Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's Up?

Ok here's what's been up with me lately:

1) My Blackberry Died

Last night my Blackberry died. For some reason it suddenly started resetting itself and before it could finish booting up it would reset itself again. It's like my Blackberry didn't want to wake up. Just kept turning itself off whenever it was being turned on.

Panic struck me almost instantly! Life without my Berry. It's only been months since I've started using my Blackberry but I gotta say it has helped a lot with productivity. Like whenever I'm out I'm still always in touch with my e-mails. Now I still have my iPhone of course but it just doesn't do e-mails as well as my BB.

Oh well... I've sent it in for warranty and it's gonna take 2 weeks. 2 weeks!

My addiction to my BB was so bad that I even considered buying another BB just for these two weeks. Then fortunately I realized how stupid I would have been for doing something like that.

2) My Hello Kitty is officially a walking cliche

Went shopping with her and she saw a shop full of Hello Kitty things. Ended up buying another Hello Kitty thermos.

What I think she needs though is new shoes. Today she was wearing this pair of shoes and every step she took she let out a little yelp of pain.

Curiosity finally made me ask
"Do you have ANY high-heels that don't cause you pain?"

She looked down at her feet and replied
"Actually these are one of the most painful ones I have..... "

Then her face lit up when she went on

Like my mother would say. Girls these days all willing to suffer to look pretty.

3) Veen Dee

Speaking of shoes, apparently one of our Nuffies has just as much trouble waking up as My Hello Kitty does. In her blurness before coming to work one day she actually accidentally wore 2 shoes each from a different pair.

So they looked like this.
Best lah she.

4) I gave a talk on Thursday to some students at Sunway University College.

I was supposed to share with them how to go about getting a job after they graduate. At first I wasn't sure if I was the best person to talk about it since I've never really got interviewed for a full-time job before. I started Nuffnang straight out of university.

The nice organizing committee there convinced me to still come and told me to talk about what I look for in people I hire. It's the first time I've talked at a college for something like this. I'm usually brought in to share the Nuffnang story or my journey as an entrepreneur.

Either ways, I think it went alright... right guys?

*fingers crossed*

5) Proof that My Hello Kitty is the cutest thing on Earth.

Check out this picture I took of her in her pajamas.

Yes... My Hello Kitty doesn't sleep in Victoria Secret lingerie or anything like that. She sleeps with some big t-shirt and long pajama pants with some flowers on them.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Update: Okay My Hello Kitty read this and clarified that it's not flowers on her pajama pants. It's cartoon mice.


Joshualaw said...

yea..i agree with you that blackberry is more productive than iphone...althought i never use BB

*p/s: Am i be able to work with nuffnang after I graduate with a mechanical engineering degree? ;D

**p/s: your hello kitty is always that cute! ;)

ms.bulat said...

may i know why is your hello kitty holding a "gong xi fa cai" pose at the last pic? :D

Lisa! said...

On point #1, *Cough, one should never have moved away from the Apple brainwash machine :P

Have a great weekend to you too Tim! :D

Sharon said...

You could've tried fixing your BB yourself!

That's how I fixed mine. :p It loaded till the end of the bar then wouldn't load anymore!

shuang-shuang said...

Dear Mr Boss S,

After much consideration, I used up all my courage to send you an email.. then I check my mail every 5 minutes to see is there any reply from you.. = =||| then read about what had happened to your BB.. *grumpy*...

ehm.. wish your BB recover soon ya~ >..<

and, no doubt, audrey is the cutest thing on earth, espeacially her clarification.. funny la~~ahaha

electronicfly said...

"Just kept turning itself off whenever it was being turned on."

Maybe it was That Time Of The Month for your BB XD

KY said...

hahaha mismatching shoes wtf

dheep said...

Your hello kitty is so small in person. So cuteeee.

It was nice meeting you today Mr.Tim. I really enjoyed today's Gatsby event.

goingkookies said...

OMG! ur hello kitty is too adorable for words!!

cartoon mice... cute.

michleong said...

Tim, your talk was great. You made the environment more lively and we had a grate time listening. Thanks for being able to come =)

She's Jess said...

Where's the Hello Kitty shop?

weide said...

haha... ur speech was awesome that day. wish u can come and give another talk again.. thanks for coming^^


shes cute....=)u r lucky tim=)

jazmint said...

i should have attend the talk!! i was having class and was reluctant to go for the talk cause i will have to miss class. ):

jazmint said...

i should have attend the talk!! i was having class and was reluctant to go for the talk cause i will have to miss class. ):

Matjoe said...

wow, that lots of interesting thing happening in ur life lately