Monday, April 02, 2007

An Accident and a Meeting

Saturday 31st March 2007.

I woke up at 6am in the morning to drive back from KL to Penang.

I was rushing back to make it for an afternoon meeting with the CEO of a listed company who happens to be in Penang.

In spite of being able to get his phone number through a contact, it took me three weeks of following up to finally get a meeting with this very busy man, so when he offered me an opportunity to meet him on a Saturday, I grabbed it.

I had my chance and I wasn't about to blow it.

By the time the hot afternoon sun hit Penang, I was already at home in the comforts of my room rehearsing whatever I had to say to the CEO.

Wen-Qi even came all over to my place that afternoon to give me some support before my meeting.

Before I knew it, evening came and it was time for me to leave home for the meeting.

Wen-Qi who came in her own car was the first to drive out in her Kelisa, followed by my father who also happened to be going out at the time.

I got into my car as I saw my father's car disappear in the distance and left home.

Just a little down the road from my place, I suddenly saw my father's car stopped by the side of the road.

As I whizzed by not suspecting anything, I caught my father jumping out of his car in a hurry and rushing to the opposite direction.

Wondering what was going on, I looked in my rear view mirror only to see Wen-Qi's Kelisa crashed into a retaining wall; a sight that I had completely missed as I drove past the first time.Pic: The actual wall that Wen-Qi ran into after they cleared the wreckage.

I screeched my car to a stop and rushed out towards the crashed Kelisa.

As the car drew nearer I found myself getting increasingly anxious.

The wreckage was much worse than it looked in the distance.

I reached the driver's door and looked in.

The door was smashed in just like the front of the car and there was shattered glass everywhere.

Wen-Qi was there sitting in the driver's seat dazed and covered with blood.

My heart dropped at the horrifying sight.

She was in pain with her bloody hands covering her eyes crying
"My head... it hurts... it hurts!!!"

I stood shocked for a few seconds, not knowing what to do but I came back to earth when I heard my father shout "GET HER OUT OF THE CAR!!!".

I unlocked the driver's door from the outside and tried to yank it open but the door wouldn't budge.

As I tugged on the driver's door, Wen-Qi was moaning in pain so I tried to comfort her.

"Don't worry don't worry... we're going to get you out of here".

Failing miserably to open the driver's door, I ran over to the front passenger's door and threw it open.

My dad crouched in, released her safety belt that had a layer of blood over it and pulled her out of the wreckage.

I carried Wen-Qi to my car and put her in the back seat wiping the blood off her with as much tissue as I could find in my car.

She had cuts and bruises all over her body but most of the blood was coming from a big cut in her forehead.

My dad gave her a huge stack of tissues and said "PUT PRESSURE ON YOUR WOUND!!!".

I jumped into the driver's seat and drove her off to the nearest hospital (which wasn't exactly a stone's throw away).

My dad led the way in his own car.

I was driving fast praying that there would be no traffic but I was too hopeful.

Traffic was heavy.

Every few seconds, my eyes darted back at Wen-Qi who was in my back seat to see how she was doing.

She was still dazed and kept saying
"What happened? Am I dreaming?... my head hurts so bad... I wanna wake up!!! Please wake me up".

She was bleeding everywhere, her top and skirt were soaked in blood.

It didn't help when she looked at the stack of tissues that she had earlier been using to cover the gash on her forehead.

It too was soaked in blood and the sight of it was a good enough reason for panic.

She cried


I looked back and shouted

I felt the guilt right after those words left my mouth.

I didn't know if it was a small cut or not, and it probably wasn't considering the amount of blood there was, but I knew that I had to calm her down though I doubt saying that helped much.

Her thoughts suddenly swinged a full 360 degrees and she said
"OMG!!! Your MEETING... you're going to be late for your meeting!!!".

I replied hastily
"That is the LAST THING I'm worried about right now... I HAVE to get you to a hospital first".

She managed to thank me somewhere in the midst of her pain, only to tell me a few minutes later
"I think I need to puke".

I looked back at her and saw the dreadful expression on her face as she tried to keep herself from puking.

I shouted yet again.
"LOOK... if you have to puke then PUKE here in the car!!! I am NOT stopping till we get to a hospital!".

Puke in the car she did.

She skillfully decorated my car with puke but it wasn't the typical puke you would see from a drunk man.

She was vomiting blood.

That was enough motivation for me.

