Friday, January 26, 2007

The "Boy" Cars and The "Men" Cars

I was at Gurney Plaza last weekend to meet some friends up for coffee.

And what do you know, there were cars on display.

Not just any cars.... cars that any Ah Beng would drool over like this Mitsubishi EVO IX.

Now ladies... if you look at tht red car and think to yourself
"What the heck is so good about that car? It looks like just another cheap Japanese car?".

Then you have clearly passed (or completely skipped) the phase in life when you would drool over cars like that.

I remember sitting in Murnis SS2 one day when a white EVO slowly drove past.

There were two tables there full of girls each.
One type completely ignored the car and the only one girl in the group to notice the car mumbled to her friends
"Stupid a$$hole... so loud engine for what?".

Whereas the other type with hair dyed to the colour of gold or red and earrings worn in every place possible went

I too remember the days when I used to be crazy over these kind of cars.I would see an EVO, RX-7 or Impreza on the road and say

But after spending three years in London and seeing the cars they had there.

I began to view things in a different light.

Somebody once told me that the Evo, Impreza and RX-7... are cars for the BOYS.

And cars like BMWs to Ferraris... are cars for the MEN.
I initially took it as an insult!!! HOW COULD THEY MAKE FUN OF MY EVO!!!

But over the years... my thinking changed.

Today, if I had to pick between an EVO and a BMW 3 series (
which are both close to the same price), I would go for the BMW.

But that's just me.

And of course.. there are the other cars.

Like this car.

For the unpretentious confident man who knows that he doesn't need a fancy car to prove that he is a MAN.

All he needs is a comfortable car to move around in and he strongly believes that women will look at him for the person he is and not for the car he drives (naive or not... you guys tell me).

But the saddest man of all... is the man who buys a car like this.

I bet you that a man who buys a car like this at one point in his younger life probably once said
"I'm going to grow old and buy a Ferrari!".
(A contrast to the affordable, value for money and reliable Japanese vans!)

But that was before he met his wife.

Since then.. his only OTHER car... has been a Toyota Unser.

And whenever he thinks of his Ferrari again... his wife would go


Anonymous said...


Boss Stewie said...

tasha: lol u ar

anonymous: i don't have a 3 series.. i drive a honda city..

Anonymous said...

dammit. why can't i be first?! so close!

boss. nxt time SMS me before u hit the 'publish' button can??

cheap thrills make my day ok. hahaha.

Kiss my ass said...

eh daphne..u're not the only one who wishes for that to happen. and i think tasha's been chatting with stewie like 24/7 .. cos she's been 1st for the consecutive post *suspects...hrmm....

anyway.. thats not true what family orientated or married couple (with kids) thinks la.. my friend drives a ferrari and they have a son.. so i guess when 3 of them appears, he has to sit on the someone's lap or something..

I would choose a 3 series anytime too..*high 5^ i just think that heavily modified cars are just more for racing. because the real 'show' cars does not require any further modification in the 1st place.

anyway.. BMW is it...

*slap* dream onnnn la....

chocolat-latte' said...

no wonder I drool only and ONLY over M6..

Boss Stewie said...

daphne: ahahaha daphne.. if i do that.. what will the rest think

shireen: well we could all pool ur money together .. take out a 9 year loan for a bmw 318 (second hand).... and then we can all take turns to drive that.. then we can tell people that we own a bmw... timeshare mou

choc: yes.. yes... but very few of those here

electronicfly said...

i'm gonna stalk this blog at 11 onwards if I don't have classes. I MUST get first!!

And you know what, i think I would go "you stupiak man!" if i have a family. but when dating leh, *droooooool*

Anonymous said...

i still lurv rx7 >< but 530i rox to! so tht makes me wat? gal or lady? = = ?

陈一豪 said...

I'll say that the old (as in really really old) Evolution 6 still appeals to me, though I have some taste and dislike the cliched Ferraris that everyone goes so crazy about it.

I prefer an Elise.

Eve said...

I'll take bmw over evo anyday. But i still love audi TT and skyline

Anonymous said...

shireen: so shall we jus glue ourselves to the computer screen, n press CTRL+F5 every minute or so? :P

boss: u dun hv to tell anyone tt u sms-ed me mar! :) *smiles sweetly*

anyways. i really WOULD buy one of those SUVs aka family cars next time. i like big spaces. tee hee!

Infectioner said...

wa liao ler.. exactly what my mum said to my dad SERIOUSLY... lol

Kiss my ass said...

daphne i wish i could do that.... which brings me to my next point... stewie... errr.. i think.. if you pool your money.. and mine pathetic sum of salary.. dont think i can contribute that much... lol.. maybe u can take 6 days and i only take 'our' car for the one remaining day...

so daphne ... i'm afraid i cant compete yet... i will have to roll in for last..

stewie; so when are we gonna buy our bmer?

