be other times ur picture will end up on my blog

axiao: thank you :) happy to share

jehzeel: heh yes.... plus a few other Nuffnangers from the Philippines too

seon: sorry man... maybe next year ok?

Chris Thoo said...

It was a nice event to bridge the gap for all bloggers especially the ones in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia & Philippines.

Thanks to all of you, I've become much closer with some bloggers who I have never met before in real life.

Thanks again for a nice getaway from work too...=)

Jun King (JK) said...

congrats tim, u must be very proud!

Christine said...

Congrats Ewe Tiam!!! Glad to hear the event was a success.. =)

Anonymous said...

Look at the pictures again, everyone at the red carpet looked short. Must be the camera angle. Who's the photographer?

Violet LeBeaux said...

Aww thanks for putting my picture up! I was so happy to meet you at the event and I had such a wonderful time. I was so surprised you even knew who I was! I really just wanted to say thank you so much for everything :)You should come visit Australia again so we can catch up properly!

Boss Stewie said...

chris: hehe glad u enjoyed it dude. :) makes it all worth it then

jun: hehe thanks man

christine: thank u christine

anonymous: we had 3 that night :)

violet: hey violet. of course i know you. i've known about you for the longest time from the guys in Nuffnang Australia. Will be happy to catch up next time.... until then, thanks for coming and do take care

Anonymous said...

pls visit my blog

Carlos said...

Hi Boss,

Hope you were happy about the pictures I took. I tried my best to make you and Ming proud. really happy to be a Nuffy. I can't stop blogging about my trip and the food trip you took us during our VERY short KL stay! check it out and Hoping for an even bigger event next year! Cheers! Carlos

michleong said...

Congrats to all the winner =D

Tim, I wish I was there =( Missed it. Have it next year? XD