I stepped on the gas and starting aggressively honking the slow cars ahead of me.

Finally we got to Gleneagles Hospital in Penang but our sense of relief was short-lived.

We got stuck at the entrance.

At Gleneagles whenever a car wants to get into the hospital grounds, it has to first take a parking ticket.

So as any pessimist would guess, when shit happens... it happens not just once or twice at a time, but all in one go.

The ticket machine wasn't working and the barrier wouldn't go up so
both the cars my dad and I were driving were stuck outside the hospital.

We decided to leave our cars by the side of the road as my dad carried Wen-Qi into the emergency room.

I followed to help only to hear my dad say
"Go for your meeting!!!"

I resisted and replied
"How can I go when she's like this?"

But my dad was adamant
"What are you going to do? You've already taken her to the hospital, she's going into the Emergency Room, all you're going to do is WAIT... so JUST GO... I'm taking care of her... and call her parents!".

I stood there for a few seconds thinking about what my father said and decided to listen to him.

So I got into the car and rushed to the meeting place.

When I got there, I first rushed to the restroom to wash up.

The white shirt I was wearing was spattered with blood and as I rinsed my hands in the sink, the water turned red with Wen-Qi's blood.

I washed it all off and tried to calm myself down.

Then I walked confidently into the lounge where I was supposed to meet the CEO and waited.

He came not long after and we talked for more than an hour about Nuffnang (of course with me initially explaining the blood all over me and ensuring him that I didn't just kill someone who didn't like idea of Nuffnang blogs).

My mind was racing back and forth.

On one hand I was wondering what the hell I was doing here at the meeting when I should be with a friend who needs me now more than anything else.

But my Father's words came back to my head and I focused on the meeting.

Right after the meeting ended I rushed into the car and called my father to get an update on the situation.

They had moved from Gleneagles to Loh Guan Lye Hospital because Gleneagles didn't have a brain surgeon present at the time.

But alas some good news.

Wen-Qi had a scan at Loh Guan Lye and they didn't find any damage to the brain, just a hairline crack.

But the cut was very deep, so deep that you could even see her skull. The neurosurgeon at Loh Guan Lye advised us that since the patient is a 19-year old girl, we should instead take her to a plastic surgeon to stitch up her wound. At least the stitches might look better.

We found a plastic surgeon at Pantai Hospital all the way on the other side of the island and we made our way there.
This time with Wen-Qi's father driving the car and I sitting in the back seat with Wen-Qi, trying to make her smile in this difficult time. I succeeded in most instances.

When we reached Pantai Hospital, there were already people waiting to get Wen-Qi on to a wheelchair to wheel her straight into the Emergency Room.

I followed her in.

She was still suffering in pain, at one point even saying that her head was hurting so much she felt like ripping it off.

I took it as a joke.. but I wasn't so sure if she was really joking.

She went into surgery at 9.30PM and her parents told me to go home, saying that she probably wouldn't be awake until the next morning.

I went to see her the morning after. She was lying in bed with a huge bandage on her head.

She gave me a cheeky smile as I walked into her ward which indicated that she was feeling better.

Her pain had subsided and she was feeling a lot better, remembering a bit more of what really happened.

I took of a picture of her in bed and asked
"Your Dad last night asked me if I'm gonna blog about this. Should I?"

She said
"Okayy... but I look so awful nowww"...

I pictured how she looked yesterday right after the accident.

Then I said
"You've never looked better".

It wasn't a lie.

PS: All the pictures in this blog entry (except the first pic) was taken after the incident. I obviously didn't quite have the peace of mind to stop and take a picture during the crisis.

What kind of bastard would I be if I did that?


Daphne Maia said...


get well soon, wen-qi!! god bless u!

Jed said...

Hope you'll have a speedy recovery, wen-qi.

Boss, salute you weh. You were able to keep calm throughout the whole ordeal, managed the meeting as well. For me, I think I would've freaked-out.

Hasan said...

Send my wishes to Wen-qi. Hope she gets well soon.

unnamed said...

My goodness, thank God your father was with you during the accident! Could be quite panicky when you're dealing with the ordeal alone.

Hey, send our regards to Wen-Qi. Really hope her wound will recover fast without much scar left! Get well soon!

aL said...

omg. send my regards to Wen-Qi. get well soon babe =)

Jayelle said...

ohmigod..i was gripping the edge of my chair as i read this. damn kancheong!

how did she manage to crash into the wall???

thank goodness she's alright.. and you and your dad are such heroes!

