Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Boss Stewie's Scout Log Book

When I was in Primary School, I was a cub scout.... and a DAMN PROUD ONE AT IT TOO.

Being a cub scout is the most innocent fun you can ever have in your life.

All that fun ends when you become a scout in Secondary School because if you're not too busy marching in the hot sun, you're chasing girl guides at every Scout Gathering you attend.

But being a cub scout... all you know is... make yourself a nice log book, colour it nice nice with colour pencils... and earn your badges.

I actually went quite far as a cub scout... far enough to get one of those things you sling around your arm... called a Rambu or something.


(Note: I was in Standard 3 when I did this okay so don't be a bitch!).

If you're wondering the cover is all about, it basically shows a scout camping by the river.

And when you open up the book and lay it upside down you will see...

I am such a arteeest... I should've went to Lim Kok Wing.

Ok let's explore the inside.

Now as a cub scout... we have to show how much we lurveee our State and Country so to prove that.. I drew our National Flag and even the Penang State Flag.

Looks very much like the actual flags huh... I know.. I'm quite a good arteestt...
Then can anyone guess what THIS IS?!?!

That my friend... is what I thought Penang Island looked like when I was a cub scout.

Not too far away from how Penang Island actually looks right?

I know... I am an ARTEEST.

As a cub scout in my school, the scout master thought it would be cool if we followed the lessons of the Jungle Book.

So part of our assignments were to draw pictures of Jungle Book Characters.

It's not easy drawing LIVE animals... but since I was such an ARTEEST, I jumped at the challenge.

This is a picture of Bagheera, the jaguar in Jungle Book.

And of Kathi, the elephant...

Then there's the easiest... the SNAKE!!!
This is a picture of the MONKEY in Jungle Book.

That is a picture of a ___________________ (Fill in the blank).

Finally, as a scout, we must not only love our country.. but love our KING!

So part of my assignment was to draw this.

Taat Kepada Raja Dan Negara!

And to further prove my worth as a cub scout, I drew a picture of me doing THIS.
Just to be clear... that is supposed to be a picture of me doing the Scout's Honour and NOT SHOWING SOMEONE THE MIDDLE FINGER!!!

I know... I was such a l337 Arteeeesttt..

That's why when I told my mum that I was considering going into art college, she said
"Son.. how about you study Economics and become a businessman instead?"

Then I said


And she said


- PC - said...

IS a TIGER with the mouth open big big!!

- PC - said...

eh boss... din no u got show middle finger eh... haih... samo wen is primary huh? jialat!!

Unknown said...

Frankly, your mum said it correctly, *refer to the scrap book* :P

Applegal said...

Hahahahahahaahah!! *rolls on the floor laughing* Your middle finger artwork is really nice, honestly ;)

Do you still keep your orange shirt, green pants and blue boots somewhere in the house? Show us! XD

Admin said...

mummy is always right.

Doreen said...

I'm all for art being a platform to express one's self. And that no matter how fugly your drawings are, it is open and subject to various interpretations. Like how your "tiger" actually looks like an amoeba to me, but with a striped tail.


It's a pity you didn't pursue your artistic capabilities. The world could do with another modern day Van Gogh no?

TenthOfMarch said...

Wahhh...secrets revealed. I thought your 'penang island' was a jade or something.

actually your art is not bad lah. I'm not good at art at all. But how come the elephant only got 3 legs? LOL.

How come the king's picture looks so real? Like photostated or something.

That is a picture of a "complete back-end of a tiger, with the front-end blown up with a shotgun".

Boss Stewie said...

pc: uhmm no... the mouth is not open.. look properly..

chapree: LOL!!! you bastardo!!!

apple: hahaha no actually our scout uniform wasn't like that.. it was grey shirt and black shorts.

ahpek: yes she is



Horny Ang Moh said...

Ur mummy is right!!I suppose u also manage to ask a few girls guide to camp with u while u scout around with them & they guide u on how to do it. Correct or not?? See u economic is paying off & we have nuffnang! The pic to me shown a big hole to be poked!! ( sort of like a used colourfull condom, pls don't feel offended ). Actually u r drawing a big tiger laying down. Have a nice day.

Boss Stewie said...

oh and i think i forgot to draw the 4th leg for the elephant.

ho rny: HAHAHAH no the tiger is not laying down.. it's SITTING UP.. that white thing in the middle is its chest.. do u see it?

Jason Lioh said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That really cranked me up. But I am not much better than you either.

AaronWoolala said...

LOL!!!~ *Laughs at tenthofmarch's comment*

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hao said...

I drew the black jaguar when on piece of mahjong paper in my primary. Wasted my black colour pencil only, cos every single thing on that jaguar is black! >.<

electronicfly said...

Reminds me of the piece of art my aunt bought.

It was drawn by a parrot.

Good thing you're a good boy and followed your mummy's advice.

p/s: you drew the nuffnang logo one right? That's y it's a stickman right? hehehe

Unknown said...

hahhaha, her-fei is sooo correct on that!

tell u what, if u got the time, try draw those that u drew on the book AGAIN. see how much different would it be, and we'll consider whether you should go to lim kok wing instead.

