Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Nuffnang Footprints Wall

So we were all in the Nuffnang KL office the other day trying to figure out how to improve our office. We had some ideas, like having a PS3 with Band Hero (just like the Nuffnang SG office), to upgrading our pantry to loads of other stuff. Some things we did manage to do. Like we got this coffee machine that now dispenses Nescafe, Milo, Green Tea and Teh Tarik. All the Nuffies have to do is press a button and every Nuffie can have as many cups as they want.

Then we were also thinking of how to decorate our walls a bit better. Maybe put up some pictures of our events and etc etc. Until we all had an idea! Since we're a social media company which is in turn all about user-generated content, we decided to allow our bloggers to leave their mark in our office and contribute to how our office will look like. Thought it would be fun.

The result of it is the Nuffnang Footprints (Wall).

We basically made this board and today we put out some announcements for any Nuffnangers to send in their pictures and/or notes so we can put it up on the wall.

We have no idea how it's going to look like after a month; the photos it would have or the notes the Nuffnangers will leave for us. Either ways, I'll post a picture of the wall some time in the future to see how it develops.

If you'd like to leave your mark on our wall, click here.


Lisa! said...

I actually really like that idea!
Might consider sending somethings for it too! :D

Happy CNY btw!

Boss Stewie said...

lisa: hehehe happy cny to u to . Sure send it away

Ken Wooi said...

good idea!

can someone just write "Hello, from" on it for me? haha.. =P

michleong said...

I want to send! =)

Unknown said...

Got an idea stemming from your original idea: You can create a "Quote Wall" where people can quote funny things that other people said. I'm sure there're many times when someone says something so funny that you wish there is a way to immortalize it or share it with others; hence the Quote Wall.

sW33tdARLiNG said...

will send my group best outfit photo during Digi Pimp My Day Challenge..!

How Jun said...

How Jun says "visit more often". hahaha

ahlost said...

can help to draw minilost there? Hehehehehehe...

Unknown said...

Hi Timothy,
I am absolutely fascinated at the fresh ideas your Nuffies constantly come out with. Very original and interesting.
I think everyone would agree with me that working in Nuffnang is a dream come true. I am sure your fellow Nuffies would wake up and goes to work with much enthusiasm. Work is play. I doubt if any Nuffies ever complained about how mundane the nature of their job is.
Nuffnang redefined the word "work".
Instead of being a duty one's accustomed means of livelihood, it's one means of living to its fullest potential with fun and play.
Good work,Tim.

Boss Stewie said...

kenwooi: hahha we can't possibly fake your hand-writing. come do it yourself :)

mich: go ahead and send it in

adrian: haha ok maybe we'll work on the quote wall after this wall

sweet: sure send it in

how jun: hahaha come and leave that note here

ahlost: haha why don't; u come over to do it

wan : thank you so much for the really great compliment. will be sure to share it with the rest of the Nuffies to see if they agree with it. Hehe

Yuenny said...