Monday, February 01, 2010

Project Alpha Season 2 Shoot in Kuching

Last Saturday was a tiring weekend... all for the filming of Project Alpha Season 2. The reason we're there is for a reunion trip between the Season 1 bloggers. I'm not actually a Season 1 blogger (since I'm there more as Fourfeetnine's BF than Timothy Tiah) but I decided to tag along anyway.

The day started really early. The girls were supposed to be in the make-up chair by 8AM so the first thing I heard waking up in the morning was the alarm clock and Princess giving out a very angry grumble that she had to be up so early on a Saturday morning.

After she went through the usual "Fmls fmls"..... we all got up, had breakfast and got ready start our day.

About 2 hours later (yes it took that long because the girls had to do their make-up and everyone had to wait for everyone else), we were in a 360 Hotel van on the way to Kenny's gym (with the camera crew in another van behind us).

That's right guys... Kenny Sia's gym.
If you're wondering why Kenny's updates has been a little less frequent lately, it's because he has been busy with "Level Up", a gym he started in Kuching just about 3 months ago. I understand how he feels.

Like when I first started off with Nuffnang I was too busy with too many things happening here and there to be able to sit down every now and then to blog. When I did have the time to blog, I was too tired to and spending your whole day running around doing work doesn't exactly give you the inspiration to do so anyway.

But Kenny promised that after his gym is all set up and good, he'll spend more time on his blog again.

Back at the gym, Kenny was happy to see us when we arrived.

Because what he had in mind for us was one intense hour of an exercise dance class.

All the bloggers took part but I decided to sit this one out and take pictures on the sidelines instead. Yes... even Princess has admitted that I've grown skinny now so I can afford to put on some weight now. No more motivation to control my eating and exercise now... HAHA!

The class looked like good fun and the film crew caught all of it. Some Kuching bloggers who heard that the Project Alpha bloggers from Season 1 were going to be there decided to join in the class too.

A couple of them were so enthusiastic they all decided to do last minute shopping before they came to buy some Adidas sports wear (You know, because Adidas Fragrance is the main sponsor for Project Alpha Season 1 & 2).

After the work-out, Kenny brought us to Madam Tang's for lunch where I had this yummy beef noodle.

Took some pictures of some of the people with us at the lunch.

Here's Michael the director of Project Alpha (on the left) and David from Nuffnang.

We went to the Waterfront later on in the afternoon to continue some filming.

And we headed back to the hotel for a quick break after that.

Dinner was hosted by the people behind 360 Hotel Kuching. They brought us to this huge food court with loads of seafood and we had everything from huge Chili crabs to Satay and some really really nice fish.

I sat next to Steve who's one of the directors of the hotel.

He was a very proud Sarawakian! He told us how Sarawak was actually very independently run from West Malaysia and how 1 Malaysia was something they've had in Sarawak a long long time ago. Where nobody asks about race or anything like that.

Steve had a lot of other experiences. Everything from his business ventures in the past to even some outdoor adventures he's had the chance to experience in his life. I told him that I hoped I had as many stories to tell one day.

Dinner ended late that night so right after dinner the group split. Some of us went clubbing (the more adventurous ones like Nicole and her bf), and some of us (Like Princess and I) went back to the hotel to sleep.

After this trip, I've decided that I actually really like Kuching.

I'll end this blog entry with some pictures we took at 360 Hotel while waiting for everyone else to come down for dinner.

Here's Sixthseal, me and Beautifulnara.

And here's Princess and me.
Okay off to London!

Have a great week ahead guys!

If you'd like to follow other developments of Project Alpha Season 2, become a fan of their Facebook fan page


yomi said...

Glad you like Kuching, Tim!
Bet its the food right?
You love the food right?? Haha!
Sorry didn't have much time to stay during dinner.
Maybe your next trip down with audrey! =)

Accyee said...

sigh you are going to London. sigh i am jealous. sigh. anyway yeay kenny in a chelsea jersey! *dances

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Have a save trip =D

JAI said...

As a sarawakian i'm very proud that you like come again especially mulu in miri or you can go to brunei thru miri..have a nice journey..

jfook said...

As a kuchingnite, I'm proud that you like Sarawak. :) The food in Kuching is damn awesome one.

Cherly said...

First time leaving comment here!

You guys are like celebrities to me and you came kuching to all the places familiar to me and i missed you guys!! How can~ T.T

Safe trip to London and back! =)

cyrildason said...

Hey Tim..

Glad that you decided you like Kuching. Come back again...

Please meeting you =)

KY said...

I was hoping to see audrey running the treadmill again!

Joshualaw said...

Glad that you love kuching! Do come back next time! We, Sarawakian always welcome you! =)

nikicheong said...


radical85 said...

Make up for 2 hours then exercise in the gym? Won't the sweat ruin the make-up?

Jia Hui said...

Your fan in London here says hi! :D

ahlost said...

KY.. why you like that one? *LOL*

A couple of them were so enthusiastic they all decided to do last minute shopping before they came to buy some Adidas sports wear <-- *LOL* I know who I know who :D

Matjoe said...

everyone wearing adidas. kenny still wearing chelsea? i thought he already convert to Man U

Nikel Khor said...

kenny gym quite nice..

from Nikel Khor

LingDi said...

Glad you enjoyed Kuching. Ok! Next stop, come to MIRI!!!