... i did laugh like a hyena at the part where you had to explain to the client about the blood stains on your shirt though. ..... maybe it's also a good way to tug at their heartstrings... you've shown them that you're a good and loyal person AND a passionate and driven person. lol...

get well soon Wen-Qi!!

Infectioner said...

WOW. Life is seriously unpredictable. One minute you all were still having tea, the next minute was BANG.


Man, I'm damn scared to drive now. Hope your friend get well soon.

linsey said...

OH MY GOD i didn't know!
i feel so awful right now =/

kimberlycun said...

im glad you and your dad found her not long after she crashed.

get well soon, wen-qi!

Wingz said...

glad shes fine! take good care of her !

Ellone said...

Hope she get well soon too !
God bless her !

Jason Lioh said...

Sorry to read all these and I wash you nothing but speedy recovery, Wen Qi. :)

voch said...

Speeedo recovery to Wen-Qi. Thank God everything is alrite now.

And boss. Quote: "He came not long after and we talked for more than an hour about Nuffnang (of course with me initially explaining the blood all over me and ensuring him that I didn't just kill someone who didn't like idea of Nuffnang blogs)" reminded me of the movie Pursuit of Happyness but of course in a slightly different situation. Lol..

All the best with nuffnang too

HK said...

wa.. so intense when I was reading this! Made me feel as if it was happening to me!!

Kan cheong betul.

Anyway, thank goodness nothing worse happened -touch wood touch wood- and get well soon wen-qi!

btw, boss, I really wonder what was the CEO's initial response when he saw a man from Nuffnang wearing a bloodied shirt. Luckily he didn't call SeQurity =P

Horny Ang Moh said...

I wish ur friend speedy recovery & nice day to you.

electronicfly said... kan cheong. did you press on your horn the whole way oni?

wen-qi: Heal baik-baik ya!

MaN|acZ said...

Thank God Wen-Qi was okay.

Speey recovery to you Wen-Qi.

Cely said...

sorry to hear this.. Wish wen qi get well soon!

feel so bad now.. i really tot u are cracking a joke with us, i scroll to the bottom b4 i continue reading..

ckyeo said...

By looking at the last pic, she's doing just fine.

Last time I had an accident when I was crossing the highway....the surgeon conducted a neuro surgery on my head and I have to be shaved bald!!!


Admin said...

woh boy! that was heart stopping! gald it turned out fine for both of you. (the meeting) I mean.

Lance de'Cypher said...

Shit happens.

But then again, God's always there keeping both eyes out for us. =)

pinksterz said...

so scarry one!

hope she recovers real soon.

Shannon said...

Firstly, pls convey my well wishes to Wen-Qi, hope she gets well soon...
I felt my heart skipped reading your entry, and it reminded me of my personal fall experience 2 months back...
Totally understand her feeling of 'is this a dream'... Oh, the pain on the wound wouldn't go away that fast, it'll still hurt when u touch it, mine still does, until now... Take care yeah!!! said...

Your dad is such a hero! I want to meet him, can? Hehehe.

And Wen-Qi is a tough cookie too. Tell her the whole internet is cheering her on to get well soon. Eh, Dr. Geh can do nose job, boobs job and every other job. Add into insurance lah. Hope this makes you smile after the trauma.

Jason Lioh said...

When I first read the few paragraphs (until the wall picture part), I thought it was a joke since it was April 1. Quickly, I scrolled down and was shock to find out it wasn't. Ended up I scrolled back and continued to read.

Wen Qi, really sorry to read this again. Am glad that you are fine now and indeed, you never look any better.

Boss, I really don't know how you made it to the meeting, handled the meeting, still able to do your work after all this. No, am not saying that you are a heartless friend but I got to say, I am impressed and I respect you for your will power.


*syndrome* jonG said...

hey tiam..

hopefully wen qi will get well soon.. say hi to her for me ok? I am glad that she is fine now..

jon G

Unknown said...

Get well soon, Wen-Qi! The whole internet are rooting for your speedy recovery :)

ItchyHandseng said...

Super hero Boss stewie.haha.Anywayz nice to meet u Boss and thanx for the sticker.
Wenqi:Get well ASAP.hehe.

Boss Stewie said...

