Sunday, October 18, 2009

One Year

On the 10th of October, Princess and I celebrated our first year being together.

We did the usual couple things :) The night before we just stayed at my place and watched a DVD.
Unveiled the presents we gave one another.

I hid this present of hers in my cupboard and got her to look for it.

The week before she bought me a bowtie and cummerbund that I'm going to be wearing for my Nuffnang Awards tux.

The highlight though was this really nice card she wrote for me. Can't show the content because it's .... private :)
But I'll show you a little drawing of us she made.

All on the eve of the 10th of October. Princess blogged about what we did on the day itself so if you want to read it, check it out here.

To be honest, we don't know for sure if that was the exact date because our relationship didn't exactly start with a "Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Aww... I'd love to be your girlfriend".

It kinda started off with a kiss and we can't even remember now when exactly that first kissed happened.

The story is we really started off as really good friends. We started off getting to know one another by talking quite a bit on MSN and eventually we started to go out here and there. I was really happy where we were. For the first time in my life, I had a "best friend" who was a girl and that was really fun to have.

It all changed one day though. I was telling one of my good friends about this "best friend" I had who I could just really click with. He said something rather unexpected to me.

"You know, I think it's great and all that you have this girl as a best friend. I used to be really close to a girl like that too. We kept it platonic all the way but you know what? Even up till today, I can't help but wonder how it would've been like if we were a couple and if we would've been a great couple".

Those words of wisdom from this friend of mine (he knows who he is but I shan't say it out), is what changed my mind about what I wanted with Princess.

Many nights later I found Princess and myself alone in the car on the way to supper. We had just finished clubbing with some friends at MOS. We had a moment alone so I talked to her. I told her what my friend told me and how I didn't want to live life wondering what this could've been.

I told her that I thought we could be really good together but at the same time I'm in no hurry at all. I didn't want her to be my girlfriend that night or in the next few nights even. All I wanted to tell her was that I don't want to be just friends anymore. I promised not to make a move on her until she was ready.

Weeks later while sitting in my room chatting after I had cooked her dinner, she leaned forward and kissed me.

That was how it all started... (I think... I mean if a girl kisses you means on already right?)

Since then we've both done so much together.

We went to Macau.

Hong Kong.


and Phuket where we met these two friendly Indian tourists.

She's followed me over to the Philippines too for a business trip.

Then over to Melbourne to visit the Nuffnang office there where we also caught up with some friends.

We've done our fair share of stupid things together.

We've at least once or more taken bad pictures of one another.

Me taking this picture of her in Macau when she was trying to remove a strand of hair on her tongue.
Or us here doing some... ogre thingy.

We've both had multiple MSN nicks since getting together our nicks have always been something related to one another.

It started with her MSN nick being "Koala" and mine being "Tree".

and now she's "Pebbles", I'm "Bam Bam"

I think Ming at one point found it annoying.

We've attended two weddings of our friends.

Andrew and Jayen's.

and Pierre and Lay See's.

The couple whom we always referred to as the "perfect couple".

To think that all this and more happened in a time capsule of a year. It's so exciting to know that there's so much more to look forward to. More moments of happiness, more moments of sadness, more moments of adventure but most importantly, having all those ups and downs of life with someone you're happy to walk it with.

*My favourite picture of all time.


Anonymous said...

aww~ what a cute couple! hope you both will late forever.. !! =D

Anonymous said...

sorry.. not late.. it's last! paiseh~ =.=

annna said...


Veryvery sweet couple. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary. It's always fun to celebrate an anniversary. All the great moments together. All the best in your coming years. Get married soon! hahaha!

KY said...

so sweeet

Stella said...


Anonymous said...

you and princess made the best couple in the world !! haha (:

Tony Wan said...

Wow.... So sweet.... happy 1st anniversary :D

Jessying said...

Awww.. , you found your the other half twin :D

Anonymous said...

Congratz, boss! Ur fav pic.. i could feel it's very special.. *sniff*

electronicfly said...

Next year 10/10/10 leh!

VAL said...

congrats! may you guys have many 10.10s together!

on an unrelated note 10.10 is my birthday lol..

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim! You had already told us who is "this friend of mine"! It was in one of your blog entry months ago. =D

Ms.Introvert said...

I did bump into you two at Midvalley once. But being an extreme introvert like me, I am too shy to say "Hi". But, I do want to say, you two look lovely togather.

~ Happy Anniversary~

doink said...

awwww... so sweet Tim. Happy Anniversary !!

Not sure if you are aware of this,
Separate matter, can you help support Pelf and her team's effort in saving the turtles.

Link up !

Thanks in advance for your support.

