Thursday, April 15, 2010

How My Mornings Start

The alarm clock rang. I had been awake for the past 20 minutes just lying in bed thinking about things so it didn't come to me as a shock. It did however come to My Hello Kitty as one.

She grumbled at the sound of her Blackberry alarm ringing away... crawled to her phone and put it on snooze. If there was a huge mallet next to her night-stand where her BB lay, I'm very sure her BB would've been in a hundred different parts.

My Hello Kitty never was a morning person. She hates mornings. She wakes up every morning grumbling like she was a mummy waking up from a 1,000 year nap. Most mornings I actually wake up earlier than her and go wash up to get ready for work. On one of those mornings, after my shower and all I nudged her to wake her up. She didn't move.

Then I started pretending I was Dug, sniffed all over her face and said
"Hey... this is the bird. I've never seen one before but.. this is the bird". (line from UP).
The first words out of her mouth that morning was
"Fuck you lah!!! Wake up so early then make so much noise!!!!"

I laughed and tried to defend myself
"No I didn't.... I..."

"You did! Open the cupboards and all make so much noise!!!"

In the end I just resigned to my fate of morning scoldings. You learn many things from being in a relationship after a while. One of those things I learned is...don't mess with My Hello Kitty in the mornings. Once she's had breakfast and by the time she's out of the door to work she's back to her happy self though. The grumpyness would've faded away by then and she would be all giggly again.

Just a few days ago after she left for work she messaged me on BBM

My Hello Kitty: Wombeh... I haz a confessionz

Me: What? What? You're not really short? Your hair is actually a wig?

My Hello Kitty: HAHA! Nuuu.... last night I woke up in the middle of the night and caught myself drooling on your chest.

Me: FUK!!! No wonder I dreamt I was drowning!

My Hello Kitty: HAHA!

So that everyone, is how I start my mornings with My Hello Kitty.


Anonymous said...

you two are just so sweet =)


Joshualaw said...

You both are such a cute and funny couple! Make me jealous edi lar~

Anonymous said...

Oh My! You two really sweet couple! and I am ENVY-ing.. *sob*

Unknown said...

why audrey so ganas?! HAHHA! said...

hahaha hilarious!!!
you guys are too cute :D

Boss Stewie said...

unordinaire: hahaa thank you :)

joshua: hahaha don't need to be jealous la... sooner or later you'll find someone like ethat

薇子 : aiyah what is there to envy. we fight like any other couples too sometimes hehehe. we're just a normal couple

isabella: yeS! don't get in her way in the mornings

eat: hehee thank you :)

Isley Chang~ said...


messi said...

hahaha.. how can u not feel her on ur chestie?? :D

u r damn patient man! i salute u! :)

Good day!


Boss Stewie said...

isley: haha yes.. sabar!

messi: haha well it's not the first time. this other time i woke up and felt my shirt was damp.

Anonymous said...

You two are such a sweet and loving couple. Hope to hear wedding bells soon...hahaha

Matjoe said...

that's sweet for both of you. hope the relationship last till anak cucu

ErynneC said...

Awww....that's so sweet!

weide said...

i m listening to ur speech now tim... haha...

Anonymous said...

sweet. :)

Agnes said...

sweetest ever :)

Little Rascal said...

awww ... so sweet :)
Both of you are just so destined to be together :)

goingkookies said...


u re cute for kacauing her in the morning..

and she's cute with her drooling over u.. literally..

that's why i love to read ur rship stories with ur gf..