To all of you, thank you so much for your well wishes.

ares: the CEO was very understanding :P

lilian: u can meet my dad any day.. he is quite a man

Unknown said...

She's gonna do fine.

tell her everyone here is wishing the best for her, that'll cheer her up a lot.

Unknown said...

hope she get well soon. Take good care of her ya.

mae said...

Oh my gosh.. Can I go visit her? Does she like flowers, I go buy for her =D Tell me the details in an e-mail ya, thanks Boss..


Christinesy said...

Gosh! Hope Wen-Qi gets well soon! She looks alright from the last picture. Thank God.

And Boss, the way you wrote this entry was really intense. Phew~

Hope the meeting turned out alright too!

sadsarcasm said...

waaaa!! At first i though...
"hmm...this fella really gonna type such a long story over a Aprils fools story.."

Mana tau when i reach the ending,!! It was actually a true story..lolz

really kan cheong also although i'm just reading it..

Unknown said...

read for the 2nd time.. still dazzled

Then I said
"You've never looked better".

It wasn't a lie.

that phrase really hit the right notes. hey tiam, cheer up. its either me, or u sounded really down dude.

Eric said...

WHat a dramatic incident! You and your dad did well!

Eve said...

i just manage to read bout it today! omg~ hope wen-qi will have a speedy recovery! Do send my wishes to her

- PC - said...

omg.. boss, if i were u at that situation at Gleneagles, i'l jes go over the barrier!! hope she gets well soon...

Boss Stewie said...

Thanks so much for all the encouragement guys.

Wen-Qi has been reading all your comments and she's very touched by how much so many of you seem to care.

mae: she's discharged from hospital di :P

william: i'm okay william... thanks very much for asking though

pc: hahaha i don't think the hospital staff might have appreciated that... for all you know the barrier's tougher than it looks and i might end up in the hospital then :P

Utterly Frustrated said...


reading this post softened my heart.

for so many years, for as long as i can remember, i always say that they just do NOT make men anymore.. what more gentlemen? and i stuck with that belief for so long with so much confidence and determination that i was right because no one had ever proved me wrong.

and you did :)

Get well soon, wenQi. xx.

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

Hope she is recovering alright. What an experience it must be for you and Wen Qi.

Mischique said...

poor girl!!! i winced when you wrote that her cut was so deep you could see her skull! anyway you were really a good friend and a gentleman willing to forgo your meeting just to ensure she'll be alright :)

- PC - said...

serious? i tot is all the same. is not wooden u no. is all rubber. there was once i use smart tag, wen i scan, got sound ma, so i press on the gas. Manatau the barrier came down out of sudden, i try to break asap but too bad i wen over the barrier. thank god nth happen to my wind screen cos the barrier is a STICK OF RUBBER la!

btw, great to hear she's discharged. hope the wound heal faster than it takes. u nola.. gal gal samo so young. din no she's younger than ME!! haha..

mae said...

woo kk.. goodiee!! That's really good news that you're discharged d!! *sayangz wen-qi* Faster faster recover ya... =)

(assuming Wen-Qi is reading this :P)

Boss, if it weren't for you dunno what would have happened d le.. So pat yourself on the back for being so steady and calm even at such a crisis =)

King's wife said...

What an evening!
Glad to know Wen-Qi is out of danger.
Best wishes for her speedy recovery.

Kiss my ass said...

that was something aint it? freaky but at least your friend is safe.

get well soon Wen Qi..

been in such situation before... happened to my brother. i know how u feel..

Kiss my ass said...

and u sorta killed 2 birds with one stone...

1. manage to save Wen Qi

2. had a successful meeting thereafter...

Unknown said...

OMG I can't believe you could blog this incident out in so detail.

and Thanks god that your friend is ok now.
Get wellllll soon!!

Gwendolynne said...

omg so serious ... >_< I'm so glad she's ok! You did a wonderful thing Timmy!

earl-ku said...

drama man ... i was hoping an Aprillfool joke at the end of it with her smiling and all ...

but shit it was real ... hey shit happens man, speedy recovery and all the best

and how did she manage to crash the wall? an oncoming car not giving way?

Y.E@eevet said...

Wa.. That place looks like Pearl Hill.. Seldom see any accident at that place..

But feel relieved as no brain damage to Wenqi's head. Get well soon.

God bless ya.

Simon Seow said...

So, Wen-qi is not known as Samantha then. The plastic surgeon did a real good job, didn't see any scar also now.