Monday, January 11, 2010

Nuffnangers at the DiGi Internet Pimp My Day

Princess and I decided to drop by the DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge at 1-Utama last Saturday. It was a whole treasure hunt that DiGi organized for some 100 Nuffnangers there that day. They had to go around 1-Utama doing all sorts of different challenges like hit a baseball, run 800m on a treadmill, make a TVC and etc etc.

Because there were so many Nuffnangers who wanted to take part and not enough spots, Princess and I had to sit this out but we did make it for the after party at Mardigras. It was heaps fun!

When I got there, all the Nuffnangers were busy updating their blogs from their laptops (hooked to DiGi Broadband).

If there was a Malaysian Book of Records for the Most Number of Bloggers Updating Their Blogs at One Place (at the same time), I think that day in Mardigras might have just made the record.

I was creeping up behind people up trying to take pictures of them blogging. I clearly wasn't much of a ninja in my past life because almost everybody I tried to take a picture of noticed me in a corner of their eye and turned to stare at me.

Anyway there were a couple of highlights for the night. The first were the pole dancers who were pulling off stunts that made me feel fat, weak and heavy (again probably wasn't a ninja in my past life).

The other was the KL Stompers!

You guys know about Stomp right? I first heard about Stomp when I was in London. They had a show there where a group of people took really random stuff that you can pick up from the streets and make music from the random sounds they make by hitting them with sticks.

I never knew there was one in KL and I gotta say that they were all really good. It's these kind of talents that make me proud to be Malaysian. I just wish we all gave them a bigger opportunity to develop their talents.

I'm making it a point though to go see as much local stand-up comedy shows as I can this year.

Ah anyway here are some other pictures from the night.

Here's a picture of me and Joyce from DiGi.

Picture with Redmummy!

Tziaa and Adele who called their team (The DiGi Girls)

People on the stage getting some prizes. DiGi gave out loads of prizes that night.

Everything from Levi's and Swatch Vouchers to external HDs and laptops.

I particularly liked the uniforms some of the teams came up with. There were all in all about 25 teams of 4 that took part in the challenge. The dress code was just to wear anything yellow but some teams went about printing their own shirts.

Like this team here, that called themselves "DiGi Yellow Army"

Or this team, that all had sprayed on a little Nuffnang logo on their sleeves.

Or even this team that made a little DiGi Yellow Man teddy bear and wore it around their neck.

Ahhh thanks for the great night DiGi Internet.


Huai Bin said...

It looks like a whole load of fun! Read the accounts of the batting cage and running 800 meters, nicely organized.

Boss Stewie said...

huai bin: yeah man. kinda wish i took part in the actual challenges myself :)

Matjoe said...

sounds fun. too bad i didn't have a team + the time :(.
more great event coming up by nuffnang, hope to get a chance to participate

JD said...

Looking at the pictures looks really good and fun event. Cannot make it because my wife delivered on Friday besides, don't have a team also.

Leon said...

Pole dancing o.O

Andrew said...

OMG! You posted our picture (6th image from top, coincidentally we were team 6 - WooHoo! that day too). Haha.. It isn't that hard to not spot you Timothy. Everyone knows you're up to some thing when you're holding a camera. Lolz.


vialentino said...

digi internet the best and fast...where to find ler!