Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nuffies at the MACC (Jaya One)

Seeing that the Nuffnang team has been working so hard in the past few weeks, last night I organized a stand-up comedy night out for the Nuffies so they can let go and release some of the stress they get at work.

Pic: Nuffies with Douglas Lim, Kuah Jen Han and Chi Ho.

So we went for the MACC (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians) at Jaya one to watch Douglas Lim, Kuah Jenhan and Chee Hoe perform. We were all laughing so hard! Saw Firdy rolling around in his seat.

Highly recommend you guys catch it if you have the chance. They're only on till Sunday. Click here for details.

On another note, can't believe I'm going to miss the Tiger Run cuz I'll be overseas.


Matjoe said...

only for nuffies lorr. look fun coz everyone smile in the picture

FeeQ said...

Yup.. It's really nice & cheap oso...
Only RM28..

Nearby with My office (MyC!)

Went with whole MyC! Staff XD

JD said...

Douglas Lim is one of the funniest guy and a senior from my secondary school. Haha, love the days of Kopi Tiam.

immi said...

glad u had fun tim. =)