雙妍 said...

Happy anniversary~
btw, you both are sweet... happy beginning will end with happy ending~

SYN* said...

Love the way you both started =)

SO much you both have done for the past one year!

Way to go man, stop attending weddings and organize one yourself!

Princess then will become a beautiful Queen. wahaha!!

steph said...

happy first anniversary =)

very swweeettt couple!

Boss Stewie said...

awww thanks for all the wishes everyone. It's only a year... lets hope for many more to come :)

Anonymous said...

very sweet! very sweet!!

but why the gifts you give to Princess are the same gifts my dahlinks give to me one?!? it's so weird! coz I keep reading your blog and it just keeps popping up similarities!! hahaha ...

Ivy said...

Lol u both really so sweet and farneh at the same time !
this made me believe that the kind of "happy ending" in the fairy tales does exists! aww~
m looking forward for mine.. heehee =D

Constance Ant said...

eppie 1st anninversary 2u both! :D

Ken Wooi said...

happy anniversaryyy!!!
read aud's blog first then yours..
lovely pictures!
a year filled with memorable events!
wishing you two all the best!
happy always ya! =D

Ken Wooi said...

oh yeah.. the last pic is the BEST!
love it too! =)

Do Sexy said...

both of you are so sweet =)

Chu King said...

Happy Anniversary Dude ! Wish both of you many many anniversary to come :)

Magnolia said...

awwwwwwwwwww, this is just SO SWEET !!!

Happy Anniversary, Tim and Audrey !! May there be MANY MANY more anniversaries to come !!

goingkookies said...


i was pebbles and my bf was bam bam when we were in form 4&form 5 years!!

and then..

i was the koala and he was the gum tree when i went to visit him in 2007 and 2008!!

haha... interesting

but we have yet to travel to many places/countries due to him studying and now trying to find a job in australia whilst i m here, in msia!

goingkookies said...

btw, congratulations on your first year anni!!

haha... you're one of a kind and so is she... hope u guys have many more one of a kind memories together!

Melanie said...

You know it's strange how your post is a lot more lovey dovey than Aud's (i read her's 1st). Hahaha i was expecting Princess to write something like you did. Hahaha. Anyway, it's been a nice one year reading the journey of the both of you! Congrats! :)

Donna said...

so sweet la.. both of u are so sweet..
happy happy happy happy happy happy anniversary!!

~Elaine Tam~ said...


And mine sooner to be the 7th year wtf! SF long..anyway, it's good to recall how we mesmerize everything... :)

More annivessary ahead ya.. :)

pinkpaperplane said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are the cutest. I started reading your blog just as you started going out or kissing or whatever! Haha. Many more anniversaries to come! :)

Mel said...

Aww, bless! Congratulations to you and Audrey on this milestone! :D *confetti*

nizaa said...

so sweet..

happy anniversary tim & audrey..

both of u are meant for each other!

Hui Zhen said...

I wish both of you all the happiness

messi said...

nice story! sincerely.

to be honest. i feel like abit annoyed at first. but after finished reading, i think i can feel what you are trying 2 express.

the last pic is like cool cool tim and shy shy aud. wtf hahaha
so...i wish u guys every year oso got today...... :D

Huai Bin said...

Dammit, this is such a sweet story T_T

Wait that's a wrong emoticon - it should be tears of joy so:

Er...I don't know how to do that emoticon...

Happy anniversary to you both. You're like the perfect couple to me. :)

andres said...

they say that once the gal threats u as her best friend,its very hard to get into an intimate relationship,but for ur case its different,and how u do it,pls do tell here or blog about it,mr tim!

shereen said... sweet..happie anniversary to both of you!

p/s: saw u guys at SS19 yesterday afternoon, Audrey looks kawaii in real person! =D

sweetdreamerj said...

I can't help but wonder if there is really such a sweet wonderful relationship....*envy* *Envy* ENVY*

Its just so sweeet I think I'm getting toothache!

yzhuhuong said...

adorable. cheers to many more years to come for the both of you! :) i really enjoy your blog (and aud's too!). the inspiration i get from you about entrepreneurship is just overwhelmingly good. thank you.

Anonymous said...

i love u both!!

Cassie said...

someone once told me love is friendship set on fire :)

xes said...

Time flies. So fast 1 year already. 10.10.11 time to get marriedd!!

~~haha~~ said...


BTW, googled around, and found that the website (Where u can dl the through the window song) is registered to Monster Interactive Sdn. Bhd.. couldn't googled anything from the company though...sigh...

Kay said...


sumijelly said...

happy loving couple..
u tow are so sepadan..hahahaha