*mumbles* that tiger is one helluva cacated fler*

The Author said...

boss stewie so cwuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

KY said...

wa look so hensem in the last pic, love the square head.

Boss Stewie said...

jason: hah! good thing u fast admit.. otherwisee i make u draw and POST IT UP then u know

aaron: LOL

hao: hahahaha!! but u could've used different shades...

her feiness: ehh! eh!!! if i didn't follow my mum's advice.. i could be quite the arteeesttt.... hahaha

william: hahahaha dun call my tiger cacat! at least u know it's a tiger rite

Daphne Maia said...

erm... *twiddles thumbs* i think u shd not only stay away from art school, but u shd also stay away from color pencils, paint, sketch books, etc.

how dare u inflict ur "art" upon our impressionable minds?! now we're all going to think that tigers look like that. sigh.

lufiasism said...

Stewie...I appreciate your art tho... same, kaki artist but parents of course would push us to do something more "grown up" stuff....

Speaking of this topic, I suggest a read on "The Little Prince" By Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Somewhat the writer had the same thing in mind as we do.

TenthOfMarch said...

"tiger is not laying down.. it's SITTING UP.. that white thing in the middle is its chest.. do u see it?"

Tim, answer is still NO. I'm still sticking to my "complete back-end of a tiger, with the front-end blown up with a shotgun". LOL.

Anyway, I opened my eyes BIG-BIG, and saw "shere khan". So I googled for it, and found this link. Did you get the idea of "One little two little three little bloggers" from this cartoon as well?

Wilson J Q Quah said...

i agree mum is always right

wat did the great man say about this?

"Son, I'm very proud of your monster....... is it a tiger? okok sorry very proud of yr tiger then

Unknown said...

honestly boss, if u were to run out of orange and black, and used other colors instead, no way i could tell its a big pussy cat.

it would have been something like this

Mz said...

Yo~ i think u're a great arteest. Sharing the drawings just made you even cuter! :P
I was a girl guide too! Until I started to date the Vice Troop Leader from the Scouts and my mum banned me from their activities.. >_<

lovely drawings, honestly *right hand imitates sign on stewie's picture* ;)

Lance de'Cypher said...

I saw many long things and many hole-ly things.

ItchyHandseng said...

Boss ur drawing all very the cute.Much better than mine.hahaha.But ur monkey look like Simba from lion king and i cannot find the mouth of ur tiger.

Boss Stewie said...

daphne: haahha!!! hey! i am an arteeestt

lufiafism: u appreciate my art? u're being sarcastic aren't u :P

tenth: HAHAHAHAHAHA u caught me there

boss: hahaha TIGER LAR!

william: LOL DUDE Amoeba then!

mz: tsk tsk... notty notty girl guide u were eh mz

lance: hehehe

itchy: hahahaha cute leh my monkey!

Jen said...

hahhaha!! hilarious!! omg your tiger looks like it was run over by a lorry and then put back together with superglue -_-"

its ok. i'm still stuck at my drawing-stick-people stage.

Kiss my ass said...


for crying out loud... ....

Caneeliea said...

This post is SO funny! And very cute lah.. I meant your drawings.. ;p and you being an arteeest back in the days LOL..

Kiss my ass said...

hey why dont u bring it along to the pirates of the carribean for us to... 'APPRECIATE' your piece of art.. i mean.. the piece of jade your drew (the penang island) is.. so.... so... PRICELESS.. really...

Kiss my ass said...


Kiss my ass said...

and tim... drawing 2 people beside your ikrar hand and the sultan's picture does not mean u are 'MENOLONG-ing ORANG'

damn i am trying to figure out what you wrote..

unnamed said...

color pencil finished already. so u didnt know what u were drawing when your father got u the new set of color pencils. hahaha....

Anonymous said...

I only knew it was Sher Khan coz you mentioned the Jungle Book.. or else it looks like some creature that opened its mouth too big and had its insides turned inside out. gaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh so disturbing wei. And your snake looks dehydrated!!!! You twisted little cub scout. eh no you're not so "little" anymore. bwahahahaha :p

they're right when they say parents are nearly always right when it comes to life-changing choices.

Nonnie King said...

It's a snake trying to wear a lion outfit!

Probably the same snake which looks like a mutated big version of sperms.


MaN|acZ said...

reminiscing(correct spelling?) the sweet old memories. :)

clement said...

hehe, was it then... "an artist i will be"?

HK said...

I laughed my ass off when I saw this post. Soooooo funny, especially the drawings, come to think of it i once drew like that, and was damn proud of it i decided to post it up on the wall. Hahahaha!!

Mrs Chong said...

I still don't know where is the tiger's head and eyes and haiya whole body la...Luckily u did not enrol into art school.

J.Y.Aguilera said...

I was a boy scout too and I hate doing the log books! TOTALLY POINTLESS (copying from the Panduan book? Whats the point?)
Limb cock wings blows! I'm so glad I didn't end up there (at early age,I thought it was a cool "art college" and wanted to enroll so badly) thankfully, my dad's wish (me doing form6) saved me, as I finally realized how "good" the college was. (I mean, "Go send your children there ... and they will graduate a party animal"