Boss Stewie said...

her feiness: but unfortunately. most people who have ferraris only when they're old and married... unless they buy for their kids... :P

belle: that makes u a girl! :P

dr tan: what? but i lurrvee ferrari

eve: hahaha... ok if u like bmw and audi.. how issit u can also like skyline? haha that's quite a jump

daphne: hahaha alright.. the only thing i need now is ur number... and ur baby might not like you giving your number to strange strange men :P

infectioner: hahaha!!!

shireen: ok i can come up with the first RM50

Anonymous said...

to assert my identity as a man, i'd just like the world to know that i like rolls royces. muahahahahahahaha

ok la so i'm not that old, i prefer the 6 series and nissan's fair lady.. so sexyyyyyyyyy holy cow can ejaculate wei. :p

boss i give u my number u muz msg me when you publish k!!!! 98127634!!!! bwaaaaaahahahahahaa

Anonymous said...

Cars. Moving pieces of metal screwed together to four wheels. Has become necessity in life. That's all I know bout cars. =P

Anonymous said...

suicidalconversationjunkie: dun copy me leh. me first u know. '

boss: heh. if i dun say, n u dun say, thn how wil he know tt i gave u my number? ;)

Unknown said...

gimme an M6 or a vanquish and i'll be happy for the rest of my life (ride-wise that is)
ferraris too flashy, too high maintainance.
and boss, we know what ur ride is, dun kesi kesi la!

aL said...

hmmm...all i gotta say is that Murni's Cheese Naan and Mango Special rockS! LOL! =P

Anonymous said...

eh! then boss like lady or girl?? =P

Anonymous said...

Daphne: ahahaha dun la like that.. we share share k??? hehehehe i'm sure there's plenty of room for you and i. and NO ONE else. nobody's breaking this alliance.. :p

Boss Stewie said...

suicidal: haahaha is that reaaally your number

mae: oh cars is more than that.. cars are the only man made thing that can be made to look sexy!

daphne: hahaha well if he came over to my blog and read this he'd know

william: and vanquish is not flshy? I SEEEEEee......

al: oh.. hahaha... from cars to food

belle: like man!

Gwendolynne said...

We compromised ... my husband has a Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe, and we picked up a second Ford Windstar minivan for me and the baby.

Next time when I start working and can afford it, I'm going to get a car just for me, and it probably would be a BMW. After all, Bas Mini Wilayah bags the most cute loser guys!!!

Kiss my ass said...

right... i gotta agree with gwen then.. we nab all the ah bengs in one vehicle..

wooo.. LAST!!

Anonymous said...

why's an Evo an ah beng car?? you should lay them off la...

the ones who should be put to jail are fellas with their modified protons/kancils with additional lights, chinese disco songs blasting and exhaust pipes big enough to fit someone's head..

Mischique said...

boss stewie obviously you'd pick bmw 3 series when you're driving one!

anyway i totally agree with me all these 'japanese sports cars' just scream 'ah bengggggggg!!!!'

Anonymous said...

suicidalconversationjunkie: first thing: do u have a shorter nick?! n ok la we can form alliance. we can each be first for alternate entries ok! hahahaha..

so, boss: ok right? my hp is.. 81231470 hahaha. n he wont know lah!! :P

Unknown said...

aiyar, not many ppl would know AMs are Fexpensive cars ma..


Boss Stewie said...

gwen: lol! bas mini wilayah!

shireen: yes.. nab the bengs!

slacker: hahaha but those are the same people .. who would buy an evo if they could afford to

mischique: haha no lar.. i drive a honda city

daphne: that's a fake number right? singapore mobile's start with 9.. u think i don't have a singapore mobile phone? :P

Wilson J Q Quah said...

please boss

u're still talking cars ar?

boss u need to grow up, ppl now talking about having private jets already

screw all those carbon emission policies la, hehehe i also wan a private jet myself, the same type as pak lah's 1

and i also wan a yatch, and also i wanna host big big events like monsoon cup

I think no lar, better i build schools and hospitals(oh wait, i cannot simply build chinese schools hor?) hmmm..... interesting thought

anyway boss, ferrari? pui if u wanna talk cars, bentley boss bentley!!

Anonymous said...

boss you're a bit misinformed here coz singapore numbers do start with 8- now.. imagine this small island with a population of >3mil, 9- numbers'd run out in no time. hehehee oh and btw if u really wanna msg me everytime u press the publish button then i'll give u my real number. muahahaahahahahaa

Daphne: aiyooo just call me suicidal lorrr since we're allies alrdy anyway!!! bwahahahahaa :p

jlshyang said...

I would prefer the BMW 3 series too. Of course, i would prefer those Ferraris and Porsh to Evo and Skyline but Evos and Skylines are also cool in their own way la.

The real Ah Beng cars are modified Wiras, Kelisas and other Proton cars la definitely not an Evo or a Skyline. Not any Ah Beng can drive an Evo or Skyline even if he wishes to.